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3-video Compilation of Official Grease: Live Teasers [Soundtrack Recording Session, 30s Teaser, 1m Teaser]: Aaron Tveit Portions Only ( x | x | x )

“It’s gonna bring it to even newer audiences, I mean it’s something everyone knows, but to kind of expand it and to bring this to some people who might not know about this is really cool.”

All the footage involving Aaron that we haven’t posted before from these videos set to the current “Grease is the Word” - so a sort of promo music video made from three promo music videos. (The official minute-long teaser is also a sort of self-contained Grease: Live megamix with snippets of the current “You’re the One that I Want” and “Greased Lightning.”)

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saving you from your read! If you could write one story plot that you haven't already, and it would just instantly spring from your head fully formed what plot would it be?

um um um um ok! idk if this is what you asked but this just…happened because im obsessed with supercat

picture weight lifter kara danvers (no superpowers) in college with TA, journalism double major cat grant, who is more ruthless than the actual professors (and who dresses better than half of them)

kara’s had the biggest crush on this girl because cat’s somehow the TA for two of kara’s classes and if there’s one thing that she’s learned about cat is that she leaves big, scary, gay impressions on people.

or kara’s heart

anyways kara’s got a competition that friday and a twenty page essay due that she’s been revising and editing for over two weeks, and she’s sent an email to the professor because she’s somehow less scary to deal with than cat. except the professor sends back ‘please turn it in to miss grant before friday’ because apparently, even teachers are scared of cat grant???

so on wednesday, after the professor’s fled the classroom and cat’s packing up her papers at the very back of the classroom, kara straightens out her cardigan and says

‘cat, dr. sanders said i could turn in my paper early?”

and realizes that her first mistake is calling her cat, and her second one is forming her sentence like a question

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Mello listened to her, quietly, thinking.  “Is that what your old boyfriend was like?  The one from when you were younger?"  The name escaped him, but he knew that she was fond of him.  He realized quickly that her description easily could have fit Matt.  The blonde smiled down at her as his darker blue eyes met hers.  "I hope they don’t either.  It’s been…pretty hectic and stressful down there, and I don’t exactly want to deal with all that right now."  When she got up, he stared back at the movie, though he didn’t really watch it.  Instead, he was lost in thought.  "What, so my sweat pants aren’t good enough?” He laughed and shrugged a bit, teasing her.  “I don’t know.  I was just curious, since you were talking about it.”


 “Good, good! I’m just so happy you guys are so cute <3 ” It was awkward though, because she knew Kasey liked Molly. Should she tell Chase? She didn’t know. 

Chase smiled, flattered, but easily embarrassed. “Oh, um, thank you? I had no idea people already knew about us, honestly.” he told her, surprised about how fast gossip went around. It was amazing, for such a quaint little island. 

*finished reading the last chapter of Glaze*

*wiping tears of happiness from my eyes*


*hands over still beating heart*

You get the first living heart!

Feel free to kill it in your next fic…

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-all the text things-

Send ✆ for a morning text

[text] Hey baby girl, good morning from a bunch of miles away. Hope you had a goodnights sleep, cause I work up with Jack’s ass in my face.

Send ✉ for a text that wasn’t sent

[text] I thought about running multiple times…

Send ☎ for a rushed text

[text] LOVE YOU

Send ☏ for a loving text

[text] I know we haven’t been really talking about planning and such, and we didn’t agree on it, but I’ve been writing something that could be something along the lines of vows. I mean I could wait until the reception and do some kind of speech… what sounds good to you?

Send ⁇ for a drunk text


Send ø for a late night text

[text] You up? I know the time zones are shit here and there, but I just wanted you to know I miss you.

Send ✘ for a hateful text

[text] I can’t, I can’t with you. I- I need to breath, I need to get out.

Title: A Lie Less Ordinary (Chapter 3)
Pairing: Alex/Kara (Supergirl)
Words: 6k (Chapter 3 of ???)

Sometimes Kara bites off more than she can chew.

//Because neither one of these two can ever resist posing for the camera. XD

P.S. Why do I feel like this would be their Christmas card, if she ever got him to actually send one?


((Oh, my gosh, yes!))

Adara: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.” Turns to Forte. “Anything you wish to add, love?”