Every time I listen to ‘City Escape’ from Sonic Adventure 2 and hear the line 'gotta follow my rainbow‘ I think of an image akin to these above. Sonic stands form what’s right, freedom, being true to yourself and so I made some of the flags of the LGBT community. These are all transparent as well.

I know I didn’t include every flag, and if anyone wishes me to, send me a picture of a flag you’d like to be included that is a part of the LGBT/LGBTQ community and I will gladly make a version of it and add it to this post as well. If requested enough I will make each one their own post with links to others so you can post just the one that fits you.

Ok but consider the following: Friendship/mutual solidarity between Team Rose and Team Dark
  • Remember the Treasure Team Tango arc from SU? This is basically it but with less fighting between them (probably). Big is also there
  • Cream hears that Rouge loves gemstones so she gets one of those fantasy gems kit and makes all sorts of pretty necklaces and bracelets for her
  • Amy and Cream are the Flower Experts™ so when they find out about Shadow’s flower arrangement hobby they help him with flower meanings and what flowers go best together FOR THE ULTIMATE ARRANGEMENT
  • Shadow and Rouge keep their flower bracelets under their gloves. Omega doesn’t have gloves or pockets so he keeps losing his during battle, but Cream doesn’t mind maing him new ones every time
  • Shadow and Rouge being big bro + sis figures to Amy and especially Cream (at first it’s obviously awkward bc how??? do i deal with kids??? but it get easier once they grow closer)
  • Big goes fishing one day and he asks Shadow if he wants to tag along with him and Froggy. Shadow doesn’t really get it and he doesn’t do any actual fishing but watching the fish swim by is really calming and therapeutic for him. Froggy spends most of the day sitting on his head
  • For all of her love for Sonic, Amy still gets frustrated with him and can’t keep herself from rambling. Shadow and Rouge do nothing but enable her
  • “it’s just that he drives me up the wall sometimes-” “dump him” “WE’RE NOT EVEN DATING”
  • Shadow + Omega + Amy (and occasionally Big?) = THE WRECKING CREW
  • Everyone dotes over Cream aND GOD HELP YOU IF YOU TRY TO DO ANYTHING TO HER
  • Everyone is also part of the Shadow Support Squad™
  • Amy going up to Rouge like “you will NOT believe what happened today” and Rouge is like “tell me. give me the drama” (the reverse is also true)

It is just me or someone at Sega make her assets progressively larger with each new character model.

Much more and she’ll have a rack like Dolly Pardon.

Like, not that I’m complaining but it’s like they don’t even try to hide she was designed for sex appeal anymore

There’s even a sticker design where that angled the camera to look right down her cleavage

Hello people I was thinking that could change a little is to say that doing all the time redesign could make more variety and I thought to make Antoine and Bunnie together I hope you like it. Although the bunnie head and the bottom is a bit strange. But hey, that’s good. It does not matter

$11.00 Art Commissions

I’ve decided to open art commissions for at least line-less colored pictures, for $11.00 + $5 for extra characters past 2.


What I will do:
- Just about any ship. M/F, M/M, F/F, OC/OC, and even canon character/OC.
- Fan characters and OCs.
- Sonic art.
- Undertale art
- Fan art for just about any other series or franchise out there.(As long as references are provided.)
- Furry/Anthro

What I won’t do:

- Porn
- Gore(But some blood or violence is okay.)
- Fetish art
- Anything that would be considered past a PG-13 rating.
- Realism and realistic styles.(I prefer to draw characters, especially humans, in a more cartoony style.)
- More detailed robot designs.(More cartoony type of robot designs are fine.)
- Realistically designed vehicles and machinery.
- Hate art.
- Hate speech if any kind; racism, homophobia, etc.
- Anything really political in nature.

If you’re interested in commissioning me, then please e-mail me at, peppermintatrocity@yahoo.com . When sending me an inquiry for a commission/s, please to do so in this format:

Description: (If you have a more specific idea of what you would like you’re character/s doing in the picture.)

attach your reference image/s for what characters you want me to do to your email! Reference image/s for characters must be provided, especially when it involves fan characters and OCs!


I only take payment through paypal and in USD. Payment must be sent first before I can start! The payment also must be sent as “Goods or services”!

anonymous asked:

So, what do you think you need to be a true Sonic fan, or have the true Sonic spirit?

Nothing. Because there’s no such thing as a “true” Sonic fan, or the “true” Sonic spirit. Anyone who says otherwise is being a tad pretentious over opinions on a video game franchise.

Who cares about who likes which games, who hates which games, who prefers this continuity over the games, who doesn’t like any of the non-game continuities, which characters this fan prefers, which shippings that fan prefers… None of it changes anything. Do you like Sonic games (or at least one of the other continuities if not the games)? Then that’s you, you’re good to go, that’s all that’s required.

I will never understand why such an alarming number of fans get so insistent and draconian on what the “right” way of being a Sonic fan is. Just like and dislike whatever you like and dislike, as you would with any other franchise.