Seattle Fans #Cast their vote for the new Sonics Arena!

What shows greater support than power in numbers? Seattle came out in the thousands on Thursday night to support the Seattle Sonics and plans for a new Sonics Arena. Beneath big green and yellow ‘Bring ‘em Back!’ signs, die-hard Sonic fans could be heard retelling stories of Sonic glory hay-day and their faith in an epic return. Castii was there to capture the moment, in photo, video, and audio!


When others post their images, video, and audio, the world watches and listens. Former Sonic star and major player Gary Payton described it perfectly, “…Once they see this, they’re going to say, Seattle’s a great city.” Castii invites the world into multiple spheres of an event during the action and makes it possible to relive the event with pictures that actually talk!

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Here’s lookin’ at you, Seattle!


The Castii Team