hey: to the cis lesbian who just sent me a rather sensitive ask, i think it would be better if you sent it non-anonymously so i can answer privately (it tackles things a bit too adult for the blog, imho) - but long story short is no, you are not a terf because of that and that does not make you transphobic, but i can discuss this with you more indepth privately. thank you!

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so i've been reading all of your outlander meta lately and i love it so much, it really adds a new dimension. obviously this is a big request but since outlander (the first book) was from clare's perspective, do you think there are some passages before jaime marries her which are indicative of his interest towards her? he always seemed subdued to me but i'm not a careful reader

Thanks Anon. I’m thrilled you’re enjoying my old meta posts. I desperately want to write more but they take so long, I just don’t have the time to do as many of them as I did when I first started posting here on Tumblr.

I think there are a LOT of passages from the first book that show evidence of Jamie’s interest in Claire, even though they’re written from Claire’s perspective. One pretty good indicator is when Claire finds a way to explain his behavior as being due to something else––as evidence that he’s interested in Laoghaire or evidence that he sees her (Claire) as a friend, etc. Claire is heavily into denial at that point of the story, still intent of finding a way back to Frank and considering herself still very married to him. Acknowledging Jamie’s interest could be the first step to acknowledging her own interest so she tends to just shut both down at the source. Jamie also tends to downplay his obvious interest and turns a lot of his remarks towards jokes and general friendliness so he doesn’t scare Claire off. 

Luckily, the adaptation absolutely nailed conveying Jamie’s interest in Claire in most of these scenes so not only are you getting a few passages from Claire and Jamie’s greatest hits, there are a few gifs to go along with them. 

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when do you think Sherlock started seeing Molly in a different way? love at first sight or it grew through the years? And how do you think Molly knew that he started feeling those feelings (because we know that Sherlock is not subtle)?

Hm, well I’d say that things were gradual for their friendship/feelings development. But probably the moment that Sherlock started seeing her differently (though I don’t think this was him consciously saying omg I love her) was when he realized that she loved him in ASiB xmas scene. I think it was her feelings that made his mind and heart begin to shift. I believe it was even the writers that said from then on he’s more careful with her feelings because he realizes how much she cares. So it meant something to him and made a big impact on his heart.

Now tbh, I’m not sure that I believe Molly absolutely knew Sherlock’s feelings had shifted romantically at all through the series. Because again, the way I see it Sherlock didn’t even know it 100%, therefore he would be subtle seeing as he didn’t think he was in love with her. Maybe they both were aware of some sort of unspoken something between them, and maybe that’s one reason Molly felt like it wasn’t such a long shot to demand he say ILY first, Idk. But in general I don’t think either of them was completely aware of any shift in their feelings or relationship. At least, not till the ILY moment.

Idk that’s just my take on things. 😊 

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Shipyard and some medieval stuff.

Ready for a bit mor Funfet Valley? Well, you’re getting it anyway. 

First, a bit more port and ships:

And what do you need to build those? A shipyard of course!

I often try the OMPS resizers on random deco objects, it has spawned interesting ideas sometimes. In this case, that broken boat suddenly is a half finished hull!

Yes, they should be working on it, but as you can see, they have other projects (and the workforce is not that interested!)

Next door to this theorical hub of activity…

The Olde Fishmarket!

We’re getting in the older part of Funfet Valley, the one that hasn’t changed much since medieval times.

And no, you didn’t miss an episode: Sunseth Valley is Caw ready, more or less, but I already did a medieval World, so I skipped it to go 18th century. I guess the “leftover houses” get build first.

Since this is the old part of town, there are some more:

The castle, for starters… Or, more truthfully, the Keep, since it has five buildings.

This is on the big roman villa emplacement in Sol Valle, just in case anyone wondered.

The keep has a couple servants cottages:

The main castle:

I build a complete medieval castle, saved it, and then promptly demolished half of it to rebuild in a more Renaissance style, as it has been done in countless places.

Enclosed garden/courtyard at the back, with medicinal plants:

The keep Chapel/ Orchard:

And the guards barracks:

I have a few more of those to complete the (almost) older part of town, and then it’s back to your regular Rococo program!

Provided I don’t switch to another shiny, that is. Lol!

(It’s a screencap so it wouldn’t appear in the ship tag)

I’m sorry it disturbs you. I beg to differ though. No “fact” concerning these two during that period of time is available. That’s why we have headcanons. 

That comic shows my interpretation and understanding of the characters and that inevitably leads to the reason why I am not fond of any romance between them. I wrote it was some potential anti material only in the tags because that was not the main point of my post. Some tagged the ship anyway but it’s okay. So “determined to put others down”? I don’t know. 

More elaboration below. 

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I got a friend of mine into Fraggle Rock recently, and we were wondering why Cantus sometimes appears without the other Minstrels. We decided that he probably just up and leaves in the middle of the night, and blames his leaving on a “disturbance in the Force” sort of thing when the rest of the Minstrels track him down again.

Murray the Minstrel is one of my favorite minor characters on the show, by the way. He takes his job SO SERIOUSLY– he sings an entire verse about it in “Music Makes Us Real.”


– but Mint Eye Yoosung tho ((mmmMMm how r u gonna smooth all that edge))

SPOILERS!!! [sort of] gr8 now i wanna draw mint eye rfa Flipped!AU zzz ((basically the only good people are saeran and rika ++ MC idk AAAAAAAA))

sorry ive been a bit inactive bc of work but hhh here’s some quick sketches sjkdfhdk O<-<

I live in hope that by the time Black Panther comes out, fan artists finally realize that drawing a random black face that looks nothing like the black character they’re supposed to be drawing isn’t acceptable.

You can find references everywhere because we live in a Google-driven world and yet… 90% of fan artists after The Force Awakens made sure to get Rey right but Finn… Finn is still drawn with what I can only call “Generic Black Guy” features.

(But it’s “their style” so it’s apparently rude to complain about how everyone takes pains to make sure the white characters look like their white actors but then play fast and loose with Black characters’ appearances.)

Maybe in 2018 fandom will figure out that all black people don’t look the same and apply that to their fan art?