Sei que as coisas de mais errado que eu fiz foi por receio de tudo que me aconteceu e de todas as mentiras que ouvi. Mas agora acredito que superei, ou pelo menos consigo suportar. Mas o atual problema é que tudo a minha volta está ferido por minha causa, e essas feridas tendem a me ferir ainda mais, e estou tentando, realmente tentando não tornar isso um completo ciclo. Mas o medo e a insegurança me consome, uma fraqueza incomum me seguiu junto a tudo de bom que me aconteceu. Estou fraco, inseguro, com medo, e fragilizado. Esses sentimentos, até pouco tempo, não faziam parte do meu ser. Porém, hoje em dia são os sentimentos que infelizmente me consomem proporcionalmente ao tamanho de meu amor. Se ao menos eu conseguisse me livrar dessas perseguições importunas, tudo estaria resolvido.


Who is/are your favorite anime couple?

Hmm..My favorite anime couple is either:
RenxNana From NANA
They have this weird relationship where,on one hand they love each other,and on the other,they want each other to be happy with themselves.Regardless if their together or apart.

KurumuxMizore from Rosario+Vampire
The whole idea of them hating each other for LOVING the main character;and then falling in love thought out the series as their relationship blossom is just so cute.

KoutaxSaya from Highschool of the dead
I love the fact that Kouta is a strong guy when it comes to fighting,but a big softie for Saya.Even though she feels the same,she’s to stubborn and mean to admit it to him.AND WHEN THIS SHIT BECOMES CANNON;EXPECT ALOT OF RANTING.

CielxSebastian from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
The two have the most freaky relationship Iv ever seen.Sebastian (even with the greedy fact he wants to devour Ciels soul),he cares about him all the same.Same goes for Ciel,even tho he expects death from this man,on chapter (40-41)Sebastian enters his room with Ciels “favorite pillow”,showing a spark of the two arguing.(SPOILER SO SKIP ALL QUOTED)
“You,my butler.You…and you alone,who…who promised you would stay by my side until the very end-"Is just a small chunk of what Ciel says after finding Sebastians body dead.(END SPOILER;CONTINUE READING HERE)
And my favorite couple:

A THREE WAY TIE BETWEEN SoulxMaka from Soul eater,IzayaxShizuo from DURARARA and JapanxAmerica from Hetalia

If you’ve ever read the manga,theres hints of the two liking each other in general;Soul calls/thinks Maka an angel when the two try to fly him like a broom as a death scythe.Maka blushes here and there from time to time when she’s with Soul now,even holding hands.He’s tried more then a few times to risk his own life to protect Maka.And I will KILL everyone if this doesn’t become cannon..oh yeah..

ShizuoxIzaya from Durarara!!
I think this is,in fact,cannon.Because even tho they hate each other,the story of Durarara!!Is about twisted love;
Shinra loves Celty even without a head,Namie loves her own brother Senji after years of taking care of him,and Senji loves ‘She who will not be named’ because she has the head of something he’s come to love (thanks to his sister,and I fucking support NamieXSenji.Yeah its weird,but look,You guys ship Hikarou and Karou;Rin and Yukio;and sometimes even Liz and Patty,so whatever.I also ship those two >__>,just for fanfiction sakes and so its not as awkward to write them alone)So I think,even with Vonra coming in (to only get close enough to kill Shizuo)That the two may have just a HINT of being together.

JapanxAmerica from Hetalia
Now,I know you might hate me,but I just can’t see EnglandxAmerica with the fact that England raised him since birth ,and then making him the uke still.I think Japan and America have a better relationship if you’ve ever seen some of the episodes their together in,Alfread really wants to learn more about Kiku,and I think that’s pretty cute.

Tomorrows question:Most epic scene ever?