Someone Nice

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Request: Imagine your the ‘someone nice’ Lyla sends for Juice.

So I took this a little differently. I hope you guys like it, its not by best.

The rooms always smell like sex.
You couldn’t really expect anything else, you worked at an escort agency, after all.
But sometimes, you were appalled at the states the rooms were left in.
It was hypocritical, really.
You used to be the same, when you’d first moved to town.
You had been young, free, single, and desperate for cash. So you had done what you needed to. At least working for Nero wasn’t so bad. He always treated his girls well and you had never had to do anything you weren’t comfortable.
And when you’d started dating Hamish he had put you on ‘light duties’. Cleaning, and doing massages only for your clients.
Even when Hamish had died two years later he had let you decide when you were ready to come back to work and didn’t mind that you remained in the light duties.
And when he started business with the Sons he had made sure you kept your job.
Now you worked full time at Diosa, spending most of your days cleaning up after the girls, massaging old business men and helping Lyla with whatever she needed.
With a final wipe of your cloth you examined the room, a satisfied smile on your face.
It would do, for now.
You slid the spray bottle and your cloth back into the plastic carrier and carried it out of the room.
“Thanks hun!” Lyla said as you walked into the foyer of Diosa.
“Anytime.” You smiled back at her.
Lyla was a good friend of yours, she had been since Hamish died and she ran a pretty tight ship around this place, so anything you could do to help you would.
You walked into the small laundry room and away your cleaning supplies.
“Take a break, (y/n).”
You looked up and saw Lyla standing in the doorway.
“You sure?” You asked as you wiped a loose strand of hair out of your face.
Lyla smiled and nodded.
“Thank you!” You gushed and squeezed her arm as you walked past her.
You grabbed a can of coke from the kitchen fridge and headed for the back door.
The air was warm but you were glad to get some fresh air and you sat on the step as you pulled the cigarettes out of your pocket.
After lighting up you let the smoke fill your lungs and you looked up at the sky.
There was something different about today.

“Your boyfriends here.” Sophia said as you walked into the bathroom.
She stood in front of the mirror, wearing lingerie and a pink robe as she touched up her makeup.
You rolled your eyes as you walked into a stall.
“Which one?”
Sophia laughed and you quickly did your business and stepped back out of the stall.
“It’s the Son.”
You met her eye in the mirror as you watched your hands and she smirked at the blush on your cheeks.
Ever since Nero had gone into business with the Sons of Anarchy you had all gotten used to having the boys around.
You hadn’t slept with anyone of them but that hadn’t stopped the other girls.
There was one Son in particular though that had caught your eye.
He wasn’t here as often as some of the others, and you’d only talked to him casually a couple of times but you could tell that Juice was different to the others.
“So you gonna ask him out or what?” Sophia asked.
You raised your eyebrows and dried your hands.
“Kinda puts me off when he’s here to fuck one of you.”
You both laughed and you walked out of the bathroom and down the hall.
You couldn’t stop your eyes from scanning the room and they instantly found Juice, sitting on one of the couches.
There was no one behind the desk so you stepped behind it.
Juice looked up as he noticed your movement and you smiled warmly at him.
He didn’t smile back.
Your heart sunk and you couldn’t help but look through the computer to see which of the girls would be free to take Juice.
Sophia had a regular client, so at least it wouldn’t be her.
But you still felt sick as you looked through the available girls.
Lucy, Savannah, and Viv.
You sighed and tapped your fingers on the desk.
“Hey Juice.”
You looked up at the words and saw Lyla smiling to the Son.
She went and sat next to him on the couch.
He seemed different today, sadder almost and you couldn’t hear the words exchanged between them.
But your heart sunk as you watched them both stand and Lyla grabbed his hand.
She led him down the hallway and into one of the rooms, closing the door behind them.
You sighed again and stood. You might as well start cleaning the kitchen.

