#ff One of the best interviews, imo. Richard being charming, Kit and Emilia being adorable and funny, Maisie being such a cutie and I miss Michelle! XD


I think, hopefully, the sibling rivalry and that tension will somewhat disintegrate. Now that she knows that Ned was just protecting his sister, maybe [Jon and Sansa’s] relationship will blossom and develop in a more positive way. It’s been years and years of her holding a big grudge like her mom, so we’ll see. I’d like it to develop in a positive way, but … it’s Game of Thrones. [x]

What do you think it was about acting that you gravitated towards?

I think it was kind of the freedom that comes with it, just being able to go into this acting class at like 13 and being able to swear and kiss boys and kiss girls, and no one got judged for it, that´s what i really liked about it, because as i said, i was so shy as a kid and it was just the most liberating thing to do. (x)


Frozen Elsa & Anna ~ Disney AU Part 3

When the castle is accidentally set ablaze by Daenerys, she is named a monster and a witch. Running away and hiding in the mountains. Her sister, Sansa, embarks on a journey to return her home and stop the fire burning their kingdom.