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two/two moments → Sheldon accepts that Amy is leaving, and offers to make love despite it’s not her birthday

Does this mean you’re okay with me going?
Well, I’m not looking forward to it, but it is a wonderful opportunity and you need to take it. Uh, I know it’s not your birthday, but if you’re interested…
I am.
Okay. Oh, and just to be clear, I’m not being intimate with you in order to keep you from going.
I wasn’t thinking that.
All right then. Let’s go to the bedroom, remove our clothes, fold them neatly …and engage in frenzied lovemaking.

Sheldon accepts and supports Amy for her fellowship at Princeton. To be fair, not even for a moment he has thought to ask her to stay. You have to take it, it’s important, he affirms immediately when he knows the news. He only needed time to come to terms with the idea of living without her for so long. He knows it’s going to be hard, and again, never considers to ask her to stay. But before she leaves, he just asks to be closer - being intimate. Even if it’s not her birthday, as their agreements establish, and making sure it is clear is not a last move to have her stay. I admit I was waiting for something like this from a while back then. I really hoped (more than a proposal tbh) that a day came when Sheldon wanted to make love with Amy totally in the spur of the moment.  And so it has been, with the addition of the shy, awkward caresses, the sweet kisses, all leading to a frenzied lovemaking we even got to hear a bit…


… I’m really sorry to have to tell you this, but our pink bubblegum hair prince is probably evil.

In the background of the scene with Amanda sitting in the cage we can see someone with pink hair and the same vest as Panto talking to two of the Cavato guys.
Evidence: The jackets. They’re wearing the same jackets as the one that Bart stole from them back in S1. And we already know that the Cavatos will play a part in the next season.

Plus: I feel like in the scene where Panto says “Fulfill the prophecy”, it’s kind of like he’s forcing it onto the other dude (Silas/Thor?) who seems to know that whatever Panto wants to do is not okay. He looks down, not daring to meet Panto’s eyes which are kind of glaring at him. If he agreed with Panto he’d probably look him in the eyes or at least stand less tensed in front of him. That dude seems to be in a conflict with his morals and what his prince wants him to do.

Found this out together with the lovely @alissagapp

So. I’ve been inspired to write a new chapter of “Trust.”

Problem: @simishipsrebelcaptain and @ohstardustgirl once asked me: if I rated all my fics as Mature, then what did I think Explicit was?

I guess we’re about to find out.

Because this might get a little filthy.

ETA: It’s posted here!!!

in honor of the end of teen wolf, i would just really like to shoutout to all of the twrarepair content creators who i’ve known throughout the years. i love so many ships in teen wolf, popular ships included, but the rarepair content creators constantly inspired me with their creativity - the ways that two characters who have very little screen time together could have a flourishing relationship in a fanfic or be manipulated together into the same image in a graphic or gifset. i’m just gonna take a second to thank everyone i can think of right now. i’m not even gonna make a read more you just have to witness my great love and appreciation for these people.

@clizzy​ / rogue: i haven’t talked to you in a million years but your ongoing creation of dallison and dallison+ content was a huge reason why i go into rarepairs in the first place. also you supported me and my love for dira and i really appreciate that <3

@torple​ / sarah: you’re the entire reason i learned how to make gifs?? your lyric gifsets are so beautiful and you were always down to fill my random rarepair lyric requests and you’re so cool and i love you

@killstiles​ / nicole: i don’t even know what to say you’re just the best and you love all the best ships and most importantly allison and scott and kira.

@derekslaura​ / ellis & @sleepy-skittles​ / kat : you are polya teen wolf royalty!! you’re always down to talk rarepairs and esp polyships and you have so many good headcanons any time someone has an idea for a rareship! thank you both for doing such important work xoxoxo

@jameskirk​: i’ve never spoken to you so i’m sorry if this is weird but i’ll always appreciate your dedication to creating beautiful dallison content. your use of color and of one of my favorite teen wolf ships has been so important and inspiring to me over the years!

@queerkira / liss & @dianameras / katie: you both have made so many creative au rarepair gifsets and graphics and i’ve gone back to your work countless times for inspiration and ways to rethink different tw relationships

@inell & @elfysparkles88: semi - i know you a little from the twrpnetwork and inell i haven’t spoken to you ever i think, but you guys are so great. i know that any time i search for a rarepair fic on ao3 and i’m worried that the ship might be too rare to have anything, probably one of you will have written something for them. so thank you both for filling the void of fanfiction for all of my fave rarepairs.

@letscottmccallbehappy2k17 / kim: thank you for your endless dediction to scott mccall and vernon boyd. also for inspiring me to create content for ships like deucalion/kira or boyd/brett or any number of pairings i may never have thought of without you

@lesbiancleophas / ella: you are a femslash rarepair fanfic mvp ur great never stop <3

also thanks to anyone who has ever been a part of @twrarepairnetwork that i might have missed. imogen, you’re not on tumblr any more but thanks for bringing us all together and giving us such a great gift. to any members, you’re the coolest and you made my time in the teen wolf fandom better. to anyone who participated in a rarepairweek, thanks for being one of us and for making the fandom richer and more diverse with your rarepair content.

anyhoo i know i’m forgetting a million people but i just had to say thank you to all of these wonderful people for the roles they’ve played in my life for the last five years. you’re all amazing and thank you so much.

