Sool J

Let's Stop Being Friends (친구는 그만해) (Feat. STi)
  • Let's Stop Being Friends (친구는 그만해) (Feat. STi)
  • SOOL J (술제이)

Artist: SOOL J (술제이)
Song: Let’s Stop Being Friends (친구는 그만해) (Feat. STi)

A cute and catchy song coupled together with an even cuter MV makes for one great track! SOOL J and STi rap/sing about confessing one’s love to their crush, and saying that they should bump up their relationship to another level. I’m sure we’ve all felt that way, at one time or another :)

Click here to watch the MV.

Cue back to 2010 when I first started my website, HiphopKR (a hobby I started as a result of frustration from the lack of English source for Korean hip hop). During this time (and in the next few years), I watched countless hours of the “MIC SWAGGER” series via YouTube.  The first season was hosted by freestyle veteran Sool J, whom I had a lot of respect for as a hip hop artist.

During the summer of 2014, I visited South Korea (this is when HiphopKR was still at its infancy). During this time, I wanted to attend hip hop shows, so I started messaging artists via Twitter.  I received only a few responses, and one of those was a reply from Sool J.  I was ecstatic!

He invited me to a free hip hop show he hosted and performed with Garion, Noise Mob and others.  After the show, he invited to meet me upstairs, where we spoke in person for the first time.  During our conversation, he thanked me for running HiphopKR as he was appreciative of my contribution to the Korean hip hop scene.  We shook hands and snapped a quick photo (bottom left).

My interaction with Sool J was humbling, and inspired me to work even harder on my website.  With more time and effort put into HiphopKR, I saw an exponential growth in the next year or so before I visited South Korea in July 2015 (and met with Sool J again, at his studio - bottom right).

Watching the latest episode of MIC SWAGGER II (which featured Sool J) was a reminder to me that hard work pays off.  You have a choice to pave your own path in life, and often challenges you to stay out of your comfort zone.  I made a lot of sacrifices in my personal life to push HiphopKR to where it it now, but I have no regrets and will continue to push even harder.  Thank you Sool J, and all the best! 🔥🔥👌👌


To watch the latest episode of MIC SWAGGER II featuring Sool J, search “MIC SWAGGER SOOL J” on YouTube.