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        truth be told, i never even considered that could end up reaching such a number here when i started. i was quite nervous, pretty much insecure about joining the mm bandwagon for many reasons, but most of them already vanished and i actually don’t regret my decision of take the step. all thanks to the wonderful people i’ve meet through these past three weeks. so welcoming and understanding. i know puppy gamer is the less popular, that i don’t talk with many, that i’m more slow than a snail with replies, and that sometimes i just disappear, so the fact people still care about me and yoosung makes me bubbly inside. i owe you a big thank you. for accepting me, for liking my boy, for being patient, for writting with me, simply for being awesome!! ♥  

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ngl I re-watched DoB after I re-watched RttE and like…Dagur was in like 5 episodes out of the whole series?? (Maybe 10, I don’t really care.) I didn’t remember much about it so I kept waiting and waiting. And fuck man. Dagur pops up in a season one episode like halfway through and it’s like “here’s this asshole you wouldn’t wanna be stuck sitting next to at Christmas dinner” and episode ends, there he goes…then he pops back up and throws a piss fit cause bby didn’t get what bby wanted and “my brother lied to meeeeeeeee” and really he has potential to be a great villain, but that’s all it is–potential. He was a huge jerk who obviously has some issues, but that never really made him ‘evil’ just messed up. After his change of heart in RttE he still has those issues, but he’s taken steps to keep himself in check (I’m so fuckin proud of you babe). I think it’s reasonable to say that from the beginning he always had the potential to become a decent dude, like he was high on his own fumes, but not in the same way Viggo is. Bluh idk what I’m talking about, but basically Viggo is the villain the show needed cause really Dagur was not bringin the evil, he’s too much of a goofy goober. Viggo wins the asshole race someone get this dude an “As Much Of A Jerk As You Could Have Been” award.

Hi my name is Kurt and I have mid-lenght boring shade of brown-gray hair that reaches my shoulders and melty dark brown eyes like molten lava chocolate mudcake and a lot of people tell me I look like Grognak the Barbarian  (AN: if u don’t know who they are get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Kurt Wagner but I wish I was because they’re a major fucking hottie. I have brown-reddish skin. I’m also a scavenger, and I am knitting champion in Boston where I’m looting tooting craft shops (I’m 27). I’m a fucking loser (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly brown-gray-green knitwear. I love 200 year old garbage and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a light gray dress with dark gray shirt under) and dark gray pants, super cool fannypack and light combat boots. I was wearing wearing dust and grime from crawling all over ruins. I was walking outside outside Diamond City. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of super mutants stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
“Hey Kurt!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was… Moxie!

(Hello yes just logged in to do this golden meme that’s all good day to you sirs and madams)

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How old are you? eh, no comment - old enough to be in college

Current job? Fulltime uni student + events director for an rso

Dream job? No freaking clue. One where I get to help other people and make them happy though. Not med though. yea.

What are you talented at? Reading other people. not v good at it online, but I’m pretty good at knowing when people are hiding stuff or struggling and things like that. 

Also pretty good with directions and don’t get lost too easily.

What is a big goal you are working towards, or have already achieved? Can my goal be finding a goal? I want to find something that I am passionate about and willing to dedicate my life to as I am an undecided student in uni :\

What is your aesthetic? uhhhhh my room is just black and white, but i really like the mint+white combo too. oversized sweaters and warm hugs. people who are so close that they can communicate without talking. rain. my cousin talking like woozi.

Do you collect anything? stickers and notebooks rip also movie+airplane ticket stubs and other useless souvenirs 

What is a topic you’re always up to talk about? anything really as long as it’s not about me and my thoughts/feelings. i hate talking about that, but other than that… i can talk about everything from disney to bubble tea to philanthropy to kpop to sketchy math professors 

What’s a pet peeve of yours? when people add stuff to the sink when you is doing the dishes. like y. also smoking. i hate it. ignorance about other cultures, which i sadly see wayyyy too much of.

Good advice to give? be flexible and open. you’ll learn new things and things will change and you can’t be so fixed on doing everything the same way because things change for a reason and you have to be able to adapt. i didn’t phrase that well, but oh well

Recommend three songs?

  1. IOI - Whatta Man
  2. Jeon Soyeon - 웃어
  3. Epik High ft Younha - Umbrella

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i was tagged by @bidgeon to describe myself in 3 characters. I chose Nick Miller, Bob Belcher, and Shawn Spencer.
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gems and their gemstones

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[the Yellow Diamond fan art]

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:its september again and i still havent gotten a hogwarts letter and i know i shouldnt have my self esteem reliant upon a fictional school's fictional acceptance letter that i know rationally will never come but its such a worry anyway and i cant control this insatiable wish to go and

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