Sonic Says

So I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday...

and I really wanted to capture my thinking process when I was still dopey from the anesthesia, so I asked my mom to give me a pen and paper the second I woke up

you know what i fucking drew???? 

i drew god damn pepes i drew fucking memes im a shitty ass meme lover the truth is out theres no going back i hate myself

When many people are asked who their role model / idol is they often think of celebrities and I’m sat here like…

This is the kinda thing people should look up to

This is something we should always remember but often forget

Life is a challenge, ya gotta live it and love it

It’s things like this that have made me into a better person the last 10 years. 

so i found myself digging @gregzillagt‘s rad redesign of sonic so much that i had to take a swing at it

seeing as i am a sonic cd/ova design loving guy myself this was totally up my alley - also sonic sporting cute red neckwear to match his shoes is always an absolute plus in my book