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AAAAA.. alluraaaa.. shoo preettyyy.. this is her first appearance in this au no? and pidge and keith soo cuute,. And lance is soo coool.. aaah.. im in love with you more now,. What is allura btw?

LOL YES i wanted to keep her appearance mostly a surprise ;) Allura is the leader of the Resistance, the opposing forces fighting to overthrow the Galra Empire. she’ll have more appearances in my doujin though so i hope you look forward to it!

super tiny asanoya doodle

Crash Landing Into Love

Okay, so I am finally going to start writing a multichap fic and hopefully finish it. It would mean the world to me though if you guys would check it out!!

You can read it here

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This night had been, by Natsu’s standards, the worst. It looked like a party that would be going on the epic list, there was so many passed out but the ones that could still stood kept going. For him, however, this was the shitest of the shit. He still hadn’t finished his first drink and the amount of times he had sighed. Holy fuck he needed to stop.

He had thought about going home, but then he would’ve had to deal with everything. His parents, all the text messages piling up on his phone and lets not forget his own feelings and thoughts. This was just, in short, fucked. His life was never going to be the same… He wasn’t going to be the same. Not after she-

“Yooooooooooooooo, how'reee youuu gooing?”

He sighed for the fucking umpteenth time that night and looked at the blonde who had just swung her arm around him. She had the biggest grin on her face, flushed cheeks and dazed brown eyes staring at the crowd of people. Natsu tried to remember if he knew her, but no name came to mind. Who the hell?

“Hey, you!” she shouted in his ear and Natsu flinched, “I asked you a quuessttion!” He could smell the alcohol on her breath, but her slurred sentences were enough to let him know that she was drunk. Great, this was all he needed.

“I’m fine.”

Lie. Straight up fucking lie. He would be jumping in front of a moving train right now if he had the chance and last time he checked that wasn’t fine. Natsu was feeling awful. His heart had been curb stomped and thrown to the side. Fine was definitely not how he felt.

“Fine isn’t goood, enouuugh!”

There she goes again with the shouting. Why do they always have to shout? Maybe if he just ignored her she would go away. Though he had his doubts… Natsu took a swig from his drink.

“Youuu need to be having fuuuun an-”

She stopped? He turned his head to face her only to meet wide brown eyes and a crimson face. Natsu opened his mouth to ask just what the hell was she doing but before he even got the chance she had placed her hands on either side of his face. He blinked, once and then twice.

“You’re so cute,” she whisper slurred and Natsu felt the tips of his ears warm. “C-can I… Kiss you?”

No, he thought. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This was not okay. So why couldn’t he just say so? He was just gaping at her, face bright red and eyes wider than saucers as she stared at him. Natsu was speechless.

“I-I-I,” he stuttered. God, if his friends saw him now he would be suffering for the rest of his life. Natsu Dragneel rendered to a shy schoolgirl by a mere question. He was glad that everyone was too busy groping each other or dancing to even notice this.

He was just about to get his answer out, probably, when the blonde in front of him let go of his face. He could hear her mumbling something under her breath. Doesn’t know how to kiss? Natsu leaned forward.

“I-I don’t reeaallly know how to kiss but,” she mumbled and Natsu, from whatever mystical force, smiled. On the worst night of his life he genuinely smiled because of a weird drunk girl who wanted to kiss him.

“Ca-cauuse you'ree soo cuute can I haave your nuuummbah?” she slurred while holding out her phone to him. Natsu took it to see that it was unlocked. His chest felt really warm and he looked at the girl who was struggling to stand while she waited for him. It wasn’t like him, but for some odd reason Natsu liked this girl. He looked back at her phone and stared at the puppy that was her background before pulling out his own.

“Here,” he said. She looked at him from the floor now and smiled so wide Natsu thought she would split her face in two. He smiled back at her before sitting down beside her. The two of them watched the crowd and Natsu was pretty content with just that. This girl was weird but for some reason he enjoyed her company. It wasn’t long though before he felt a spoke on his cheek. Drunks never do be quiet.

“Youu know, you dun seem like the person who usuallyy watches from the side lines.”

Natsu laughed lightly, “Really? What gives you that idea?”

“Beecause I’ve seen ya arooound and youu are always with them,” she said and pointed to the group of guys who were laughing and cheering. His friends.

“Well,” Natsu started before pausing. Was he really just going to open up to this drunken girl? Tell her everything that’s going on with him and his life? It seemed stupid but Natsu, despite what he wanted to think, needed someone. He looked at the girl who looked off her face and like she was going to pass out at any moment.

“Well tonight, before I came, I got a text from my girlfriend. She told me that it wasn’t working out… That she didn’t have feelings for me anymore… She ended it,” Natsu let out a shaky breath. “I just-I just don’t know why. Everything was perfect between us; well that’s what I thought anyway. She-”

His voice cracked and that’s when Natsu felt arms wrap around him. It was her, the drunk girl who he was currently spilling everything to. She had hugged him. It was awkward and weird, but it was what he needed. This blonde who he just met, who he nearly kissed, who was so drunk that he doubted would remember any of this was there for him.

“She’s stuupid.”

He laughed dryly, eyes focused on the blonde with her face smooshed into his chest. For some reason her childish response made him feel just the tiniest bit better. She had made him feel better. It really was a shit night, but this weirdo had made it bearable, somehow.

Natsu smiled, “Yeah… She’s stupid.”

I hope you all enjoyed it and please tell me what you think >_<I am super nervous atm

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OMG YOUR CARTOONS ARE SOO CUUTE!! AHHHHHH! (sorry for freaking out but they are adorable and you are so talented!) :) ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you!! And again, I love getting asks, and messages. So feel free to send one! I will answer. Also, never apologize for freaking out.