The episode was, fine. But the ending, was ass.

What happened to Ruri, Rin and Selena?? What happened to Yuto, Yugo and Yuri??

Are the still in Yuya and Yuzu, did they just, poof?? What happened?

You teased a group shot in the ED, so why not give us one? They deserve the bodies damnnit.

I’m so, upset. Because I was enjoying the ep up till that point.

I can’t even gush right now b/c that just, took the wind out of my sails so to speak.

For a split second, when Yuya walked forward, I thought he was going to vanish into the light WITH Yuzu and ALL the counterparts would be gone(which I might have preferred over this b/c then at least it’s fair, they’re all gone).

Also, Rera’s still a baby. :/ Kiss all that character development goodbye.

Also I couldn’t tell, did the dimensions get, mushed into one or something?

  • Molly : ‘Knowledge’ is knowing that the tomato is a fruit; 'Wisdom’ is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • John : That was deep.
  • Sherlock : 'Philosophy’ is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.
  • Mary : That was deeper.
  • Mycroft : 'Common Sense’ is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie, you nasties.

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Victor is Yurio's super famous dad and he takes him to Yuuri's Ice Rink for skating lessons (and maybe he ends up taking lessons himself)?

(So Viktor is a famous actor. Yurio is his angsty adopted son. Yuuri is the cute oblivious skating instructor.)

Viktor is a famous actor who moved to Detroit with his son Yuri for filming his next big movie. Yuri, not wanting to die of boredom, reluctantly agreed to take figure skating lessons at a nearby rink to kill some time and get out of the apartment.

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I love how Rip is looking at Sara in that gif set. I love that ship so much, but part of me think he could be a little jealous of how competent she is as a Captain. Not that he doesn't want her to have it, but the fact that she is so much more suited to the job than he ever was.

I don’t think she’s more competent as a captain of the Waverider, I think she’s more competent as a team leader and at getting people to work together. She’s far less of an introvert and has far more experience working on a team and with others. It’s a skillset Rip doesn’t have that much, and he doesn’t inspire people to follow him. I’d say Sara doesn’t inspire people either so much as she commands it and people fall in line. She has an authority he doesn’t, when it comes to people.

But Rip is an amazing time traveller, and was an amazing Time Master. He’s apparently sort of legendary or famous (infamous?) in his field, or so it’s implied throughout the seasons. He’s got all these extra commands and secret codes with Gideon and is the dude who tracked down, destroyed, and preserved/hid the friggen Spear of Destiny, and that’s just one of his many exploits?

So I don’t think he really begrudges Sara the fact that she excels at leading the team. I think he did very slightly, but saw how they worked together and realized… damn, okay. She gets it. In a way I didn’t. 

It’s still his ship, and he’s still got all these secret codes and a wealth of knowledge. He’s still got the expertise. But maybe he doesn’t have to make all the decisions, and maybe that’s a good thing.


Decided to check back in for a bit and saw I got tagged by @stariousfalls to post my background and lockscreen, the last song I listened to and a “pic” of myself. Thank you, friend. ❤

My lockscreen is of the boys, of course, and my background is of the drawing I did. Last song I listened to is Intention by Kiiara. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for awhile. Erm…. Still not really comfortable showing my face so here is one of my many bags. XD Maybe one day. Just not anytime soon. ^^;

I think people might have done this so I’m not really going to tag anyone. Maybe next time. And now I’m going back to my break.

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Brocedes for the ship meme pls Sarah. :) I'm not giving up on them dammit!

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

Who is the most affectionate? Lewis, actually. Nico isn’t really a cuddling sort of person but he makes an effort with Lewis, stroking his hands over the dark curls of his hair, their hands linking together and their legs tangling. 

Big spoon/Little spoon? They both take it in turns but Nico enjoys curling around Lewis, his nose in the dark sweaty curls, stroking over his hipbone.

Most common argument? After races - the tension gets to them and Nico slams Lewis up against a wall, his eyes are hard and his fingernails bruise the soft, tanned skin. Lewis loves it, he bites on his lip as Nico shoves his knee between his thighs.

Favorite non-sexual activity? Nico likes listening to Lewis playing the piano - he loves watching Lewis’s fingers dance over the keys. 

Who is most likely to carry the other? Lewis carries Nico up the stairs when they’ve had a little too much to drink, he’s reminded of all the times before that - when they were younger, when Nico’s hair fell against his collarbone and he smiled. 

Nicknames? They don’t need nicknames. Nobody says Nico’s name quite like Lewis does. 

Who worries the most? Nico is the biggest worrier - he worries when Lewis pops down to the local supermarket to buy some milk because they’ve run out again and Lewis takes ages - and Nico worries something will happen. He relaxes when they’re in bed together in the middle of the night, curled up. Just them. 

Who tops? Nico. Lewis loves to be held down and fucked. 

Who initiates kisses? Lewis. He’s the more confident one and his lips had tasted of alcohol that night when they’d first kissed, he’d fisted his hands into Nico’s shirt and nothing else had mattered.

Who wakes up first? Nico, but Lewis isn’t far behind - he sleepily curls his arms around Nico as he cooks their breakfast.

Who says I love you first? Nico. He said it when Lewis was asleep for the first time when they were sixteen, sharing a room. He still remembers how Lewis looked - peaceful, his chest barely rising and falling.