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To Sonic: What were you and your friends' best childhood memory?

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“Each other!” - Tails “And our wild, hilariously epic adventures!” -Sonic

“I’d say our daring adventures too..! And rendezvous!” -Amy “Taking out ol’Eggman is one of my favorites to look back on.” -Sonic

“How about the times I took you on? Ay, Sonic!?” -Knuckles. “You mean those ‘pleasant’ misunderstandings?” -Sonic

“More fateful meetings!” -Amy “Quit it already, Amy… We’ve already answered for this..” -Sonic

“Being in each other’s arms as we’re whisked away from danger!” -Amy “She’s got a whole scrapbook…” -Tails.

“Seeing my darling hero again!” -Amy “Yeah… and they’re all about me…” -Sonic

“Oh, but of course! The best memories I have are of all of us!” “Haha, that’s our Amy!” -Tails “Heh, saving the best for last, huh?” -Sonic “That’s a good angle of me. I should pose like that more often! With my good side~” -Knuckles

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I think you are fantastic artist and i wished i was as good as you

awwww thank you! Hey, practice makes perfect. I’ve been using my hands in an artistic way since I went to therapy as a young kid (my mom says that’s where my inspiration started), and I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. 

One of my early memories is when I was in kindergarten, every week we had to write something in our composition books in the morning, but I always drew a picture instead. I remember one morning I drew Sonic, Tails, and Pikachu all as pirates on a pirate ship! I wish I still had it, but it’ll only exist as a distant memory rip.

Keep on drawin’! I’ve had friends I’ve helped in the past surpass me as artists, and I bet one day you can too ;D

(oops this got long sorry this is why i cant do these asks)

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To Sonic: I just found out that I have Arachnophobia and am 30% hydrophobic, I just saw a picture of a spider today and I literally got a panic attack from that. Do you or your friends have any phobias that you know of, what happens when you guys do come in contact with one of your phobias?

“The way I see it, you can either panic-”

(x) “Or conquer it!”

(x)“I constantly choose the latter… o-obviously…”

“Changing isn’t easy but…”

“It’s doable! Just depends on how much time and effort you put into it! For those who can’t always face their fears, like me, I tend to avoid whenever possible whatever distress might come. For instance, my fear of lightning! I don’t fly while black clouds storm the sky! It’s a rhyme I invented to make sure I check the weather before heading out on a high flying adventure!”

“Hmm… I guess for spiders… you could clean your bed and house every weekend to make sure bugs are taken care of. There’s also special bug spray you could use around cracks and borders of the room. I would suggest just doing whatever’s in your power to keep yourself happy and safe! B-but don’t spray too much! Those fumes can be toxic to smaller animals, you know?”


“YEEE, AHH! I better stay inside today! Where to hide!? Where to hiiide!!”


“AHH!!! Oh no… I think I left a metallic conductor called the X-Tornado outside… It’s totally gonna get rusty and it’s all my fault…” -wide-eyed cause there’s no way in how he’s going outside tonight xD HARD NOPE, lol-

“Not really.”

“Again, not really.”

“Seriously though, it hasn’t.”

“We were talking with each other during the beginning of this game.”

“This is getting ridiculous.”

“Not so much the case, madam.”

“For the last time, NO.”



“NOOOOOOO-okay that one actually is justified.”