You’ll get to a point in your life when you realize it’s been months, years, decades… and you forgot to live. Life is not Instagram. Life is not Facebook., Life is not texting. Life is forgetting your phone at home, going on an adventure with people that mean the most to you, feeling, sensing, actually looking around at the world and it’s beauty instead of your screen, and coming home with a huge smile on your face and a story to tell your grandkids. I’d challenge anyone to stop picking up his or her phone, stop walking around the city looking down at it, and try to remember what you experienced when you were a child. The universe is so much more interesting than any Instagram or text will ever be.
—  Sonya Esman: “What advice would you give to girls influenced by social media?” on

One day Y/n finds out that Sammy cheated on her
So she tells her best friend William about it and they start to spend a lot of time together

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Part 2
Y/n keeps doing whatever she feels like doing while the guys want to apologize

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