Only ten minutes had passed and you were wiping down the sink when Lyla walked into the kitchen.
“(Y/n)! Thank god.”
You frowned slightly as you looked up.
She looked worried.
“I need a favour.”
“Sure thing.” You answered.
“Its with a client.” Lyla said cautiously.
“Lyla I-”
“It’s not what you think, (y/n). I wouldn’t ask that of you. It’s.. Juice.”
“Juice?” You asked in shock.
She wanted you to work with Juice?
“He’s in a bad place, Hun. I think he just needs someone to talk to.”
You looked at the her carefully.
She seemed genuinely worried.
“Sure. I’ll do it.”
Lyla smiled warmly and stepped forward to squeeze your hand.
“Thank you babe. He’s waiting.”
You nodded and walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway.
You stopped outside of the door and took a deep breath, fumbling with your fingers.
You could do this.
With another deep breath you turned the door handle and stepped into the room, closing and locking the door behind you.
Juice looked up as you entered the room, his brown eyes full of darkness.
You clearly weren’t what he was expecting, in your ripped black jeans and lacy white . You weren’t exactly a Diosa girl anymore.
“Hey.” Juice said quietly.
You rubbed your arms awkwardly and smiled.
“Hi Juice.”
You met his eyes as he stood and shifted his arms out of his kutte.
His eyes were empty and sadness radiated from him and you wondered what had happened to him.
He smiled sadly and laid out the kutte on the bed beside him before sitting back down.
You didn’t know what to say, or where to start, so you took a couple of steps forward and sat on the bed next to Juice.
“Do you.. wanna massage or something?” You asked nervously.
Juice looked at you with his dark eyes and smiled softly before shaking his head.
You nodded and looked at your hands.
“There’s no point.” Juice said quietly.
You looked at him and your heart ached.
His pain echoed through you.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come here.”
He said suddenly and stood, heading for the bathroom.
He didn’t turn back, didn’t say another word, he just shut the bathroom door behind him.
You fumbled with your hands as you sat on the bed, your heart heavy and your eyes wandering the room.
His leather kutte was still on the bed and you picked it up gently.
A small smile played on your lips as you ran your fingers over the worn leather, the sewn patches.
You really liked Juice. He was different from the others, and after Hamish it had taken you a while to even look at another guy.
Juice had always been friendly towards you, but something was.. off.
You sighed and placed the leather back on the bed when you heard a thump coming from the bathroom.
Something wasn’t right.
You stood and walked to the door, knocking gently.
No answer.
“Juice? Are you okay?”
No answer.
“Juice I’m gonna come in. Okay?”
No answer.
You turned the handle and pushed the door open.
Juice was slumped on the floor, empty pill bottles on the counter.
“Fuck, Juice!” You knelt beside him and lifted his head towards you.
His eyes were dazed and dark and he could barely hold his head up.
“Juice how much did you take?”
He stared at you through his cold eyes, full of emptiness but he didn’t say anything.
“C'mon, Juicy. Let’s get you up.”
You slid your arms beneath his and lifted him, helping him to stand.
All his weight was on you and you half dragged, half carried him out of the bedroom and onto the bed.
You propped him up against the pillows and knelt beside him on the bed.
“Dammit Juice.” You muttered.
You’d seen enough people overdose to know what you had to do.
You lifted his face with one hand and you grimaced as you slid two fingers down his throat.
“Cmon, Juice.”
Eventually you got him to throw up.
It went on the sheets, but you didn’t care. It would be you cleaning up later on anyway.
Right now, he was your main priority.
“(Y/n)” Juice uttered, his voice weak.
“It’s okay, I’m here.” You told him, and wiped sweat of his brow.
“It’s so cold.”
“I know, Juicy.”
You grabbed the blanket from the end of the bed and pulled it up around him.
Juice curled into you and you leant against the headboard.
You couldn’t let him sleep.
He shivered against you and you wrapped your arms around him.
“Don’t you sleep on me, Juice.” You whispered to him, your eyes never leaving his face.

