Song Min Ho

Jay Park is the most qualified to sit in the judges chair.

Despite what ignorant international fans who have absolutely zero knowledge about the korean hip-hop scene will have you believe, Jay Park is a legit and widely recognized skilled rapper who gets requests for a rap verse by other influential korean artists on a regular basis.

I will list a few reasons why Jay Park is more than qualified to be a judge in show me the money 4. If you still want more, you can message me and I will educate you a bit more.

1.Jay Park is an all-round hip-hop artist, this means he doesn’t just rap, he is ROOTED in the hiphop culture,

2. Jay Park has the most diverse hip-hop discography of all the judges, this means he has understanding of most of the different genres and styles used in modern hiphop.(not to mention he is a bboy too)

3.Jay Park is the founder and CEO of one of the most popular hiphop labels in korea: AOMG

4.Jay Park is lauded as one of the key people who popularized hiphop and rap in korea.

5.Jay Park although a skilled vocal performer is often remembered at concerts moreso for his rap performances, people who have seen his performances will understand this.

 6.Jay Park is connected and has worked with most of the popular Korean rappers you can find both underground and mainstream. It’s harder to list a name he hasn’t worked with. All of them have praised jay’s rap and vocals. AOMG office is known as a meetup spot for hiphop artists.