We were in love, really
We liked each other, really
Felt like going crazy, felt like I’d burst, really
So let’s leave now again
I miss you again today
Because you remain in my heart and I can’t erase you, really,
I’m hurting like this

Because I love you, tears fall
Because my heart hurts, tears fall again
In case I lose you again, in case I lose you again
My two eyes only look at you
Look at me, who loves you
Because tears fall like this, because tears keep falling,
Even if I’m born again, even if I’m born again, it’s you

I said that I hate the start of goodbyes
But if I love again, if I miss you, really,
Can you come back?

I only see you

I’m waiting and waiting for you
In case you come back, in case you come back again
Even if I’m rained on, even if I walk in the snow
Even if I’m born again, it’s only you