Sonic Boom Season 2 Exclusive Images

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice contains 5 concept art images that gives fans a sneak peak at season 2 of the cartoon show. I decided to quickly unlock them and type out the descriptions underneath each picture.

Feast your eyes on the gang’s underwater wetsuits, which will be worn in the upcoming episode of Sonic Boom season 2. We all know that the Blue Blur can’t swim, but now at least he can breath under water without having to seek out floating air bubbles every 23 seconds. Baby steps, people. Baby steps…

Eggman hasn’t just been resting on his laurels during the hiatus between Sonic Boom seasons 1 and 2. Our favorite evil madman has been hard at work crafting a brand new class of minions. They’re bigger, meaner, and more dangerous than ever. …But don’t worry, Team Sonic will still tear through ‘em like tin foil (the cheap dollar store kind, not the name brand stuff).

This is Bea. She’s a bee. (…Well, a Beebot, technically.) And she’s about to bee adopted by Amy Rose in an episode of the show’s second season. When news got around the Village, it caused quite the buzz. Sorry about all the lame puns; next time we’ll try to think of jokes that have more sting to them.

Ready for an exclusive preview of some new characters in Sonic Boom’s upcoming season 2?! Meet Mighton and Bolts, two robots from a mysterious city in the clouds. How do you know which one is which? Simple! Mighton is the mighty one, and Bolts is, uhh… the bolty one?

The action gets heighted in Sonic Boom’s second season, and we do mean that literally. Some of our characters will even travel into outer space! We just hope that Sticks and Knuckles got a good deal on their airfare, because there’s no way our accounting team is going to reimburse those travel expenses.


61 Pizza Party Podcast - The Diaper Fetish Sonic Special

Download and links in the Youtube Vid description



I had some time, so why not make something hilariously stupid? :D

Sonic’s enjoying a chili dog,and all hell, or rather a familiar hell breaks loose! XD


So this one requires a bit of an explanation.

I’m a follower of GameXplain’s content, have been for a while now, and recently one of the dudes managing the thing, derrick bitner, started a nuzlocke of pokemon crystal wherein he -through RNG shenanigans and the chat- got himself a Totodile which he dubbed Vector, in honor of vector the cocodrile.

Lamenting that he has no artistic talent to actually draw a Vector Totodile, he asked an open request to see such a thing happen.

And you know what? the idea was too silly to resist.

Behold the result of a quick drawing: vector the totodile.


TITLE: Cyber Reef Zone


Good future, bad past?

This is an 80′s inspired, synth, techno remix of Lava Reef Zone Act 1 from Sonic & Knuckles. It really does capture the feel of that era perfectly without being too pop. If 90′s tech existed in the 80′s, it makes me wonder how different the games would have been…

No Download Link. Buy a copy of the song on  LoudriTunesSpotifyGoogle Play, and Amazon MP3!

-Samurai Echidna

And now, an origin for The Hat of Glory

So, who here remembers Knuckles’ hat from the OVA?

Oh, don’t lie- you all do, because it is awesome. I rather like the hat myself, and so naturally I like to think of how he came to have it, and with it, this scene unfolded- 

So for whatever reason, Knuckles is forced to stay in Knothole for a while with the Master Emerald, hiding it there in an underground chamber. So, for a time, he is directly helping Sonic and company. 

Basically over the course of things, he becomes good friends with Bunnie and Antoine, and so Bunnie decides to give him a little something for his troubles- a hat that had previously belonged to her uncle. 

I just get a kick out of picturing her giving him The Hat, him trying it on and looking into a mirror, intensely scrutizing it, and never once losing that dead serious expressio, says “I like it!” in complete earnestness, much to Bunnie’s glee. 

And lo, the legend is born.