Sonic & Knuckles

anonymous asked:

The Sonic character's favorite seasons

Sonic - Spring. Because it’s easier to run after the harsh winter season and all of it’s ice making surfaces slippery. Also, ALL THAT NATURE.

Tails - Winter. Because Christmas (Which is canonically something that he loves) and the prospect of sitting by the fire and sipping hot chocolate.

Amy - Summer. All that lovely soft-serve ice cream and fair weather.

Knuckles - Autumn. Time for the harvest.

People think I’m the cute one. The girly one. Oh, sweet little adorable Amy Rose? Wonder what kind of cake she’s baking today? Well I blend in buddy, but I carry a big hammer, and I never forget!

Do you know what I do to my enemies? I crush them, and I eat them for breakfast, even after I already ate breakfast, and brunch! So, do not push me, and don’t mess with my friends!
—  Amy Rose
(“Knine-to-Five Knuckles.” Sonic Boom, S. 2 Ep. 16)

“Knuckles is the last of his kind, so no Echidnas, *ANGRY SCREECHING*” pisses me off because that’s a plot-hole in and of itself.

Someone had to have given birth to him and unless there’s been centuries of inbreeding that means he couldn’t exist without a decent population of his species at least up until his parents. At that point you could infer (though unlikely) some cataclysmic thing wiped out literally every single living one but him.   

I like to call this selective suspension of disbelief.

ceciliavonjoy  asked:

I had a Sonic dream once where there was a game like Sonic Heroes, but the teams were each driving a car together. There was Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in one, Shadow, Rouge, and Omega in one, and the last was Bean, Bark, and (for some reason??) MEPHILES. it was weird omg. i don't remember who won

Aw, that would have been cool (and hilarious)! Can you imagine Shadow and Rouge crammed into a tiny car with Omega?