I'm sorry, but I'm not about to feel sympathy for the guy who is legitimately trying to ruin Emma's heart for his own purposes

I’m certainly not going to demonize Killian, after EVERYTHING Rumple has put both him, and more recently the woman he LOVES, through.

Ooh Killian said some things that hurt poor Rumple’s feelings! (You’ll note that nothing he said was UNTRUE. Sucks to suck, Rumple.)

Cuz THAT’S the same as literally ripping out someone’s heart with EVERY INTENT TO MURDER. That’s the same as trying to corrupt a good woman’s heart for your own selfish reasons. That’s the same as bringing in three villainesses whose sole purpose was to take EVERYTHING GOOD AWAY FROM EMMA and turn her into a seething rage bomb.

Seriously, he used his own GRANDSON as a pawn in this.

And you want Killian to feel SORRY for him? You want him to play nice? AFTER EVERYTHING?

Seriously, people who defend this make me ill.

I don’t even hate Rumple. As a villain, he’s aces. I just HATE people trying to act like everyone OWES him something, or that people like Killian, especially, should NEVER EVER speak against him. Even Emma said she wanted to fucking stab him, ffs! Like maybe the gloating wasn’t Killian’s finest moment, but what the fuck ever. After everything Rumple has put the man through - killing Milah, maiming him, attempting to kill Emma via hat, taking his heart, attempting to corrupt Emma - I’d say Killian’s earned a little “fuck you, you fucking fuck” moment.

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Heyy!! Can you please make a post for your favorite Kaisoo moments? My kaisoo thirst is getting worst with every single day -__-

My favorite ? Aahh ok, I’ve never posted stuff like this before but I’ll give it a try haha. I hope it won’t be too long ‘cause basically every Kaisoo moment is my favorite <3 

This is one of the best because (I assume) they don’t know they are being filmed

Jongin touching Kyungsoo’s  neck 

The way they are holding hands

Their cute little (mating?) dance

Their eye contact during Wolf

and Kyungsoo biting his lips like wtf is going on here

This is the most sincere hug I’ve seen in my life

Eye contact

and then immediatelly reaching out for each other at the same time

I don’t even know what to say about this but it looks like they are used to it

Soo rubbing Jongin’s finger


Jongin doing this to Kyungsoo

When Chanyeol complained Kyungsoo is not talking to him Nini said that, I bet he knows how to lead his baby Soo into conversations

Singing to each other

The moment Kyungsoo saw Jongin he moved right next to him :3 can you be more obvious

Jealous Jongin

Man he looked so pissed off 

They couldn’t keep their hands off each other that day

Acting cute for his Nini

When Soo pushed away Channie so he can go and hug Jongin instead

Jongin confessing his love (again)

Soo touching Jongin’s butt (and we all know what that led to)

Jongin sitting on Kyungsoo’s… lap

Nini being worried for his baby after he got injured 

Jongin getting shy after seeing Kyungsoo

There are so much more but I think this is getting way too long haha


150505  >> MyungJong FAs

  • Sungjong cried beautiful tears today! It was even more beautiful when Myungsoo backhugged him!
  • Today, Sungjong cried. Myungsoo was beside him and was staring at him at first. Then when Sungjong turned around, Myungsoo gave him a hug from behind.
  • Sungjong was crying and Myungsoo was at first just standing and staring at him. Then finally he walked over to Sungjong and comforted him with a backhug.