Reunion of Song Ji Hyo and Song Joong Ki in Running Man EP283

Ji hyo hugs Joong Ki and says,“Ya, it’s really been long (to meet)”
[subtitle: joyful hug between Song Song siblings]

Ji Hyo says,“It’s cold” and Joong Ki touchd her cheeks with hands

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Running Man x BTS

 The Oldest (50 x 23)

The Dancer (Yoo Hyuk x ‘Dance’ Team Leader)

The Muscle Man (Mr Capable x Muscle pig)

The Sleepy-Head (Mong-ji x Genius)

The Rapper (Squid x Pink Monster)

The ‘Unfortunate’ (Unlucky x End Plate King)

The Mischievous (Haroro x ‘The cutest’ 4D)


160221 Running Man shooting in Dubai Song Ji Hyo plays with a 4-year-old kid😆😆 (cr. twitter@bling_95)

[translated by @cviixm] jihyo played with my 4 year old cousin and she won… she was so happy to see him and hugged him

original comment: جيهيو لعبت مع ولد خالتي الصغير عمره 4 وفازت .. واايد استانست عليه وحضنته

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Cartoon theme song featuring Song Ji Hyo and her younger brother!

Go bro! I like your poker face yet hilarious collaboration with Ji Hyo!

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Two nervous Leos (feat.Ha Dong Hoon & Song Ji Hyo)
- Facing challenge (EP273) vs Getting away from being out (EP171)

They are really cute when they are going nutsXDD

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