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one time an innocent older lady showed me pics of her vacation on her phone and she kept swiping and a nude selfie popped up and she was so embarrassed and i wanted to disappear and ever since i get really nervous when people show me pics in their phone


Mello listened to her, quietly, thinking.  “Is that what your old boyfriend was like?  The one from when you were younger?"  The name escaped him, but he knew that she was fond of him.  He realized quickly that her description easily could have fit Matt.  The blonde smiled down at her as his darker blue eyes met hers.  "I hope they don’t either.  It’s been…pretty hectic and stressful down there, and I don’t exactly want to deal with all that right now."  When she got up, he stared back at the movie, though he didn’t really watch it.  Instead, he was lost in thought.  "What, so my sweat pants aren’t good enough?” He laughed and shrugged a bit, teasing her.  “I don’t know.  I was just curious, since you were talking about it.”

21 Kisses (#3)

3. The French Kiss - The French is considered most popular romantic kiss. A kiss is named ‘French kiss’ when a person’s tongue touches another person’s tongue. This is why it is also known as tongue kissing. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master.

You could feel your heart hammering away in your chest, and you blushed when you realized Rin might be able to feel it too. His hand was resting softly against your neck, fingertips teasing your hairline and the sensitive skin behind your ear.

It didn’t take much coaxing at all to get you to lean in towards him, and for that brief moment where you both paused, his mouth a hair’s breadth away from yours, you could feel your breath catch in your throat. But your breathing started again with a quick intake as Rin’s lips finally met yours. Warm with a feather-light touch, he waited to see how you would respond to his advance. It was only when you slid one hand into his hair and pulled him closer that he let himself get more into the kiss.

He held you close, throwing in small pecks between longer kisses until he slowed down almost to a stop. You thought something might be wrong until you felt his tongue lightly pass over your bottom lip. A small tingle ran up the back of your neck and you swallowed before opening your mouth to him.

Even with the invitation, his exploration was slow, almost shy, as if he was giving you the chance to pull away if you wanted. His shift from delicate to confident and back to delicate almost made you smile, but you weren’t ready to stop just yet. Once again being the bold one, you brought your tongue up to meet his, running a line up the middle. And that was all it took to bring back his more confident side.

In the back of your mind, you wondered if he even realized he kissed like that, but you weren’t about to bring it up to him. After all, it was too cute to risk him trying to change it.


the saga continues…


 “Good, good! I’m just so happy you guys are so cute <3 ” It was awkward though, because she knew Kasey liked Molly. Should she tell Chase? She didn’t know. 

Chase smiled, flattered, but easily embarrassed. “Oh, um, thank you? I had no idea people already knew about us, honestly.” he told her, surprised about how fast gossip went around. It was amazing, for such a quaint little island. 


Alice came back to the Wright Anything Agency some days after she visited and met Ahena. She rang at the door, like she did last time. The French girl kind of hesitated to come back, but she knew that she had to. She was worrying for no reason anyway.

“(Je me demande qui ouvrira, cette fois…[I wonder who will open the door, this time…])” she thought before ringing another time. It was one of her habits, ringing two times just to be sure.

I recently changed my computer background to this

And my sister glanced at my computer screen and was like “I like your background” and I was like “thanks!” even though I know what she was really saying was “I see what you have as your background there. Don’t worry, I’m only partially judging you”

btw I totally forgot who I got this background from, but I think it was vashtijoy? Someone let me know and I’ll make a real “credit goes to” note…