On this day in music history: July 27, 1984 - “Purple Rain” opens in US movie theaters. It is the feature film debut of music icon Prince, co-starring Apollonia Kotero, Morris Day, Jerome Benton, Olga Karlatos and Clarence Williams III. The film directed by Albert Magnoli, and produced by Robert Cavallo, Stephen Fargnoli and Joseph Ruffalo (Prince’s management team), is the semi autobiographical account of musicians rise to fame. Prince develops ideas for the story prior to and during the “1999 Triple Threat” Tour" (circa 1982 - early 1983). He enlists the help of veteran television and film writer William Blinn (“Eight Is Enough”, “Roots”) and director Magnoli to craft his ideas into the final script. Filmed on a modest budget of only $7 million, it is shot on location in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, CA between November - December 1983. Released through Warner Bros, the film opens on 917 screens across the US. “Purple Rain” tops the box office chart in its first weekend of release, taking in $7,766,201 (knocking “Ghostbusters” from the number one spot), going on to gross more than $68 million domestically during its original theatrical run (more than $80 million currently). In an unprecedented move, Warner Bros announces that “Purple Rain” will be made available as a sell through home video release (on VHS, Beta, and Laserdisc) list priced at $29.95, rather than as a rental (normally list priced at $79.95), in time for the 1984 Christmas holiday season. The move proves to be a brilliant decision as the film sells in then record numbers for a home video title, becoming one of the best selling titles in the history of Warner Home Video. The films soundtrack wins Prince an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score in March of 1985.

This is why we are called material-born and our manifestation is mortal. If we want to be lifted from this field of existence and reborn as new, primordial people, this soul principle, born in matter, must be liquidated and an original soul born again of the great breath.

This is why Jesus Christ draws attention to transfiguration, the rebirth of the soul, and this is why those reborn according to the old, Divine fire-principle are called “twice-born.” Whoever is unable to celebrate this birth cannot behold the Kingdom of God. “Unless one is born of water and spirit, they cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”

Jesus, in his conversation with Nicodemus alludes here to the very essence of all transfiguration. Every candidate for the path of rebirth must primarily be reborn with respect to the soul-fire. Their soul-radiations must again radiate and vibrate according to the ancient, Divine formula of the great breath.


On this day in music history: July 27, 1972 - “All Directions”, the twelfth studio album by The Temptations is released. Produced by Norman Whitfield, it is recorded at Motown Studio A in Detroit, MI and Hitsville USA West in Hollywood, CA from Early - Mid 1972. The group are initially resistant to recording the tracks “Run Charlie Run” (about the mass exodus of white families from major urban centers to the suburbs) and “Papa Was Rolling Stone”, feeling their sensitive subject matter and lyrics will turn some fans off. Lead singer Dennis Edwards especially object to the latter when the songs lyrics hit a little too close to home. However, the group relent and record the songs. “Papa Was Rolling Stone” hits number one on the Billboard Hot 100 (#2 R&B), winning three Grammy Awards including The Temptations second award for Best R&B Group Vocal Performance in 1973. “All Directions” spends one week at number one on the Billboard R&B album chart, and peaks at number two on the Top 200.


Tarot. The Moon. by Courtney
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My newest arrival, Souldoll Leira! She is so cute, I am absolutely in love. Her wig isn’t in yet, so she had to borrow one from my Ignim. Now I’ve got to send her bunny parts off for blushing!