“Are you sure about this? I don’t wanna get jumped by a bunch of bikers.” You laughed and shook your head. “You’ll be fine, trust me. I won’t let him touch you. I’m just trying to prove a point.” Your friend nodded half heartedly, really not liking the idea but relenting, for you. You’d asked him if he would be willing to come to a club party with you to make Chibs jealous. You and him clearly had something going on and it was obvious that you wanted to be together, but every time you started getting closer to him, he would pull away. You knew it was because he didn’t want to go against his President’s wishes and get with his baby sister but you found yourself lately wondering if he really did like you or if he was just being polite. So you’d formulated this plan.

Your friend would go with you to this party tonight, where Chibs would be, and you would do what you could to make him jealous. Your hope was that he would get pissed and have some type of reaction to show that he still liked you. You weren’t actually with your friend of course, but you were close enough that you trusted him to pretend to be with you and be affectionate to play it up for Chibs. He was just scared of Chibs wanting to fight but you promised him that you wouldn’t allow that to happen. Once Chibs showed interest, you would explain. Until then, you were going to have a new ‘boyfriend’ for the party tonight.


“Looks like Y/N got a boyfriend.” Chibs stopped laughing and looked away from Juice, towards Tig’s voice. “What do you mean?” “She came with some guy. They’ve been together all night.” Chibs looked around and found you seated on a couch across the way, a guy beside you. Your legs were crossed and he has a hand resting on your thigh. Chibs felt his jealousy begin to rise. He’d been flirting with you for weeks now and he’d thought you two had something going on. He admitted, he’d been the one being distant and holding back but he was only doing it of respect for your brother. Jax had said way in the beginning once you’d become of age that you were off limits. Period.

Luck hadn’t been on his side though and he’d ended up falling for you. You’d both seemed to fall for each other but he had more to lose than you did and so he’d pulled away. That didn’t mean he didn’t care for you though and it sure as hell didn’t mean that he’d lost interest, so to see you at a club party, all cuddled up close with a guy that wasn’t him had his pressure rising.

He stared at you for a bit hoping to catch your eye but you were too caught up in paying attention to whatever the guy was saying to you. Chibs felt his mood shift and he forgot about his conversation with Juice, focusing on you now. You continued to laugh and talk with him, looking down as he leaned over and pressed his mouth to your ear, whispering to you. Chibs watched as you blushed at whatever he said and bit your lip, his hand moving higher on your thigh.

Before Chibs knew what he was doing, he’d stood and his legs were carrying him over to where the two of you were. He stopped in front of you and you both looked up. “Hey Chibs.” Your smile was unrequited and he reached down, grabbing a hold of your wrist and pulling you to stand before crushing his lips against yours. He kissed you with passion and anger,taking your breath away. He pulled away and gruffly whispered to you. “I don’t know what kind of shite you’ve got going on but it ends now. You’re mine.”

A smile spread across your face. “I thought you wanted to obey Jax.” “I’ll deal with him later.” He glared at you for a couple more seconds before turning and pointing at your 'boyfriend’. “Leave.” Your friend nodded and smiled, mainly at you. “Good luck.” He walked off and exited the clubhouse, leaving you with a very annoyed and confused Chibs.

“What was that?” You laughed and placed your hands on his chest, playing with the hem of his cut. “I thought you might’ve lost interest in me. You don’t really talk to me or anything anymore. Figured I would see if you still liked me.” He blew out a breathe before he chuckled and shook his head at you. “Well I do.” You nodded with a smirk. “Good.”

You’re sitting on your bed. Juice is laying next to you. ‘’Come here.’’ Juice takes your hand and pulls you next to him. He kisses you. ‘’No. I got to go meet my dad.’’ You get up. ‘’But why?’’ You look at him as you take your shirt off. ‘’Because I love him and he loves you.’’ Juice doesn’t listen to you. You snap your fingers. ‘’Wake up! My eyes are up here.’’ You change your clothes. Juice smiles at you. ‘’Guess I got to get up too.’’ He gets up and hugs you from behind. He kisses your neck. ‘’Baby please.’’ You turn around in his arms. He smiles his beautiful smile. You put your hands on his bare chest. Then you sigh. ‘’No. I need to go.’’ You tap his chest and walk to the kitchen. 

