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Oh my, I totally ship PiscesxScorpio cause they are my freaking OTP [to all the Scorpios out there, hi~ ;) ] But now I'm starting to like Pisces x Nye too. Why did you do this to me sarah!!!?? ( love ya tho)





yo this is another description of the signs based on people i know

Aries: cute af. become jealous easily. care about people and want them to be happy. always tired. when they’re angry they’ll make sure others notice, in one way or another.

Taurus: somehow always end up with all responsibility. make quality jokes. disappointed in the world. quite edgy. their eyes are SO PRETTY

Gemini: take the best selfies. always occupied with something. they might look like they don’t like you but that’s just what their face look like when they’re thinking, and they’re ALWAYS thinking about something. have a lot of secrets. will do very, VERY weird things when drunk.

Cancer: they want to save the world and they probably will. not many get their jokes. somehow they always know how to help you with your specific problem. bitter about their past. radical.

Leo: dirty minded. if someone fucks with their friends they will fight them, no questions about it. complains a lot but will eventually fix the problem. when something is interesting, the rest of the world doesn’t exist. love being out in the sun.

Virgo: their headphones are their most important possession. love singing, talented or not. try to make everyone feel included. creative. will do almost anything for money.

Libra: think a lot about the purpose of their lifes. might come across as a bit prude. changes opinions and body language depending on who they’re with, but it’s not intentional. they have big hearts that are easy to break. crave success.

Scorpio: red lipstick looks great on them. their hugs are the best. forget to think before they speak. will probably break your heart tbh. they love expensive things.

Sagittarius: can’t handle alcohol, no matter what they say. huge nerds. won’t take shit. others don’t get it when they’re flirting. society makes them sad, or angry. Mostly both.

Capricorn: hurt to the core. want to fix everything, even when there’s nothing to fix. love to travel. talented bastards. mostly joke about themselves.

Aquarius: would rather tell the truth than keep the peace. love gossiping, but can be hard to get to know. know stuff about things that makes you wonder why the hell they know those things??? cry easily.

Pisces: to innocent for this world. their jokes aren’t funny but they don’t care. rebels. if you touch their phone, you’re dead. nice butts.

By the way, do you know the joys of being alone, walking alone, lying in the sun alone?

Franz Kafka, Letters to Felice

Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces


your Friday the 13th bad luck symbol…

step on a crack
Taurus: black cat in your path
Gemini: walk under a ladder
Cancer: open an umbrella inside
Leo: bird flies through your window
Virgo: spilled salt
Libra: break a mirror
Scorpio: wearing opals 
Sagittarius: six crows
Capricorn: itchy right palm 
Aquarius: new shoes on the table
Pisces: 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666;)

The Signs as Jojolion Characters

Are there even twelve characters in this part?

Aries: Aisho Dainenjiyama

Taurus: Tsurugi Higashikata

Gemini: Josuke Higashikata

Cancer: Yasuho Hirose 

Leo: Hato Higashikata

Virgo: Yoshikage Kira

Libra: Daiya Higashikata

Scorpio: Jobin Higashikata

Sagittarius: Yotsuyu Yagiyama

Capricorn: Kyo Nijimura

Aquarius: Karera Sakunami

Pisces: Joshuu Higashikata

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Between Justice and Mercy, which would the signs choose? Maybe can you include the reasons why?

Aries - Justice. They’re protective of their loved ones but their determined and hard-headed nature makes them likely to impulsively choose justice, sometimes regretting this decision.

Taurus - Mercy. Taureans are known for being stubborn, but they still have a soft heart. They have a need for a sense of home and constantly insisting on justice does not bring that feeling to them.

Gemini - Mercy. Geminis aren’t really known for being the sweetest of them all, but their fun loving and childlike nature doesn’t live much room for insisting that justice is served.

Cancer - Justice. On the outside these water signs might not seem to care much, but they secretly crave revenge (even if they won’t admit it themselves). And, hey, it’s pretty easy to say that your craving for justice is only for the good of others, and not yourself.

Leo - Mercy. The kindness and loyalty that a Leo holds in their heart is one to be reckoned with. Even if you cross them, it can be hard for them to desire revenge or for them to rid of you completely. 

Virgo - Justice. Virgos, much like Cancer, seem different on the outside. They are kind and caring, but with their critical nature it can be hard for them to resist a need for justice.

Libra - Mercy. The scales love balance, but they also care about others and strive to please them. A particularly ruthless Libra may go for justice, but the majority want to have peace in all forms. 

Scorpio - Justice. Scorpios are emotional, yes, but they can also tend to be bitter. Revenge may be a better word for this water sign. Deep down, they’d love to give mercy to all, but they just can’t bring themselves to do it.

Sagittarius - Mercy. This flighty fire sign doesn’t have the time to serve justice. They may do it once in a while, but it’s rare. They have better things to do with their time, causing them to attempt to educate or even avoid subjects altogether instead of bringing justice to all.

Capricorn - Justice. How can you be successful without justice? Capricorns don’t need more people to compete with. They may often have only themselves in mind, but that radiates out to help others.

Aquarius - Justice. The humanitarian sign, of course, desires justice. Not for anything petty, they don’t mind people who do small things. They want justice for mankind, even any part of the animal kingdom, striving for the greater good of everyone. 

