Madeon on Twitter
“I'm covering Sonic Adventure 2 Battle songs with @skylar__spence right now. This is my peak happiness level.”

Dear God…he’s been inspired by Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Again, gonna try and NOT get my hopes up…BUT MY GOD EVERYTHING IS POINTING TOWARDS SONIC ADVENTURE 3 RIGHT NOW!

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Confirmed For 2018

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Confirmed For 2018

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In a recent interview with The World Folio, Hajime Satomi, President and CEO of the Sega Sammy Holdings Inc, confirmed that the Sonic The Hedgehog movie will be hitting the big screens in 2018. The movie will be a live action and animation hybrid, and is part of the Sega Sammy Group’s plans to expand the Sonic brand into new entertainment areas. Sega Sammy Group is currently planning with Sony…

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Sonic 25th Anniversary Thinking

I’m not sure what @sonicthehedgehog​ is planning here on their Twitter and Tumblr, but it sure is interesting.

We have this tweet

which, when translated, (thanks to SSF1991 for this), shows this

The top says “Hello Hugo,” which is the name of Madeon.
So, the “fated son of Daedalus” is Icarus. He has a song called Icarus.
On top of that, it says “The secret is inside the empire”. He also has a song called Pixel Empire.
Continuing on to the Tumblr Post that Sonic the Hedgehog made of the same thing, the tags.

Nonsense is yet another song, and if you go to where the tags lead you, you get these lines (highlighted):

These are interesting.
If we continue on to Aaron Webber’s Twitter account (he’s the one behind the Sonic social media), he quoted the tweet and replied with “Don’t you pay them any mind~”. That is lyrics to the song “Pay No Mind”, by the same person.
Looking into the comments, we see the official Sonic YouTube replied to what someone had commented.

This is very interesting to keep in mind. I’m not going into theories, but here’s all the evidence we’ve gotten from that tweet (and tweets around it). Also, we should point out that Sonic tweeted out to the same person in November of 2015.

Considering all of the Sonic Adventure references and everything, this is all interesting to keep in mind. What could it all mean? I have the evidence laid out here, and there’s bound to be more to come. Have fun theorizing, Sonic fans!

(Also, thank you Sonic/Aaron for showing me Madeon’s music! I really enjoy it!)

TITLE: Dreams of an Absoulution (Aesthetical Dub)

ARTIST: DJ Chidow and Myūjikku

I know I shared a very similar remix to this not long ago, but I really wanted to share the other one as soon as possible! Once again, this an instrumental, funk, house, disco-esque remix of “Dreams of an Absolution” based on the music of the 1980′s. While this one is shorter and a little more straight forward than the previous one from the same artist, it’s still pretty awesome! How can you ever go wrong with this?

Download it here.
Again, no minimum required. You can get the song for free, but we strongly urge you donate some money and support these musicians.

-Samurai Echidna.


O_O  …… it sounds even better than i though it would be….

i don’t want you stick this song in your head again. but just listen this for a while!!!!