I Want Action

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Characters: Dean Winchester x Fem!Reader, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1,323

Warnings: a drop of angst maybe, SMUT, car sex, breath play?, some dirty talk, interrupting Sam

(the lyrics used from I Want Action by Poison are italicized


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saintvader  asked:

kylux prompt. "we shouldn't be doing this." "shh. no, we shouldn't get caught. there is a difference."

Hux’s heart raced as Ren shoved him up against the wall of the conference room. Large hands worked deftly to undo his belt and open the front of his uniform until they could slide beneath his undershirt and touch bare skin. He moaned when Ren’s fingers brushed over his nipples, his body sagging against the wall he was trapped against.

“Ren…” he said, hoping his voice conveyed disapproval but fearing it showed how quickly he was becoming undone.

“Shut up,” Ren murmured against his neck, lips moving up flushed skin until he was nibbling on Hux’s ear. Hux’s body betrayed him immediately, his cock jumping and filling out under Ren’s insistent ministrations. When the hands on his chest moved down to his pants, Hux’s breath caught in his throat. They shouldn’t be– There was a meeting in– People were coming.

“Ren… Ren, we can’t– we shouldn’t be doing this,” he said desperately as he brought his hands up to grip Ren’s forearms. His grip did nothing to stop Ren from getting his pants open and  rubbing his hand over Hux’s hardening cock, still trapped in his briefs. He moaned loud when Ren squeezed it through the fabric.

Ren laughed softly, his breath tickling the soft skin of his neck, and then he was sinking to his knees in front of Hux.

“No,” he said, smiling smugly up at Hux and looking unfairly beautiful from this angle. “We shouldn’t get caught. There’s a difference.” He rubbed his nose along the hard outline of Hux’s cock and then pulled his underwear down to reveal it. His tongue flicked out at the tip and Hux’s hand flew to his hair, fisting it tight enough for a small flinch to show on Ren’s face. It still didn’t deter him though and his smug smile was quickly back in place. 

“If you want to spend the meeting hard like this, then by all means tell me no. The first people won’t arrive for another seven minutes. All I need are two.”

Hux’s chest rose and fell in heavy pants as he glared down at Ren, wishing he could have just an ounce of normalcy in his life before cursing and relaxing his grip. Ren moved forward and swallowed down his cock.