Can we all agree on the incredible acting?!

Instead of arguing and getting upset about things that have happened, can we all at least agree that the acting from the cast was A-fucking ++++++++++. Everyone put their all into this episode. It would’ve been so emotional and heartbreaking to film, and you definitely feel it while watching. The whole episode imo is perfection, but two scenes in particular just blow me away. The scene with Negan telling Rick to cut of Carl’s arm is just…I don’t even have the words for it. Both Andy and Jeffrey are superb here. I’ll never get over Andy’s acting in this episode! The other scene is what I like to think of as the “aftermath” moment, when the group are left alone, in shock and complete sadness, and you wonder how they are going to get over what just happened. Just had to say all that and take a moment to appreciate the cast and their acting.

Like I told you, I ran out of time to say all I wanted on Talking Dead. I won’t be able to say everything here either but I’ll try to put a dent in it. Your talent, humor and intellect inspire me, challenge me and delight me all at the same time. The story of TWD is in need of a heart transplant because you beat at its core. Grateful to know you brother and to have shared in this journey with you. So much love always. #ripglenn


                          ‘You gave me one of the gratest experiences of my entire life.
                     So sincerely, to every single fan who tuned in and watched the show,
                                                           Thank you so much.


It’s all possible. I see that now. When I was out there with them, when it was over, when I knew we had this place again… I had this feeling. It took me a while to remember what it was, because I haven’t felt it since before I woke up in that hospital bed. I want to show you the new world, Carl. I want to make it a reality for you. Please, Carl… let me show you. Please, son, don’t die.

No Way Out


Lennie James, Melissa McBride, Andrew Lincoln, Michael Cudlitz, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Steven Yeun of ‘The Walking Dead’ pose for a portrait at the Getty Images Portrait Studio Powered By Samsung Galaxy At Comic-Con International 2015 at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 11, 2015