Juice grabs a shirt and puts it on. He comes to the kitchen when you’re making coffee. He leans on the counter and watches you. ‘’Why are you watching me?’’ ‘’Well you’re beautiful and I love watching you.’’ You turn around and look at him with a crooked smile on your face. He bites his lip and smiles. ‘’Stop.’’ ‘’Stop what?’’ ‘’That look. You know I can’t do anything when you have that look on your face.’’ ‘’Well that my dear is the reason why even have this look.’’ He walks to you and lifts you to the counter. He smiles at you. ‘’Juice.’’ He stops you from saying anything and kisses you. He moves closer to you and smiles at you. ‘’What the fuck?’’ 

You almost kick Juice when you jump off the counter and turn around. You see Chibs standing at your door. ‘’Dad.’’ ‘’I’m gonna kill you you little shiet.’’ He storms at Juice. Juice freaks out and runs away. You try to stop your dad. ‘’Dad no.’’ He looks at you and goes after Juice. You sigh and storm out. Such boys, you think and slam the door shut. Juice and Chibs stop and go after you. ‘’Baby.’’ Juice calls you. Chibs looks at him. He looks pissed. You stop and turn around. ‘’What is wrong with you dad?’’ Chibs walks to you. ‘’What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?’’ ‘’Seriously? Why are you so mad?’’ ‘’Because you’re fucking Juice!’’ You laugh. ‘’Wow. All this scottish is really fucking me up.’’ You and your dad look at him. ‘’Shut up.’’ He raises his eyebrows.

‘’When did this start?’’ ‘’A few months ago.’’ Juice answers him. ‘’I wasn’t talking to you.’’ Juice rolls his eyes. ‘’Dad. Juice is also in this shit. You can’t leave him out of this.’’ Your dad looks at you confused. Then he laughs and shakes his head. ‘’This shiet stops now.’’ You shake your head. ‘’No.’’ Chibs looks at you. ‘’What?’’ ‘’No.’’ Juice looks scared. ‘’Listen lass. You’re not dating him anymore.’’ ‘’Yes I am.’’ ‘’Uh- I just want to say that don’t be mad at her. It’s not her fault that I fell in love with her.’’ ‘’You what?’’ ‘’You love me?’’ Juice nods. And immediately regrets what he said. You go to him and hug him. ‘’I love you too.’’ You kiss his cheek. ‘’You two are in love.’’ You and Juice nod. ‘’Shiet.’’ Chibs shakes his head and smiles. ‘’Why the fuck do you have to be so stubborn lass?’’ You smile and take your dad’s hand. ‘’Why are you so surprised when I have you as dad?’’ He laughs and points at Juice. ‘’I’m still mad at you.’’ 

~♥meow♥ this was just a thought that popped in my head during a Swedish class~

Jealous/overprotective Opie

The bike roared to a stop outside the high school where you worked as a teacher. You unwrapped your arms from your Old Man’s waist and got off the bike. You passed him back the helmet and kissed him. You were interrupted by a wolf whistle.

“Lookin’ good Mrs Winston!” One of your students called out.

You heard your husband growl softly and put a hand on his cheat to calm him down.

“Stop it,” you said to Opie and then turned to the student. “Get to class!”

Opie was frowning deeply as he watched the student leave. “I’m not gonna let him talk to you like that, I-”

“Ope!” You cut him off from his rant before he could really start.

“He’s my student.”

“I don’t care! He can’t talk to you like you’re a piece of meat!” Opie raged. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

“He wasn’t; he was just being a teenage boy.” You reassured him.

“Whatever,” Opie said and leaned in to kiss you again. “If he tries anything on you I’ll cut his head off.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you smiled. “Get to your Club tough guy.”

