Sorry not sorry




So i was with a friend the other day and i started talking about kaisoo. And she was so confused (she is a non-Kpop fan) so i showed her a fan-made kaisoo moments video. And she kept saying “they’re so cute” and she asked if they were a thing and i told her they’re married and showed her these pictures.

And i told her these were taken by fans after the ceremony. And shE FUCKING FELL FOR IT AND LIKE I SEND HER KAISOO STUFF AND SHE’LL RESPOND LIKE “awe i hope me and my husband are that cute together” and i don’t plan on ever telling her the truth.

And i told her kai was dating a guy from another group (taemin) and they got into a huge fight and broke up and kyungsoo was there comforting him and it was history after that.

And i kinda feel like an asshole for making up a fantasy to someone that has no idea whats really happening. Oh well.


Holy … I just …I can’t……wahahahahahahahaha
This wonderful couple cosplay Seb and Jo so good that I keep remembering. Then they have the status update that just done a fantasy theme shot, and this…is crossing my mind *derp*

I’m so sorry Del and Lins ;;;w;;;;……………………………..NOT !! =]]]]]]]]