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i’m thinking about how terrible Scanlan must feel right now. Right there at the end, when him and Grog were desperately trying to kill Ripley before she could get a shot off, and Grog landed a hit with his axe, but scanlan doesn’t have ranged weapons, she’s too far away, he can’t do anything…

so he throws Mythcarver, in some last ditch attempt to stop her, before she shoots Percy, before she takes away a member of Vox Machina, of his family… and he misses.

He misses and she lines up the shot, but maybe, maybe he can still stop it, he can distract her, he can stop her, he can say or do something, anything, to keep the shot from finding its mark. But no, he fails that too, finds that when it really matters he cant find the words to help. 

And the shot lands, and Percy is gone. 

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What are your favorite blogs ?

ok wowza. this is such a big question, because i have a lot of people i adore, and i follow so many different kinds of blogs. so lemme try to see if i can mention them all here. (remember that time a rude anon tried to “call me out” for “pretending to have a lot of faves” — well here’s to you, rude anon, i got a ton of faves and no one can stop me!)

these are my babies regardless of anything in the world:

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and my fave rp related blogs + some that don’t really fit in elsewhere:

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and here’s my fave in the spn end of it all:

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So during one of the RoI missions, Shiro says something along the lines of: “With most of the Kells gone, it would have been hard to coordinate a force like that.” Something close to that.

I’m pretty sure there is one Kell that is almost definitely still out there though, who has not been seen or mentioned since HoW. The Kell of Kings.

He hasn’t ever been seen, and was only mentioned during HoW. He was the main coordinator of the Battle of the Twilight gap. The Kings probably have a presence other places in the solar system (it’s mentioned that they at least have a listening post on Mars). I’d be worried about where they are now, since there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of them left in the Cosmodrome.

Something else worth noting, is that they’ve manipulated the House of Devils in the past. That feels like something that should be taken into consideration with the whole SIVA incident. Maybe the Devils weren’t the only ones moving resources to the Plaguelands, or at least, maybe the Archon wasn’t the only one coordinating it.

The Kings might not be fond of the other Houses, but they’re not above using them to meet their own ends. With the other Houses weakened, I just think they should be the ones to watch out for in the future.

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Have u watched mike and dave need wedding dates? Bc i could totally see 1d au where zayn and louis are the girls and liam and niall(or harry) are the boys omg

Omg yes!! And like Zayn and Louis play nice initially, dressing in nicely ironed chinos and button-down shirts and with their hair perfectly styled, betting their eyelashes prettily. Harry would be a little bit apprehensive about Louis, who claims to be a school teacher but doesn’t appear to know too much about education. Liam, meanwhile, would be head-over-heels for Zayn from the get-go, following him around like a puppy and being absurdly happy when he agrees to go to Niall’s wedding with them.

Then they get to the wedding, and all hell breaks loose.

Zayn and Louis start dressing in looser clothing, flashing their tattoos and piercings and the hidden streaks of coloured hair on the undersides of their fringes. They’d be more brash, drink more than Liam or Harry would like, and, even though they’d definitely be the life of the party and Niall would like them immediately, they’d definitely make the impression of being wild cards, too.

Louis also makes a habit of derailing all of Harry’s plans to go swimming with dolphins, which prompts Harry to become a bit more apprehensive and uptight. They bicker a lot, resulting in a lot of teasing on Louis’ part and bafflement of Harry’s side.

Liam, meanwhile, falls even more for Zayn. Zayn, though, holds back a bit, because he really likes Liam but doesn’t want to lead him on unless he knows the truth. Louis reminds him almost hourly to not give anything away, but it becomes harder and harder as Zayn finds more things to like about Liam (his love for dogs, his terrible puns, his kindness).

By the end of the first day, Liam and Harry are absolutely terrified. But it becomes the best damn week of their lives.

@elliotshackingrevenge I tried the thing sort of

Things were getting into full swing. Mr. Robot’s mind was blossoming with plans faster than his mouth could run. Hand gestures were flying, his feet were carrying him in long, inconsistent strides across a strip of the room, only to spin on his heel and repeat the motion.

“Once we get that up and running, we’ll be able to–” Mr. Robot stopped mid-step, nearly crashing into Tyrell as he stepped into his path. Mr. Robot’s train of thought came to a screeching halt and turned his mood sour. The stupidly wide grin that was stretching across Tyrell’s face silent made Mr. Robot squint in suspicion.

“What?” He hissed out through the skin of his teeth, his eyes tensely set on the man.

“Elliot,” Tyrell began, clasping Mr. Robot on the shoulders tightly. It was something he had sorely gotten used to while working with him. “You are the most brilliant man I have ever met.”

Mr. Robot’s lips tightened together in pure irritation. He was more than a little peeved that his words were put on hold just for some sappy compliment he didn’t need. As he opened his mouth and sucked in a breath to snap Tyrell out of whatever kind of daze he was stuck in, Mr. Robot felt something warm crash against his mouth.

His eyebrows shot up, watching whatever the hell it was that was happening unfold in front of him. Mr. Robot tried his best to remain calm and collected; no matter how irritating and compromising this was. Riding out this would just mean more cooperation out of Tyrell. Though if this tried to be anything more than just a kiss, he wouldn’t hesitate to break it off with a swift kick to the groin.

Nothing of the sorts happened. Tyrell pulled away, Mr. Robot stared with a lack of interest right back at him, and after a few more seconds of time-wasting, Mr. Robot unlatched Tyrell from his shoulders, and began to speak again.

Sometimes I wish I could switch my Muse off. Because now she’s whispering, “Hades & Persephone AU where Hades is a Merman and brings Persephone to his underwater grotto and the pomegranate seeds are some magic seaweed or fish eggs that allow her to become a Mermaid, but she only eats six so half the year she has to walk on land and half the year she gets to be Queen of the Sea.