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Nickname: Flane/ Eren

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 5’7

Last Thing You Googled: ′youtube converter’. Grabbing myself some old Sham 69 singles.

Favorite music artist: Asian Dub Foundation, The Clash, The Levellers

Song stuck in my head: Vagabonds – New Model Army

Last Movie you watched: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sword of Destiny

What are you wearing right now: Sonic Boom Six hoodie, black jeans, Levellers shirt, floofy slippers

What do you post: Art by tumblr artists, Silmarillion art, Mortal Kombat art, some of my own bad sketches, some random thoughts usually about MK, other things related to Sci Fi, Tolkien, Star Wars (esp KOTOR)

Why did you choose your URL: The Erenaeoth are a dark elf clan in my novel. I use it because the large quantity of vowels next to each other means the name is never taken on any form of social media etc.

Do you have any other blogs: On tumblr I have a Mortal Kombat blog for text messages by Sub-Zero. I also have a wordpress blog on Byzantine Theology.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: That I made the right choice this time round.

Religious Or Spiritual: This distinction seems arbitrary to me. Both.

Favorite Color: Changes. Usually a calm teal blue. Or a grey winter blue. Or an angry red.

Average Hours Of Sleep: Probably about 7.

Lucky Number: Don’t have one.

Favorite character: So many. Alyosha and Ivan Karamazov (Brothers Karamazov), Sonya Semyonovna & Raskolnikov (Crime and Punishment), Roy Batty (Blade Runner), Hamlet,… Kisuke Urahara (from the literary classic, Bleach :[])

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: One duvet. Sometimes with my mum’s homemade quilt on top when it gets well cold.

Dream Job: Writing fiction and academic articles in between permaculture vegetable farming in a wageless decentralised but federated commune based society. The fiction would ideally be sci-fi short stories and fantasy novels :0

Adding a couple more coz I’m curious to hear from the people I’m tagging and versions of the above have been going round a lot:

Board games, video games or tabletop games?: shot myself in the foot with this question as I love all three. Really enjoying the boardgame Seafall at the minute, and Imperial Assault if that counts. I don’t play video games much at the right now, but I always loved the Fire Emblem games, the Mass Effect series, Elder Scrolls, the latest two Deus Ex games, Crusader Kings, and I’ve played the Sims games since they were first released. Favourite tabletop rpg system is probably L5R or World of Darkness.

Do you have any OCs? If yes, talk about a couple of them!: So many. The protagonists of my main story are two dark elf brothers called Flane and Almirith. Flane is a socially inept violent power-hungry would-be warlord. He spends the story trying to build a big enough army to conquer most of the northern hemisphere. Almirith was raised in elvin culture and is a conflicted agonised existentialist who would very much like no responsibilities and for everyone to be nice to him. Instead he spends the story trying to stop a war between three realms. (Might explain why I write about Bi-Han and Kuai Liang so much :[]). Anyway I first made these characters when I was about 13 and today they still plague my mind and consist of 50+% of what I draw and write about.

One thing you wish was canon in a fiction story/fandom?: I wish Bi-Han and Kuai Liang from Mortal Kombat could have some screen time where they have a long family drama. I don’t care if they hug or fight at the end, but please I want on-screen anger and angst from these two.

Favourite thing to draw/ write about/ think about?: Enjoying writing MK stories at the minute, but my favourite thing to draw and write has always been the little stories in my head from my fictional world :)

The strangest song you like (and a link to it if possible!): Hm. This is difficult. I mostly want interesting song recs from other people! Here’s a listenable odd song I like: Landing Party by Radical Dance Faction, which is where the tagline to this blog comes from :)

A book/story/fanfiction you read recently and would recommend (doesn’t have to be fiction): Finishing up Colin Ward’s Anarchy in Action which I can highly recommend as a readable beginner’s introduction to collectivist anarchist thought and it’s relevance to the present day. I also relatively recently read the graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegelman about his father’s experiences surviving the Holocaust, which I can highly recommend, but don’t read it all in one go or you’ll be down for days :/

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Sometimes it takes video evidence to realise how ridiculous you’ve become, this is that evidence :) With @mattstocksDJ and @Laila_K