It does cost $0 not to be a dick, true, but you have to make a conscious decision to be a good person. You have to make the effort to expand your perspective to try and empathise. It’s natural to focus on yourself, it’s different to consider others. You have to try. Push yourself to be better. Condition yourself into better habits. To be considerate in a way beyond normal courtesy is an effort, but it’s an effort I’m willing to put in. And I’m a lazy bastard. Once you actually consider how much hurt others are put through its impossible not to care or want to help. Don’t give in to the apathy. Put in the work for others and they’ll put in the work for you.


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Announcement for mutuals/followers who post Panic! stuff

I’ve decided that I can no longer support Brendon Urie/Panic as long as he continues to say and do all this shit that I simply can’t excuse any longer. I’ve loved this band for 7 years and I owe my life to them, so I’m extremely heartbroken over this. I’m only making this post to let you guys know that you won’t be seeing any Panic content on my blog any longer, unless something changes. And if I follow you and you mainly post Panic things don’t feel bad if you’ve realized that I unfollowed you. Don’t take it personally.


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Bon Voyage S2 EP.6 - Hoseok & Namjoon's conversation

(re-translated by request)

Hoseok: I haven’t gone on a real trip before, not even once. The Bon Voyage trip was my first…
Namjoon: For me, the fact that we can stay together until the end of the trip… (shakes hands) Since I couldn’t stay till the end last time.
Hoseok: How was last time?
Namjoon: Last time?
Hoseok: After you left first.
Namjoon: I couldn’t go anywhere other than the convenience store, for real. And my studio. I wrote a song in tears, you know. That song was one of the only 2 songs that got confirmed among the songs I sent in one year. Among all the songs I wrote in one year.
Hoseok: Really?
Namjoon: That song was one of those 2.
Hoseok: Seems like you make quite a lot of songs.
Namjoon: No, it’s not that many, I just take a lot of time working on one.
Hoseok: Oh, really?
Namjoon: Yeah, it takes longer than you think.
Hoseok: I’m writing a song recently too…
Namjoon: You should release it, it’s time.
Hoseok: I should.

Hoseok: I always feel this but I envy you.
Namjoon: I envy you. (laughs)
Hoseok: Why do you envy me?
Namjoon: You’re always… You’re the most professional-like in our team. You’re stable and I think that’s how a celebrity should be. I like that. Suga-hyung always jokes “Let’s do a rap line concert”, you know. But it can’t come true right away, it’s hard. I don’t have that many songs. There’s only a few thing I can do. I was only able to write 1 song while in America. I always find it hard to connect the verse and the hook.
Hoseok: Yeah.
Namjoon: When I first make the beat. Suga-hyung is incredible. I feel that sometimes when I listen to ‘Dead Leaves’ or ‘Tomorrow’.
Hoseok: Right.
Namjoon: I really respect Suga-hyung for writing songs for Bangtan. When it comes to writing Bangtan songs…
Hoseok: Right, it’s hard.
Namjoon: I have always wanted to talk about this with you.

Namjoon: People say this. “Taehyung and Jimin look very close, but Hoseok and Namjoon, one is in charge of dancing and one is in charge of rapping”…
Hoseok: Actually we talked a lot more than they think.
Namjoon: No, we talked a lot from time to time.
Hoseok: We talked a lot. I always came look for you when I had a slump in music.
Namjoon: I don’t know about you but, it’s true that you play a very big role of an axle to our mood, in another direction from me. And to be honest, I think you also help fulfilling what I can’t as a leader in the team, mentally.
Hoseok: No…
Namjoon: I’m serious. I’m all about external affairs.*

(*Namjoon means that while he takes care of the more professional matters of the tean like representing them in front of the outer world, Hoseok takes care of the team’s atmosphere and mood.)

Hoseok: Hey, thank you.
Namjoon: Me too.
Hoseok: For real.
Namjoon: No. You know what I think it’s dramatic? I heard you wrote that during Bon Voyage season 1.
Hoseok: They asked in the interview, “Where do you want to go?”, I said “Me? Shouldn’t I want to go to Hawaii at least once?”. The next question was “If you were to go with the members, who do you want to go with?” and I answered, “I want to go with Rap Monster, my same-aged friend”…
Namjoon: Wow.
Hoseok: We didn’t get that kind of chance often, you know.
Namjoon: I was wrong. I shouldn’t asked Hobi to go grab a cup of beer, I should have asked to go grab a cup of peppermint tea.
Hoseok: My favorite tea?
Namjoon: Yeah, you like peppermint tea, don’t you. I can’t understand people who drink peppermint tea.

Hoseok: We actually talk a lot. We talk a lot but it’s just that my character and his character on camera don’t coincide that much and we don’t have many in common, so people might think like that, but in reality, if I were to pick whom I talk with the most, I would pick this friend here.
Namjoon: We talk about trivial stuffs and also serious stuffs, thanks to that.


Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

To whoever made the prompt list:

Fight me in the WalMart parking lot at 12:30 this is so sad and also making this comic sucked out my remaining will to live