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Re: RDJ + leaked Sony emails

So I searched through Sony hack emails posted on WikiLeaks using my Downey goggles (surprise, surprise).

Nothing scandalous or anything. People like RDJ ((hedgehog-goulash7 was right). Specifically, Sony’s (former) president Amy Pascal really likes him, wants to work with him, and pushed for some projects that RDJ ultimately declined.

The RDJ-related stuff in that hack were essentially projects that Robert ultimately turned down and/or those that Sony potentially want RDJ to do.

I summarized it below, so that you don’t have to read through those–

1.  Angry Birds –  

One of the Sony execs would like for RDJ to voice the lead character in the film adaptation.

2.  Oliver! The Musical –  

RDJ turned it down.

3.  Jobs – 

Pascal was thrilled with the idea of RDJ playing Steve Jobs (LOL, yes, I know). Wanted to have Danny Boyle potentially directing RDJ.  Turned it down.

4.  Globetrotters – 

This is an interesting one. When the idea came up, Pascal was excited for RDJ to play the lead, maybe Clooney or Aronofsky to direct (also floated Favreau as a possiblity).  Ultimately, RDJ passed on it.

5.  The Good Doctor – 

Not sure if that’s the project’s title but RDJ’s name came up as a possible lead (brought up by Pascal …), along the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Sean Penn, Daniel Craig, Daniel Day-Lewis.

6.  The Grey Man – 

Out of all films mentioned, this seemed to have had the most possibility in that this will be written and directed by the Russo Brothers. The brothers were thinking of RDJ to play the lead; RDJ loves the Russos.

For the record, these emails were sent a couple of weeks after Civil War was announced and they’ve been meeting with RDJ for that one.  If RDJ says yes, then he’d work with the Russos back to back since this was supposed to be their next project after Cap 3.

But now that the Russos are also doing Avengers 3 and 4, who knows what’s going on with this now.

(NOTE: All of these email exchanges were done in the latter half of 2014.)

SUMMARY: Maybe The Grey Man, LOL Jobs, RDJ turns down a lot of projects.
Persona 5 Heroes Will Face A Huge Case After Getting Their Personas
Sato | Japan

Atlus revealed the latest trailer for Persona 5 a few months ago, and while we’re still waiting on more details, Sony shared a look at some screenshots and tidbits on the story of the game.

Persona 5 tells the story of an exciting adventure and growth of high school students who have lost their bearings in life. Starting in the spring, the protagonist will begin attending Shujin High School, and meet countless new friends.

His new school life will come with all kinds of events and happenings, where you’ll get to see the life of high school through the eyes of an everyday student.

However , as a result of a certain incident, the protagonist and his friends obtain the power of their hearts, known as “Personas,” as they find themselves facing a giant case. On the new stage of a big city with new characters, Persona 5 will unravel the story of a grand tale.

Persona 5 producer and director Katsura Hashino previously spoke about how the protagonist appears to be more of a quiet type, but it’s also a ruse of some sort. The protagonist and his friends Anne and Ryuji, the other characters shown in the trailer, will have problems of their own, which we’ll find out more about in the near future.

Persona 5 is in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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When news broke that the Michael Jackson estate would sell its 50 percent share of Sony/ATV Music Publishing to Sony in a $750 million deal, many wondered whether Paul McCartney would finally be able to acquire the rights to his share of the company’s crown jewel – the Lennon-McCartney catalog – since it begins coming up for reversion in 2018.

Billboard can confirm that as of Dec. 15, 2015, he has already begun the process.

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Syco Music denies dropping Zayn Malik from label
Former One Direction star Zayn Malik is still with Syco, according to the British music label founded by Simon Cowell....

Former One Direction star Zayn Malik is still with Syco, according to the British music label founded by Simon Cowell. Reports surfaced earlier Thursday that Malik was set to be ousted from the Sony label shared with his former band and to another label in the Sony family. For now, the 22-year-old and Syco are still associated. When reached for comment, a Syco spokesperson told EW, "Zayn is still with Syco.“


Sony sells all its shares in Square Enix

Sony announced today their plans to sell all of their 9.52 million shares in Square Enix, which amount to a nearly 9% stake in the company overall. The pricing and other details will be shared tomorrow.

The PlayStation manufacturer will be booking a gain of 4.8 billion yen (roughly $47 million US dollars), selling their shares to a large brokerage firm in Japan named SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.

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This is very eye opening indeed. 

While I failed to find what’s the market share of Sony Music in Brazil, a recent report early this year did highlight that:

Brazil continues to be one of the top performing global markets for recorded music. The industry works with a wide range of revenue streams including physical sales, mobile personalisation products, subscription services, video streaming and download sales. The market increased in value overall by 2.0 per cent in 2014 to US$246 million, with digital growth of 30.4 per cent more than offsetting the continuing decline in physical format sales (-15.5%). This meant that Brazil was the ninth largest market for recorded music worldwide.

And Demi did visit Brazil several times though I would guess that the first concert she did in Brazil right after she got out of her treatment maybe more valuable to her and her team.

So to summarize your point: if we see a trend in Brazilian Portuguese or a trend is obviously started in that side, there’s a 50/50 chance that it is a fan trolling or it’s a legit information started by an industry insider. In both case anyway, no one can actually pinpoint who originated the trend due to the multi-language approach and of course, no one will exactly tattle too. 

You approached me because of the solo Liam related trend, right? I’ll take the 50% chance then, LMAO. I’m way too easy. Thanks for these!

MCU Ladies Week Day 7 - To the Future!:

I want to see Jessica Drew.

- HYDRA is an active baddie for the foreseeable future. And we already have had multiple instances of them brainwashing people to join them, experimenting on people to make super soldiers, & ruining families to get them.

- Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is getting her own movie & Jessica is her BFF. Just saying.

- The rights to Spider-Man are being shared with Sony. While Jessica wasn’t part of Peter’s associated characters/world, people worried over the studios thinking their hero names would cause confusion & not use her. Now there’s no reason not to have Spider-Woman.

- She has a new costume that would totally work for live action.

- She’s a super cool character that has been a HYDRA agent, S.H.I.E.L.D. spy, private investigator, & S.W.O.R.D. agent. Her powers are super strength, pheromones that cause either attraction or fear, she can stick to walls, is a well trained fighter & spy, & produces “venom blasts”.

Basically her powers & comics history allow her to fit in with in any place in the MCU. In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as an antagonist turned alley. In the Netflix Defenders verse as a fellow P.I. to Jessica Jones. In the movies as Carol’s BFF & agent for S.W.O.R.D. against Thanos.

The possibilities are endless.