Sonia Kashuk

I Tried A Shitload of Black Eyeliner So You Don't Have To

I figured for my first real post I could focus on my ongoing obsession with finding the perfect black eyeliner. I swatched 30(!) different black liners and did a rub test and a water trial for all of them, so we could really get an idea of what all this goth-water will wear like. hit the cut if you wanna paint it paint it paint it black, BLACK AS NIGHT, BLACK AS COAL. 

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So first off I’ll talk about the bag, its Sonia Kashuk, I bought it at Target it was actually on clearance when I got it so it was only like $5 (I’ll leave a link below). It has two bigger pockets that zip, as you can see, but it also has a pocket in between the too, two pockets on the side, two pockets in the back, and a small zip pocket inside along with two inside pockets as well. A LOT OF POCKETS. lol. Its not very big but it can get “bulky.” Remember when shopping for a bag for your products choose whats best for you! I always carry around big tote bags so this works fine, however my sister who hardly carries her bigger purses around just carries the minimum, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouth wash all in a ziplock bag–Again that is what works for her! I personally was on the hunt for something with lots of pockets, and that is clearly what i went for. 

So I normally use this bag to double up as my Invisalign bag and my make up bag, I usually don’t carry too much makeup with me just whatever I need to “touch up” so it doesn’t take up too much space. 

Sensodyne - My teeth have been pretty sensitive since I got them filed so this works great, its also good for your enamel. 

Toothbrush- Just a travel toothbrush just a warning, these do get pretty nasty pretty fast so I tend to switch it out for a new one every 3 weeks

Fresh Guard Wipe- just incase I feel like I need to wipe my trays, I don’t use it often but when I do I’m left with a great minty smell! 


Mouthwash- I buy a couple of these a month but I normally refill them with my big mouthwash bottle so I’m not constantly repurchasing! 

A “Chewy” - to make sure after I eat lunch my trays are fitting correctly 

Vaseline- Sometimes my lips can get very dry and chapped so this helps on those days. I do tend to carry a regular chapstick or lip balm as well but sometimes those aren’t enough. 

Make Up Products

Powder, eye lash curler, lip liner, lip stick, and Chap stick. 

The make up pretty much stays the same only i have different lip products almost everyday! 

Thats all for now! 


(Sorry the picture isn’t great I was working with terrible lighting).|null

dupes/alternatives masterpost ✨

Hey loves, this masterpost was partially requested and I’m so excited.  I recommend to do your research before buying the dupe, some of the dupes are better than others. Some brands are repeated. Here is a dupe masterpost for MAC lipsticks. Here is a dupe masterpost for liquid lipsticks. Here is a spreadsheet of Coastal Scents eyeshadows to MAC eyeshadow dupes. Most of these dupes I found online so I do not take credit for any of those but some I researched myself. This is under read more because this list is very long. :) If you have any more dupes or questions, feel free to send them in.

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