Really want to go on a solo trip. Like, jump on a plane and just go. I don’t want anyone to go with me. I just want to wander the streets of some far-away city by myself and not worry about anything for a little while. I want to eat nice foods, pick beautiful flowers, and roam bookstores. Just for once, I want my life plans to work out. Just once.

So only 2 days before leaving for the con I scrap my Julian boots I already made and finally make his dumb thigh highs, this bitch an his impractical fashion.

Sorry for the mess lmao I’m stressed because con crunch, I hope people at London MCM recognise me?

Oh and these pictures are titled ’Julians selfies whilst running from castle guards


let’s start with the obvious: Matthew…does this guy have a dignity? all I got from the finale is that for the past five years he has been obsessed with April and the first chance he got her trapped with a 5 minutes wedding and Krista has the nerve to label this relationship as healty?! there is nothing healty here. NOTHING. First of all he still feels threatened by Jackon (I’m pretty sure he grew his beard to look more like him), if he was so sure about April’s love he wouldn’t feel this way so we are basically back in s9 yikes. Secondly his wife, poor woman, died 5 MINUTES ago (if I was her I’d be waiting him in the afterlife ready to stragle and kill him  a second time) where is his respect? At least it took April and Jackson 2 years to move on. Lastly he said he loved April 5 years ago, well idiot she didn’t that’s why she left you! I know April doesn’t love him, she is seattlig down with someone that she knows won’t hurt her, with someone that will treat her right and she deserves so much more than than that, she deserves a life changing love, a love that make you do crazy thing like running into an exploding bus or that make you interrupt a wedding to profess your love, a love that even if is devastating sometime you know you can’t live without that person and she had that, all of that, too bad Kruty prefers sloppy vegetables. I bet all my money that if Jackosn said something she would have eloped again; i believe a part of them will always love each other I could’ve see in their eyes and that little ‘you are my…’ che could have said best friend but she didn’t cuase he is more than that, and he might have smiled but his smile faded a little, he was tryimg to be happy for her, he wants to be happy for her and that’s what I want to believe. Another thing that made me angry was that we didn’t see Harriet, in what world April would get married without the most important person in her life?! Every other child was there but Harriet cause of course we coudn’t have a last 5 second Japriet scene because the showrunner hates Japril and us.

And now the thing that made me fourios: April quit her job? the same April that lost her marriage to be a trauma surgeon? The same April that fought so much to be where is is/was? How many coke Krista snorted before deciding to write this shit? And to do what help homeless? why doesn’t Krista do the entire humanity a favor and leaves her job to do God’s work herself huh? This was so insulting to April’s character that Irefuse to accept, for me she is head of trauma in some hospital near Seattle and I won’t hear otherwise. I bet Sarah felt awful about all of this. 

In conclusion April got the shittiest ending ever on Grey’s ever because Krista Vertrash is a biased unprofessional bitch who doesn’t know how to do her fucking job! All she ever wanted since day one was to erase Japril but guess what they are immortal and iconic and if your own cast or the media don’t buy any of the crap you write how could we? I loved that the entire cast honored Japril somehow, they all know.  

So the finale was just AWFUL. 

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I really wanted to draw the whole squad but I don’t know if I can for the moment (with my skill set aHhh) So have this Garrett and Morgan doodle, I don’t know how to draw them but dnjdjsjcn


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Excuse the mess… Unpacking sucksssss and moving was difficult because it was pouring rain but…

I did it!!

I’m finally a homeowner!!!

I’m an adult! LOL. I have WiFi hooked up but now it’s just a matter of getting my desk together and everything set up. I took the entire week off of work so I should have time to work on some drawings in the next day or so.

Thanks for being awesome!!!

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