Maria and Sophia from Star Ocean 3.

It’s like I’ll never admit that I love this game.

I mean how come I’d have 600 hours up to now if I included the deleted files?

Why do I like inventing? why do I like to suffer through getting enough battle trophies to change the character’s clothes? why do I keep choosing albel first in the 8 times I’ve played this game so far? 


All the Sophia’s my heart could desire!

First one is from the special set with Wings!Fayt and Ethereal Queen (one day she will be mine).

Second is a Resin kit. Of course I’m not going to paint her myself, I’ll fuck it up. Maybe I’ll pay someone to do it for me one day..


Star Ocean Favorite Song | Day 4

The Little Bird That Forgot How To Fly

I’ve always loved listening to this song, ever since I first heard it in game.