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Do you have any Snart Siblings headacanons from their childhood, present day or anything.

I’ve been sitting on this ask for a day or two because on the one hand, so many, but on the other hand I was like “but I explore a lot of them in my writing already so I’m not sure what to say” and then I freaking clued in that not everyone who likes my blog probably has wanted to slog through my multiple 100k+ word fics to get a read on how I explore the Snart sibling dynamics in the background of the fic.

Sorry I’m an idiot who forgets I engage with multiple disparate parts of fandom sometimes. In my head it all blends together most days. My headcanons have also changed a lot with new information we got from Legends, so the ones that come through in my fics aren’t fully ‘accurate’ anymore anyway.

Also, I’m gonna focus on headcanons for their childhood/backstory, and I’ll try to this with in point form, but I’m not good at random headcanons and mostly just give full backstory thoughts, so heads up on that. 

Under a cut because long, and mostly angst.

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Yet another thing about CA:CW


The Sokovia Accords were, ultimately, a response to the Avengers operating on their own orders without any supervision, right?

So, why didn’t they write Accords that dealt with the Avengers as an organization, a non-state entity operating outside the bounds of international law?

Because instead of creating a registry of powered people that is then controlled by the UN? the Security Council? some unnamed IGO? (which has a pretty severe “uh oh” factor), it would have accomplished something similar while still maintaining international diplomacy and cooperation and holding up international law as the goal and guide, rather than Ross’s weird vendetta against people with powers.

Not to mention, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, James Rhodes, Scott Lang, Clint Barton, and Natasha Romanoff (at least as far as we know) are not “enhanced.” They wear suits or are very highly-trained, but it’s their position within the Avengers organization that places them under the jurisdiction of the Accords.

It was the actions of a private citizen that created Ultron, and it was funding by a private citizen that operated the Avengers. And when the Avengers went out and fought after the fall of SHIELD, there was no organization or government or any sort of entity overseeing their actions. So, in theory, these private citizens with unlimited resources could go anywhere in the world and wreak havoc, but there was no international law that could deal with the organization because it was not a state, and there was no one state that could deal with the Avengers because they were privately owned and operated, not representative of any government.

So, by framing the Accords as an agreement between a non-state party and the international community, the Avengers would have been put in check and given the opportunity to work within the system but not be controlled by it. Plus, it would have normalized enhanced individuals internationally as participants in the same institutions and norms that non-enhanced people value.

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Valkorion's and my SI's trip down the memory lane should've looked more like
  • Sith Inquisitor: This is me meeting the Dread Masters, here is me setting them free...
  • Valkorion: But-
  • Sith Inquisitor: Ooooh, oh, look, here is me and Dread Master Brontes. I'm pretty sure Styrak should be here somewhere too...
  • Valkorion: Please, can we stop talking about the Dread Masters.
  • Sith Inquisitor: Nope. My mind, my rules. So, where were we? Ah, here I am defeating the entire Dread Council. Look at me go.
  • Valkorion: I give up.