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9x23 - Cas with stolen fading grace restraining MoC!Dean

10x03 - Cas with stolen fading grace restraining Demon!Dean

10x22 - Cas, his own grace restored, getting knocked the fuck out by MoC!Dean




Markiplier Reaction Gif Series: THIS

Someone asked me a while ago to make “this” set and a different one. Ever since then I’ve been combing through recent videos, looking for any time Mark points upward. I’ve finally collected enough to justify a set.

Please enjoy. 

All these gifs (plus two pictures) were made by me, and all are free to use, no credit required. Plese reblog them and spread them around so everyone can have a set of THIS gifs from Markiplier. 

All are 299 px or smaller  so they won’t stretch or distort when used in text posts. 

Please, take and use for all your emphasizing needs!! 

Track #markiplierreactionset for updates to this series, and know that all of my gifs are public domain (take and use without credit) unless otherwise stated. 

(That last one doesn’t have giant obnoxious borders, I just put buffers in there to give you a better estimate of its proper size. Click through all gifs to see actual size, some are cropped weirdly by Tumblr)


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I just really do not understand where people are getting the idea that Kavinsky loves and is honest with himself, especially when compared to Ronan.

Kavinsky does not accept himself.  He does not have an unapologetic view of his sexuality.  He calls Ronan queer slurs throughout the entire book and mocks him for his perceived sexuality.  It’s not cute, it’s not flirting: it’s hate.  It’s the bigot fixating on what they perceive as a flaw in someone else because they can’t accept that in themselves.  The fact that he shares aspects of that sexuality with Ronan only makes it obvious that Kavinsky does not view that aspect of himself with acceptance.  As a matter of fact, the one time he displays his sexuality toward Ronan in the book was after he had drugged him so he could not possibly reject his advances, which, on top of being assault, also reinforces the idea that Kavinsky can only be ‘himself’ when he has eliminated the opportunity for someone else to reject him.

Furthermore, the strange idea that Ronan hates himself because he’s gay (and is therefore not a positive lgbt character) is a huge oversimplification of his character that reduces all of his experiences down to the fact that he likes men and ignores every other reason he gives for his self-hatred.  Ronan has severe PTSD that stems from finding his father’s corpse in the driveway.  He hates himself because he couldn’t save him, hates himself because he didn’t fight harder to stay at the Barns, hates himself because there are horrors in his mind, hates himself because he doesn’t understand who he is.  He… doesn’t hate himself because he’s gay.  He keeps his sexual identity as a secret from himself because he is afraid.  The book spells this out.  He doesn’t understand himself- his powers, his PTSD, his sexuality- and his lack of understanding is terrifying. Dream Thieves is about Ronan overcoming his fear of himself, finding out who he is, and accepting himself for it.

At the end of the book, Kavinsky literally summons a monster fueled by his own self loathing.  This monster kills him, an act that’s basically spelled out to be suicide.  Ronan, by contrast, realizes that he doesn’t hate himself and controls his own monster because he finally understands it (meaning he understands and accepts himself).  I can’t fathom how Ronan’s character arc is not immensely more powerful and positive than Kavinsky’s, due to that reason alone.

I love Kavinsky a lot (he’s probably one of my top 3 favorite characters), but using him as an ideal model for an honest or self accepting lgbt character and then turning around and saying that Ronan is not just makes absolutely zero sense to me.


Mello listened to her, quietly, thinking.  “Is that what your old boyfriend was like?  The one from when you were younger?"  The name escaped him, but he knew that she was fond of him.  He realized quickly that her description easily could have fit Matt.  The blonde smiled down at her as his darker blue eyes met hers.  "I hope they don’t either.  It’s been…pretty hectic and stressful down there, and I don’t exactly want to deal with all that right now."  When she got up, he stared back at the movie, though he didn’t really watch it.  Instead, he was lost in thought.  "What, so my sweat pants aren’t good enough?” He laughed and shrugged a bit, teasing her.  “I don’t know.  I was just curious, since you were talking about it.”


A Cloud Atlas/Past Lives AU vid for Pietro and Wanda. Um, I cried. Also, the Godzilla scenes sort of work for WWII-era and it was perfect.


Freedom Isn’t Free

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     Steam wafted around the gigantic bathroom is hazy clouds, causing Zak’s short hair to curl around his temples and the nape of his neck as he crouched chin-deep in the heated water. His own bathroom was currently being…what did Gek say? Remodeled? Yes, that was it, remodeled. Which meant that, for a few days at least, Zeph and him were to use one of the numerous spare baths in the empty suites around the mansion.

    Now, this would not have been an issue, if it had not been for the fact that he could hear voices in the empty room attached to the bath-area he was currently using…. 

   “Damnu`…” Zak swore in Aeric-tongue, peeking over the rim of the tub towards the door, and then at the towel-rack across the room as he mentally cursed himself up and down for not snatching up a towel before he got in. The voices droned on in incomprehensible tones on the other side of the exit, and while Zak could pick out Gek’s voice easily enough, the other one that he detected was unfamiliar. 

    Becoming desperate as the seconds ticked by and the voices didn’t leave, Zak contemplated just making a break for it. There was another door he could escape through, but he was hesitant to climb out of the bubbly water and then get caught while halfway to the towel-rack…

   But he couldn’t sit there forever, either. A quick look at the clock on the wall told him that he still had an hour before he had to be at the coffee-shop, but he liked to be at least twenty minutes or so early so that he could get settled before Lucy showed up…

   “Nuuuuuhhhhhhh…..” Zakit groaned into the water, causing it to bubble up around his lips as he warred with himself. After another moment or so, he forced himself to climb out of the steaming water, shaking water droplets from his wings and tail as he dashed for the rack.

   What he did not anticipate was his feet slipping on the tile floor, which was clearly not made for running on with wet feet, and collapsing with a loud ‘thump’. 

   “Eeyah!” Zak yelped in pain at the hard impact and then froze in place. 

    The voices in the adjoining bedroom went silent for a moment, the only sounds registering being the rhythmic trickle of water dripping off Zak’s body and hitting the tile, and the erratic pounding of his heartbeat in his chest. His mind whirled as he contemplated what to do. Should he keep going for the towels and then dash out, hoping that he’d be fast enough? Or should he jump back in the tub before anyone could see him, since it was closer? 

   The muffled sound of the voice that Zak hadn’t been able to identify started up again, this time right outside the door. Letting out a strangled yelp, Zak scrambled for the tub in a panic. He managed to reach the edge just as the door-handle turned, but slipped in his haste and ended up plunging face-first into the water… 


 “Good, good! I’m just so happy you guys are so cute <3 ” It was awkward though, because she knew Kasey liked Molly. Should she tell Chase? She didn’t know. 

Chase smiled, flattered, but easily embarrassed. “Oh, um, thank you? I had no idea people already knew about us, honestly.” he told her, surprised about how fast gossip went around. It was amazing, for such a quaint little island.