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thanks for suggestions for the question about poses and such-- I'm wondering how lame this stick figure looks ' ^ '? and how to make a super fabulous one from wire ;;slapped

You’re welcome! :D

Ah you mean my wire man? Well here it is..

Um actually I didn’t know I just kinda.. wrapped the wire around.. at whim so it’s not stable at all lol But at least I still can bend it around just fine haha.. I suggest you search ‘how to make a wire man’ on Google, I’m sure there are lots of good guides out there! :D

I’ll tell you why “Klance” is dead. Klance is dead because we’re no longer calling it “Klance”. Quite frankly samuraishooter, as hippykitty suggested, sounds better.

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So first of all I loveeee your writing, and since I have the writing capacity of a grain of rice I was wondering if you would do some hc off of a vague dream I had: The Mag7 gang in the Wild West... with zombies 🤓😎 Sorry I'm so lame haha. But how do you think the guys would act in a zombie apocalypse?? Maybe I am too excited for TWD to return.

Buddy, you gotta tell me more about this dream. Also, never ever ever apologize for a request! Especially one where I get to do zombie tropes ;)

Chisolm: I think it goes without saying that he takes the role of Team Leader. I’d say aside from Billy, he’s the best at keeping calm in intense situations. His main drive is to get to Lincoln, Kansas. His family is out there and he needs to make sure they’re alive. He’s really the only one in in the group with something worth fighting for, so the others decide to make his drive, their drive, as well. 

Faraday: Is just so annoyed by the entire situation. Booze and women and cigarettes and cigars are basically off the table. Everyone is sick of playing cards with him because he’s a sore winner and a sore loser. He still gets to shoot things, but it’s somewhat discouraged because the noise attracts more zombies. His horse got spooked at the beginning of it all and ran off. He got a tear in his vest that keeps growing, and he doesn’t really have the means to fix it/get a new one. So like…literally everything he loves has been taken away and he is just so. God. Damn. Annoyed. 

Red Harvest: Half his tribe was killed by the zombies. The other half was killed by looters who used guns against their arrows. He ended up being the last man standing. The group doesn’t trust him, at first, but he quickly proves to be a valuable asset by teaching them better ways to use their surroundings for survival. Specifically, he focuses on teaching them archery. It helps them save ammunition, and they’re able to take out the dead without the sounds of gunshots attracting more. 

Jack: Right in front of his eyes, he saw his wife and children go down, so he holds the most hatred towards the zombies, and is typically the first one to go charging recklessly at them. Also, while every other member of the group has said to Sam (in one way or another) that his family is probably dead, Jack is the one to shut everyone up and tell them to have some faith. In his mind, Sam’s family is alive. He needs Sam’s family to be alive. Saving them is the only way he can hope to get a little closure on his own loss.

Goodnight: His PTSD gets triggered way more often now. Especially when he sees zombies wearing uniforms from the war. Luckily, he has Billy to keep tabs on him, and no matter what, when it’s his shift to keep watch, Billy joins him. But even though Goodnight’s PTSD makes things especially difficult for him, he is great at being the strategy guy. 

Billy: He helps Red Harvest with weapons training, thought he, of course, focuses on knife usage. On scavenging missions, the group does a pretty good job of rotating who goes and who stays to watch their camp, but no matter what, Billy always goes as leader of the away team. He is likely the top guy when it comes to saving his group mates’ asses. 

Vasquez: Even before the break out, he didn’t particularly have anything that gave him any drive, so when he joins the group, he actually finds that he’s happier than he ever was…despite the whole zombie thing. Granted, he tries to be low key about it, because he wouldn’t want any of them thinking he was soft (though Chisolm sees right through him). He’s somewhat of a morale booster, and is always putting others’ lives before his own. 


Tom Hiddleston’s nickname for costar and friend Chris Hemsworth: “My brother from another mother”