• Sora:(answering the speaker box) Riku?!
  • Roxas:Roxas.
  • Sora:(without any change in expression) Riku?!
  • Roxas:Aw, what's the matter? Your boyfriend's not here yet?
  • Sora:He's not my boyfriend!
  • Kairi:Oh, then what are we gonna do with this "Sora and Riku 4-Evah" ornament?
  • Sora:Oh that. That goes right in front of the Sora and Kairi wedding ornament.
  • Kairi:(to Namine) My whole life.

He’s honestly such an uncorrupt, pure hearted and endearing young man. It’s quite beautiful. (Cough) his posterior and figure is not terribly bad either (cough)  but ah, how would you people put it? A “precious cinnamon roll, too good, too pure”? A person “who must be protected at all costs”? I never thought I would meet someone like him who hasn’t been crushed by the world.

Xeha, you’re pretty cool too. Pretty smart, and surprisingly respectful considering your background. I’m not gonna lie, I fell for his looks first (I know he looks like a younger Xemnas but it’s amazing what an age-down and mildly politer demeanor will do!), but the person who’s beyond all that aloof darkness is someone worth saving. He recites me poetry from this guy who’s known as Shakespeare in some other world out there; and he shows me really cool sections of the island and tricks with the Keyblade I didn’t know I could do; and is always asking if I’m okay and puts my concern first! He’s a pretty solid snuggler too ^_^

Sora, you really do me too much justice.

I have to, or people won’t realize that you’re not as evil as the rest of them.