Sometimes it takes video evidence to realise how ridiculous you’ve become, this is that evidence :) With @mattstocksDJ and @Laila_K

Reasons to love Sonic Boom Six.

They’re British and proud of their British roots. They don’t try to adapt to an American sound and their sound is completely unique.

They have the leading ladie Laila K, what a woman.

Mixture of genres and a mixture of backgrounds with deep meaning/movement behind their songs.

If you are from a punk, ska, hip hop, background there will be something in SB6’s music you will like/relate to.


Ska-Punk: The Story So Far

I helped shoot some of this, donated old footage, hooked up some interviews and got to see Reel Big Fish for free about 3 times despite never actually getting an interview.


  • The Skints
  • Random Hand
  • ClayPigeon
  • Sonic Boom Six
  • The King Blues
  • New Riot
  • Blag
  • Project Multi Vitamin
  • Less Than Jake
  • + More!

Nice little watch if you’re in the scene or not, this was shown at Cinema City Picture House in Norwich in 2011.

Directed by Daryl Burt.