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What's worse? Pre-Reboot!Sonic? Chronicles!Sonic? Or Fleetway!Sonic?

Not gonna lie, I had to really think for this one. All three of them together make up the Bermuda Triangle of shit characterisation for Sonic.

But I’m going to go with Pre-Reboot Archie. Because while Fleetway!Sonic and Chronicles!Sonic were more consistently dickish, there was a certain moment in Archie that earned my ire. You know the one.

This one.

Any Sonic that acts exceptionally horrible or callous to their Tails will very easily go high up on the shit list for me.

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how would you rank each Sonic in every continuity?

SEGA Sonic - Generally the most well-rounded and well-characterised of the lot.

OVA - I think he was a little too rude and irritable near the beginning, but fortunately it didn’t last. Aside from that nitpick, he’s alright.

Boom - Usually too much of a grumpy bear, but he’s still decent in spite of that, mostly due to his care and consideration for his friends.

Post-Reboot Archie - It seems he’s really been improved lately, aside from the occasional hiccup here and there.

AoStH - Generally a faux-Looney Tune in demeanour, but he did have some moments that were surprisingly sweet.

Underground - If only because I can’t remember a single thing about this portrayal other than “he has siblings”.

SatAM - Much more of an idiot, and filled with the exact kind of attitude that SEGA Sonic doesn’t have.

Sonic X - Very bland with a few episode-specific exceptions, and he was dangerously close to reaching Gary-Stu levels at times.

Fleetway - If there is such a thing as succeeding too well, they did that with Fleetway!Sonic, because he’s exactly the unlikable asshole they were hoping for. Any Sonic who regularly bullies Tails for no reason is no good in my book.

Pre-Reboot Archie - I would have previously placed this one in the Low tier instead, but then I remembered his behaviour in the House of Cards arc. You would have thought it was still Scourge in disguise.