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Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer

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Reasons why you should watch Gypsy

1. the life-affirming and life-destroying chemistry between jean (naomi watts) and sid (sophie cookson), the best f/f couple on tv. 😍

2. sid’s thirsty text messages

3. jean and sid’s hot as hell age gap

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4. the use of the song “girl” by the internet in this hypnotic, magical scene

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5. melanie liburd, you stunning angel

6. jean’s unorthodox (ie highly unethical) therapy sessions 

7. this outfit *hyperventilates*

8. the kisses. oh god, the kisses.

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9. the swag and innocent romance in their walk

10. lisa rubin, the series creator, is a wlw <3 and has this cute cameo

11. pills rattling. pills rattling all the time.