What Trauma Happened in SVU Season 19?

[Updated from my pervious post, prior Episode 21]


Son almost got hit by a cab, 

was investigated for child abuse, 

son was kidnapped by his grandma, 

and then had PTSD afterwards.


Killed a baby, so he could no longer suffer


Revealed he was molested by his baseball coach as a child


Couldn’t save a rapist from falling to his death,

niece was raped from taking his advice,

and couldn’t save an abuse woman from bleeding to her death.


Accidently killed an abuse woman


Father died,

sister has schizophrenia and doesn’t know who he is, 

and sister gets kidnapped, finally remembers who he is, gets killed and dies in his arms

And then you have Fin…

Me: *points to a character* they are my child

Friend: *kind of weirded out but mostly used to it* ok

Me: *points to same character* they are also my spouse

Friend: *super confused* wait but you said-

Me: *points to same character* and they are somehow also me