So I’m so sorry that I have a bad throat but some people have told me that I am alright at singing so I thought I would share it with you guys so tell me what you thik, I’m sorry if I am bad, I’m sorry about my face and my scratchy thorat but I am really impatient.

I’d just appreciate if people told me to either stop or keep singing cause my family tell me that I can’t sing for shit but my internet friends tell be I have nice voice so…

and sorry about the video quality but th webcam had to do

oh yeah and the song is Not ALone from AVPM

so I think that is about all so thanks and I would really appreciate feedback but please take into consideration that I have a bad throat and that I couldn’t speak this morning and please don’t be mean if I am bad

“Hoshi, one of Seventeen members is a hardcore fan of Shinee. Jeonghan, his bandmate said that Taemin is his role model. And in a radio show another Seventeen member, Woozi mentioned that Minho told them that they did well.I also watch a fancam in which Shinee members really really into Seventeen’s performance in an award show.Shinee is a group that I stan for a long time while Seventeen is a rookie group that I really like because of their talent.It is nice to see how Shinee appreciate Seventeen’s talent.I wait for the interaction between both sides.”

(Sorry about the quality of Seventeen’s photo. It was the only one I could find in which it fit all the members.)