Theee hours had passed and you still sat in the same position, Juice in your arms and your shirt damp with his sweat.
You had kept him awake, talking to him softly and asking him simple questions.
It had been nice, in a sort of twisted way, to spend time with Juice. You jut wished it was under different circumstances.
You rocked him gently as he huddled into you, desperate for warmth.
“I killed her.”
For a moment you froze, unsure of why to make of his words.
“I didn’t want to.”
You could hear his voice breaking as his eyes filled with tears and you continued to rock him gently.
“I had to, for the club.”
You stroked his cheek gently, wiping away his tears.
“I know. juicy.”
“I can’t tell Nero. Can’t tell him I killed Davarny.”
He killed her. He killed Davarny. He killed your friend.
You gulped and continued to rock him.
“I had to do it, (y/n).”
He turned his head to look at you and your heart almost broke.
You could see the sadness, the pain, the guilt and the hurt in his eyes, haunting him.
Juice wasn’t a killer. He was just a broken soul, desperate to please and was being used to do the dirty work in the process.
You couldn’t hold him to this.
“It’s okay, Juicy. It’s okay.”
Tears rolled down his cheek and his lips were tight.
“I’m not good on my own.” He said quietly.
“Your not alone, Juice. You have your club, Gemma. Nero, you have Lyla. You have me.”
Juice shook his head gently.
“I’m an idiot.”
“You’re not an idiot, Juice.” You told him.
Juice shook his head and looked up at you.
“I am. I’ve had a crush on you for so long and this is how I make my move?”
You laughed lightly and kissed his forehead lightly.
“You know you don’t have to take Oxy to talk to me, Juice.”
He broke a soft smile.
“The things you’ve said, Juice, about Davarny.. that stays between us.” You told him.
You’d thought about it while you’d say with Juice and the truth coming out would only cause more pain, more grief.
And Juice needed a break.
“So what happens next?” Juice asked quietly.
You smiled down at him.
“Well, first, you needs take a shower. Cause no offence, but you stink like vomit.
And then you get some rest.”
Juice smiled softly at you.
“And after?”
His eyes met yours and you finally saw a shadow of a spark in his brown eyes.
“And after that, you take me on a date.”
Juice smiled at you, the first genuine smile he’d had in a long time.
With you by his side, Juice would be alright.

***Since she’s a teenager, I focused it more on the internal side of things and the whole stream of consciousness thoughts that shift between all the different emotions and guilt. ***

“There you are lass.”

You didn’t bother to look over, just kept your swollen eyes on the traffic across the street from your place on the roof. It was late, how late you weren’t sure, and you weren’t sure how long you’d been up there either. You’d taken off and climbed up to the roof as soon you’d found out.

Your mom was dead.

They didn’t have any leads, any clues. Everyone was still too in shock to do much and all you had been able to do was cry. You were past that point now. You had no tears left. There was only this dull ache left in your chest and every now and then you’d give a shaky breath. You couldn’t understand who would want your mom dead. She had nothing to do with the club really, she always stayed as far away from them as possible. She knew the club was trouble, always made sure you knew that. She also always tried to keep you away but you never listened. She tried to warm you how only bad things happened when you associated with the club. How only negativity and heartache came from it but you never saw that. All you saw was a loving family that took care of their own. It would seem that you’d been naive though and your mom had been right. Even with as safe as the club made you feel, it was clear that no one was untouchable. That only made the guilt you felt even worse.

Donna always tried to stay as far away as possible. You’d had no interaction with the club while your dad was locked up. Five years and you hadn’t seen any of them except for Jax and Gemma when they’d swing by the house. When your dad had finally gotten released, Donna still tried to keep you away. All it took was a pout though and your dad would bring you with him. In that time, you’d fallen in love with the club and had even gotten into arguments with your mom about how she treated them. Now you saw what she meant though.

Chibs walked across the roof and sat down beside you, not saying anything for a couple minutes. He didn’t really know what to say. He didn’t know what you would want to hear.

“Is there anything I can do?”

You shook your head, still looking forward.

“Not really.”

He nodded and let out a deep sigh. He couldn’t imagine how you were feeling right now. No one wants to have to bury their mother but especially not before the age of 17. Opie had already taken off to the cabin and no one knew when he would be back. With nothing else left to say really, Chibs stood up and placed a hand on the top of your head, smoothing his hand gently over your hair.

“I know you’re hurting right now sweet girl. I know you’re heart is in pieces. You take all the time you need. We’re here for you, all of us. If you need anything you come to us.”

His words got your tears working again and you nodded, looking up and giving him a weak smile.

“Thank you Filip.”

He returned the smile and gently patted your cheek.

“Any time sweetheart. We’re family.”

Tig Trager - Friends


I thought we were friends, so I slapped your ass in a greeting.

There you were halfway bent over the bar cleaning as per Gemma’s request. You had the moist rag in your hands as you moved it around on the counter.

What happened next startled you more than anything else in your entire life.

You yelped and swung around after feeling a sting on your bottom. Your eyes were wide as you looked up into those bright blue ones.

Tig Trager had just smacked your ass.

He stood there with that grin on his lips and his hands on his hips as he looked down at your slowly warming face.

“What – what the hell, Tig?!”

You managed to blurt out. You were majorly confused. Never before had he ever had any sexual advances toward you – friendly l, but never sexual.

“Sorry, Y/N. I thought we were friends, so I slapped your ass in greeting.”

He said with a shrug on his shoulders. You put your hand over your face and sighed. He laughed and pulled you into a sideways hug.

You swore he was getting braver by the day… or stupider, you wasn’t completely sure which.