I know we’re missing some, like Baron Reinhold/Lady Violet (Viola), and I know Luke/Arianna are still kids… But whatever, they’re cute. 

Happy early Valentines Day Layton Fans!

Professor Layton on tumblr guide
  • Layton:aesthetics of grey sky and tea and sometimes puzzles
  • Luke:cute puppies and pet posts
  • Flora:reblogs of food blogs, but also fashion aesthetics
  • Clive:MANY text posts about society and news, also quotes
  • Descole:DARK AESTETHICS. Wrote his black and white theme himself.
  • Emmy:ALL the pictures and ALL the photography. Loves "reblog if" posts.
  • Sycamore:Mainly science/archeology news
  • Crow:Poems and text posts about social differences. He also has a sideblog about the market where all his friends are mods. Writes the html of his theme himself.
  • Hawks:Boring posts about how great he is. Political stuff. Theme bought for like 552$.
  • Chelmey:Many pictures of his wife's cookings and cute posts about how wonderful she is. Has a sideblog about the crime scene of London.
  • Anthony:Poems about love, Goethe, everything. Quotes. Star and evening sky aesthetics. Song lyrics about himself and Sophia.
  • Dimitri:Misty mountains, sometimes shitposting, but mostly science and grey
  • Arianna:Shares her deepest feelings in short text post. Has a cute pixel theme. Sometimes photos of Loosha.
  • Loosha:Only on tumblr to cheer Arianna up :)

stach3nscarf3n asked:

em..ah.. id ont... know if drawing requests are still open... if not you can totally ignore this but.. i really need some young sophia. ;w; she amazing and important an. d i?? thanks friend.. :,3

I actually stopped doing requests (but I might open them up again) but you just seem so sweet and plus I love Sophia! Idk if this is what you mean by “young” but she’s definitely younger than she is when she marries Anton? Maybe this is what she looks like when she meets him :) lovin that short hair

If this picture alone wasn’t painful enough for you to see and read:

Anton: (But no matter how long I shall have to wait to hear from her again, even if she betrayed me and left me, I will still and always love her…)

Sophia: (But even if he hates me now, even if he doesn’t love me anymore, he’ll always be the man I love. If I only had a chance to tell him everything…)

Oh, the irony… My heart is breaking </3

The whole thing’s based on a horribly heart-wrenching post I made in my main account I put up days ago, so you could find the text in the picture familiar. Well, the text in Anton’s side is from his diary in the game, and the rest of the text were stuff I improvised, haha. :)

BTW, just a side note: I used the coloring and drawing style I used in my DB storybook. There’s a difference with that and the style I use for Bonds Through Horizons, see… I wonder if someone noticed that xD

Diabolical box

I have done it….I’ve have written an entire thing on why DB is one of my favorite games and why Sophia and Anton are my loves for life….

Anyway, the point is DB is a really good game and it just requires a lot of thought to actually see why and in most cases no one wants to do that so I have written an entire thing on the whole game, not to mention the Herzen family in particular aka Anton, Sophia, Katia, ect. and why they will rip your heart out but to a finer point the whole emotional aspect of the game that is hidden in it. :-^)

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