Opie smiled at you and revved his engine a few times to show off before he drove off.

You shook your head at his antics as you made your way to the classroom.


“I’ll see you next week Mrs. Winston.” The same student from earlier said. Opie saw him wink at you as you approached your waiting husband.

Infuriated, Opie got off of the bike and strode over to the kid with wide, angry stomps.

“Hey!” He shouted to get the student’s attention.

“Jesus Christ.” you muttered and rushed over to Opie before he could get himself into too much trouble.

Opie grabbed the teen by the back of his hoodie and shoved him up against a chainlink fence, his forearm pressed tight to the other boy’s throat.

“Dude, chill!” the student rasped out, trying to breath as Opie was blocking his air supply.

“Why are you winking at my wife, huh?” Opie spat in the boy’s face.


“Because why?!” Opie pushed harder. The guy was starting to turn blue.

“She’s hot okay? God, I’m not going to touch your wife I swear, I’ll stop!” He yelled out, trying to shove Opie off of him but the biker was too strong.

Opie leaned in to whisper into the kid’s ear one last warning.

“If I find out you’re talking to her like that again, I’ll cut off your favourite appendage and send it to your mother, gift-wrapped.”

The teen gulped and nodded. Opie let him go as you reached them. The boy ran off before you got a chance to say anything to him but you turned to Opie and punched him in the shoulder.

“Ow! What?!” he exclaimed.

“What the hell Opie! You can’t just attack one of my students like that!”

“He deserved it.” Opie argued.

“No he didn’t, you were just being a jealous bas-”

“Yeah, I was! Okay? I was jealous.”

“Of a teenage boy?” You asked with a slight smirk.

“Yeah,” your Old Man shrugged. “I’m always afraid that you’re going to leave me for someone else. Someone younger; someone with more money; someone whose life isn’t as dangerous as mine.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck, holding him tight.

“I don’t want any of those things, Ope. I want you,” you stood on your toes to kiss him and he snaked his arms around your waist to hold you there.

“Don’t be jealous, baby,” you told him when you broke apart (a crowd had started to gather). You walked hand in hand back to his Harley but before you got on the bike, you pressed a kiss to his cheek and told him one last time; “I’m your girl.“

Tig Smut-

Your old man’s been working so hard all week for the club. It was Friday night, neither of you had work in the morning. You believed Tig deserved a special night in…

Tig was due home in 10 minutes, you slipped on your dressing gown over your new lingerie. You stood leaning on the mantelpiece in the living room of your house and watched the door waiting for Tig to come home. You watch the handle get pushed from the other side, a smile arose on your rosy face.
“Hey baby!” You announce as Tig strolls in before dropping your gown to the floor.
*gif* Tig glared at you not saying a word.
“What’s up?” You asked panicking at his reaction.
He slowly walked towards you without showing any emotion, until he became 10 inches away from you.
“Tig, what have I done?” You ask anxiously.
Then all of a sudden he lets out a roar of laughter. You sigh with relief.
“You look stunning, i need to take you… NOW” Tig yells playfully grabbing you and chucking you onto the couch.
You passionately kiss and nibble on each other.
“Get inside me now Trager!” You demand, knowing it would turn him on.
He yanked his pants down and thrusting in and out of you. You both moan as your needs are being fulfilled…
“Will you love me forever, Tig?” You ask him as he rolls off of you.
“Why would I stop? I promised you on our wedding day, to me that meant everything.” He responded with confidence.
“I’m living a dream!” You yelp happily before planting a kiss on his luscious lips…


Tomorrow’s imagines will most likely be a Juice (request #10), and a Tig (request #11). I might write another Jax, and probably a Kozik (#33). That will help even out the number of imagines I have for each Son. ☺️ After that, I will return to the regular order of the list. I hope you guys have been okay with the minor rearrangements so far! I’m just trying to keep things interesting for you guys haha. 💖