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hey del, any advice for a just became homeless trans kid stuck on the east coast? i've been staying at public libraries and friends' places but i know their kindness is going to run out soon. i got 200 in my account (after paying this months rent LMAO) and no car because my mom threatened to call the cops on me since its still under her name, even tho i paid it off a while ago. things are looking bleak and im ready to email all my teachers and tell them im dropping out

so i don’t know your age, and i don’t know where you are, but whatever awful conditions you are currently enduring, there are ways you can survive them and thrive.  don’t give up.  

if you’re near the new york area, i had a high school friend who i believe stayed with the Trinity Place Shelter and they helped him find full-time employment and a place to live. if you’re under the age of 18, i have found a number of different shelters, particularly in Washington DC and New York that provide free accommodation, employment and education resources for LGBT youth individuals.  there are also a number of places, like the center in new york that offer employment assistance to those in need.  

here is a link to a directory for homeless housing and transitional living resources from the national coalition for the homeless.  here is also a recommended list by them for those that might find themselves homeless in a short period of time:

Try to locate an assistance program near you.
Some agencies provide homeless prevention assistance. These programs may have waiting lists, require an appointment/interview, or have certain restrictions on who they serve. For these reasons, the sooner you can find a program that may be able help you, the better. If you do not know of any programs near you, the Directory may help you find one. 

Apply for Public Housing and/or Section 8 Housing
Waiting lists for public and Section 8 housing vary across the country, but in many cases, the waiting list for public housing is shorter than for Section 8 housing. You can find out how to apply by looking for the number of your local public housing authority in the government section of the phone book.

Apply for Transitional Housing
In some communities, transitional housing is an option for people who are homeless. Transitional housing programs vary greatly across the country as far as who they serve and what their requirements are. You will have to fill out an application and make an appointment for an interview. Follow through with as many of these programs as possible.

Make sure your ID is current and available.
If your driver’s license has expired, or been taken for a traffic ticket, etc., reapply or get your State ID processed. If you only have a printout of your Social Security Card, get a new card to replace it as soon as possible. Many shelters and employers have strict ID requirements, and it will make things easier if you have these things ready or in process. Set up a P.O. Box for delivery and mail if that is possible. 

Make an Emergency Pack.
If you have more than two bags for yourself, or one for each child, try to find someone you know who can and will hold your things for you. Almost every shelter has limits on the amount of baggage people can carry with them because they don’t have enough space. 
Pack the things you can take with you. Try to arrange a ride or some sort of transportation for the day you’ll have to leave. If there is anyone who can lend you some money, now would be the time to borrow it. Try to keep at least $20-$50 with you in a safe place just for emergencies. Make sure your ID is in a safe and accessible place – you will want to take it with you. Some shelters charge money, or have strict ID requirements.

i have personally never been homeless.  i do have friends who have been homeless growing up and through college, however they never explicitly discussed their experiences and that was not a discussion i felt comfortable pulling anyone into. i can say that is fucking sucks to rely on friends or family in times of need, which i definitely have, and doing so has kept me from being homeless.  being poor and homeless and surviving in america fucking sucks.  it doesn’t say anything about you, but it does suggest a lot about the failures of our country.  you have been strong enough to make it this far, and i am so proud of you.  keep fighting.  remember you don’t own anyone anything.  if my followers have had any experience surviving conditions that i personally cannot attest to, if anyone has additional resources, i am happy to update this post with links or hotlines for better visibility. 


Steven Universe is FINALLY returning to Cartoon Network in the form of rerunning the Wanted arc, after SU not airing AT ALL for months.

So for all viewers in the US, with access to CN, watch Steven Universe when it’s on on Sunday 1st October at 6am, to show CN that we care, and give it good ratings so they will be encouraged to rerun more episodes and then hopefully end the hiatus and bring new episodes sooner.

When OG Teen Titans returned (on a 6am time slot) lots of people specifically watched it, and because of those ratings, it now airs regularly. So can’t we do the same again with Steven Universe??

“She joined the others at the table and for an hour they played Monopoly. Stan was the big winner.”


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Consider this


When you date Damien and afterwards and you guys become a thing, you’re at Damien’s manor and you start going through his closet and you’re like, “Ooooo, look at all theese” and while he’s out of the room your Dadsona starts trying on some of Damien’s clothes (ones that fit him properly at least) and then you’re fooling around with one of his cloaks and then Damien comes in and catches you in the middle of your fashion show and Dadsona just freaks out and starts panicking a bit like, “I’m not wearing your clothes, pffttt.” But Damien just smiles and says, “You paired the wrong kinds of black clothing… don’t let the other Goths know about this.” And helps you out with your own Victorian outfit


Damien inviting you to ballroom dancing and he kisses your hand before you two start to dance

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