headcanon 1st yr, charms and brooms
  • -Charms Class-
  • Ron: Wingardium Leviosa!
  • Hermione: You're saying it wrong...It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the "gar" nice and long.
  • Ron: (-.-)
  • -Flying Class-
  • Hermione: Up! Up! Up! *broom bounces around the ground*
  • Ron: *mimicking Hermione* What a bloody shame. You're saying it wrong. Its uP, not uPA, make the P pop don't dragged out. Like this...
  • Hermione: (>_<)
  • Ron: UP! *broom snaps up and smacks him in the face*
  • Harry: hahahahahaha
  • Ron: Shut Up Harry *broom hits his face again*
  • Hermione: Haha, maybe it is You who should Shut uP! *broom snaps up into her hand* :O
  • Madame Hooch: Very good Miss. Granger, see you just need to mean it when you say it.
  • me watching sorceror's stone: um no in the book Ron doesn't thrash around like an idiot it's Hermione that's panicking and he actually reminds Hermione that she's a witch and there's a spell to solve the problem
  • me watching prisoner of Azkaban: um no in the book when Snape insults Hermione ron didn't insult her further he defended her and got himself detention
  • me watching prisoner of azkaban: um no in the book it's not hermione that defends harry from Sirius it's Ron and he does it while standing up on his mangled leg
  • me watching deathly hallows pt1: um no in the book when Hermione was being tortured Ron didn't just state the obvious and say they had to do something; he was banging on the walls and shouting his lungs off because the girl he LOVED was in trouble and he was worried out of his fricking mind
  • mom/dad/cousins/classmates/friends/dog while watching hp movies: EW what's up with ron he doesn't deserve Hermione
  • me: *sighs*

Having that Parental Talk 💬 by Thomas Sanders

The Lalondes Watch Harry Potter: The Sorceror’s Stone.
  • Roxy: god i fucken love this shit
  • Roxy: the first one is so magical and stuff
  • Roxy: and honestly i just
  • Roxy: really loved it when prof mcgonagall turned into a cat too
  • Rose: Having a version of oneself that is at all part cat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, you know.
  • Roxy: pfft yeah i doubt that
  • Rose: Honestly, my favorite moment was when Hermione set a teacher on fire.
  • Roxy: omg
  • Rose: Wait a minute.
  • Rose: It’s suddenly dawned on me that Harry didn’t use a single spell in this entire movie.
  • Roxy: w
  • Roxy: what
  • Rose: It’s blowing my mind a little too.