Pisces - Mercy. Pisces spend too much time in their own world to serve justice. They’re also very good at justifying other’s actions, at times believing that everyone has some good in their heart. This may lead to being stepped on, but it also leads them to have people who love them wholeheartedly. 

my thoughts on the signs

aries: you guys are great and i admire your confidence, but y’all like destroy eveything in your path. chilll.

taurus: you guys are really cool, like you’re always ready to drop everything to do something for a friend. loveee you.

gemini: idk why everyone hates you because you guys are great and super confident

cancer: i really like you guys and how you care about people so much, but you guys usually hate me.

leo: you guys can be so vain sometimes like, i know you think you’re great and all but chill. you are super outgoing and i admire that.

virgo: no.

libra: i love you guys. you guys are angels sent from heaven. you guys literally make the world go ‘round.

scorpio: you are my favorite sign ok. you guys are wonderful. like you guys are just so passionate and amazing yes pls keep being scorpio.

sagittarius: i love you guys. like i admire everything about you guys. you guys just go out and live your dreams.

capricorn: second fav sign right here. everyone says you’re too serious but being mature is hot so keep doing what you’re doing bud.

aquarius: yes i love you guys so much. you just embrace everyone and love people and i wish everyone was like you guys grrr.

pisces: you guys are so great and like people totally under appreciate y’all. like you guys are so kind and just the best. ily

The MCL Character that Invites the Signs to go Ice Skating

Aries - Melody

Leo - Violette

Taurus - Lysander

Gemini - Armin

Cancer - Priya

Virgo - Nathaniel

Libra - Alexy

Scorpio - Kim

Capricorn - Castiel

Sagittarius - Iris

Aquarius - Kentin

Pisces - Dake


you wake up in the middle of the night to…

demonic laughter
Taurus: your ex girlfriend suspended on your ceiling screaming and going up in flames
Gemini: complete silence
Cancer: a booty call but they have the wrong number
Leo: a spider crawling casually on your face
Virgo: the fire alarm, out of batteries and out of reach
Libra: a bloody mess
Scorpio: an unbegotten trip down memory lane
Sagittarius: your cat eating your toes 
Capricorn: the sound of your alarm because you have a conference call scheduled for a reasonable hour in a different time zone
Aquarius: the painful realization that you too, someday, will die 

The Signs As Holidays

Aries: Easter

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Taurus: Mother’s Day

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Gemini: Father’s Day

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Cancer: Independence Day

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Leo: Senior Citizen’s Day

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Virgo: Patriot Day

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Libra: Columbus Day

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Scorpio: Halloween

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Sagittarius: Thanksgiving

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Capricorn: Christmas

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Aquarius: Chinese New Year

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Pisces: Saint Patricks Day

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The Signs As People I Know (Description)

Aries : extremely beautiful, make up as fierce as their attitude, adorable af, funny but takes a long time to get a joke
Taurus : quite controversial jokes, total sweetheart, makes you feel good about yourself, actually tries to listen to you, fast replies but can become distant for no reason at all

Gemini : beautiful af, can talk to anyone, always in a good mood, always makes sure you’re in a good mood too, very loud but can be two faced sometimes

Cancer : funny af, hot, extremely weird sometimes, can hold a good conversation, reasonably open to ideas or opinions, genuinely a nice person but can be obsessive

Leo : very funny, can be a lil cutie, purposely winds people up for amusement, can hold quite nice conversations, open to ideas but can turn on you at the drop of a hat

Virgo : v pretty, people pleaser, never causes arguments, happy to help anyone in need but can hide the truth from you to make you feel better but makes you feel worse

Libra : gorgeous, very vocal about ideas and opinions, can make friends with anyone, first to hear about any argument, always there for you but can become extremely aggressive in arguments

Scorpio : v beautiful, happy when you’re happy, laughs a lot, lil bit of a hoe, v smiley but can ditch friends for bf or gf
Sagittarius : lil cutie, loves to laugh, loves to run and sing, practically out of a Disney movie, brightens your day but can become extremely sad at the drop of a hat and not tell you why

Capricorn : v gorgeous, can always be trusted, never leaves you by yourself, willing to do anything to help you, always makes your day better, willing to listen but like Virgo, hides things from you to protect you

Aquarius : funny, v pretty, laugh brightens your day, always wants to hug, excessive use of the word ‘babe’, extremely weird (in a good way), always compliments you but always gets stuck in arguments

Pisces : pretends to be a fuckboy/girl but is actually a total sweetheart, always willing to go on an adventure, never has a ride home so you have to take them, v brave but can get into bad habits

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I also saw that thing with the Pisces and I gaped because of personal experience. I've known a Pisces for a while and our first year together felt like perfection. Then suddenly she goes "Nope!" one me, not directly, more so in a subtle evil kind of way, and now I'm legitimately scared by the fish-kin. ~Anonymous Being With a Jar

They literally terrify me. They are truly the masters at being subtly evil. Their ability to drop people like hot rocks and never think twice about it is so disturbing to me. I could not even fathom doing that to someone. I mean I can if I’m not that close to them no problem, but if I am attached to you on an intimate level then I am attached to you for. ever. I once had a Pisces tell me that I seemed like a nice girl, but that she didn’t think I was capable of ever loving anyone as deeply or strongly as she can, and I literally just snorted because it was the MOST ridiculous thing anyone has ever said to me ever in my life (which is only mayyyybe an exaggeration).

But yeah no I’m wary of them for sure like the guard is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up…