did he get hacked or… 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! Yesterday was markiplier​ ‘s birthday and.. -sigh- i’m late to the race again! ´__`;;

this is Mark in my mind but in reality he’s probably more like 

yea.. >_>;;

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MARK! i hope you had a good one with Jack, Bob and Wade uwu;;

art and stuff©moi :u

listen here this is very important

in order to go to warped tour this year, my mom and i have made a deal. this post has to get 3k+ notes before july 19th (my warped date hmu if you’re going) in order for me to go. i’d really appreciate if you reblogged and/or liked this because i’ve never been to a concert or warped tour 

it would seriously mean so much to me if i had the possibility to go since i don’t even have my ticket yet 

thanks so much