Did you notice that while every cast member became a nudist and started to only wear the nudist beach gear, Soroi still wore his suit?

Do you know why? Because he’s too damn strong for the life fibres to even want to touch him. His tea is bitter because it contains the blood and tears of his enemies that he extracted during the last moments of their long, painful and torturous deaths that he inflicted upon them.

The life fibres know not to fuck with Soroi. No one fucks with Soroi.

All hail the fucking based god Soroi.

sometimes when i’m feeling down i like to imagine baby satsuki playing like eight games of hide and seek with soroi in the kiryuin manor and it’s hell on the bones of an old man to run after a three year old in a gigantic ass house but he just loves seeing her laugh when he finds her and how she peeks through her fingers when she covers her eyes to count and he could play hide and seek all day if it meant he’d see her smile

weeps this is my brotp don’t touch me

wait i just remembered the Satsuki and Soroi headcanons from  yesterday and im laughing a lil rn bc i just started thinkin of Soroi brigin like, this Super Big Gulp full of tea and a shiton of cake ‘n stuff to Satsuki during her first period and then bookin it to the nearest store for painkillers and Satsuki still kinda wonders if it was really menstration pain or she was dying for the first few hours that day