Sonic The X

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Tails x Honey headcanon: Since Tails love mint candy, Honey will always comment how Tails breath taste minty fresh whenever they kiss.

This always gets him blushing like crazy. But to be fair she gets like that when he tells her she tastes like honey

Can we talk about-

episode 14 of Sonic X?  The one where Sonic blows off the PRESIDENT to keep a promise he made with this girl Helen!

That alone speaks volumes about Sonic’s character! He values everyone equally and promises clearly mean serious business to him.

But let’s talk more about Helen. She’s a elementary aged girl with a disability that confines her to a wheelchair. She desires to visit an island that her father told her has an abundance of beautiful flowers, but her father is stuck working long hours in order to provide her with everything she needs (doctors, wheelchair, ect.) so he has been unable to take her. Like how real is that situation!? 

I love the fact that even though she has this disability, she is still able to go on this amazing adventure with Sonic! You don’t need me to tell you that it’s important for children to be able to identify with characters and I think Sonic X excelled in this particular episode.

And the end had me tearing up when Helen is retelling her adventure with great enthusiasm and her parents realize they have been sheltering her and thinking her not as capable as “normal” children. Holy smokes that is beautiful stuff right there!

I honestly wish she would have been the protagonist instead of Chris. She is more interesting and I feel like she could have been a character tons of kids looked up too!