Ok but… Tony doing something incredibly reckless on a mission, and yeah it works but he breaks his arm, badly. Once the initial worried yelling at him for being an idiot is over, the team asks if they can sign it. Clint writes something obscene on the the bottom where Tony can’t see, and Phil smacks him for it. Natasha signs it and draws a terrifyingly graphic picture of her breaking his arm if he ever does something like that manoeuvre again. Bruce just sighs and writes his name in a green pen, to shut Tony up. Thor draws a little Mjolnir, and says that Tony’s inability to lift the hammer is what is rendering his arm immobile. Bucky doesn’t sign it-he just smirks in the background. Tony is suspicious. Finally it’s steves turn, and he gets his paints and brushes out and tells Tony to close his eyes. Tony does, not sure what to expect, and when he’s told to open them steve has painted his arm metallic silver, with drawn on grooves and bolts, and a red star on the top. Bucky is pissing himself in the corner, as steve proudly announces he now has a matching set of boyfriends. He has to sleep on the couch that night, but it’s so worth it.

i like to think that all the avengers are really good at cooking, from different missions they undertook and places they traveled
Clint is a master of all things south east Asia, having spent so many missions trekking through jungles of Loas and Cambodia, living off local recipes, and he brought them all back with him.
Natasha, for obvious reasons, can do eastern European food in her sleep. Her burek is to die for, after her time spent in the former Yugoslavia
Bruce, having lived in India before joining the team, is exceptional at Indian food. when he needs a break from the lab, he’ll make bhaji’s or samosa’s for everyone. The team wishes he was bored of the lab more often
Thor brings surprise to everyone, because he cooks Asgardian food. An odd combination of mainland Scandinavian food and medieval fare, it’s always an adventure when Thor cooks. Especially when he has to pop back to Asgard for an ingredient he forgot
Steve is very versatile, having spent so much time in places like France, Greece, Italy and even some small missions into Northern Africa. He prefers French food, but has an affinity for Greek cooking and loves spanakopita because of its simplicity
Tony, everyone assumes, will be master of Italian,because of his Mother. But when it’s his first time to cook for the team, there’s spiced meatballs, korma, lentil dahl, a lamb and rice dish that no one can name, and lots of rice. As everyone sits down and wonders where this all came from, Tony casually remarks “three months in a cave, i didn’t just build a suit”

I just love the thought of Nat being the one to stand up for Tony in a lot of situations. Like, when he has to leave rooms without warning, doesn’t sleep, won’t eat anything, is snappy and unsociable following the battle of New York, Nat is the one who placates the team. She tells Steve to back off, distracts Thor from going down there to find out what’s going on, and keeps Bruce from heading to the workshop when Tony is in a particularly bad mood. She knows Tony better than most of them, and everyone wonders how and why, until Clint remembers her being assigned to him whilst he was dealing with Vanko, Hammer and the palladium poisoning. Nat knows how Tony deals with everything silently and alone, she knows how he hates people seeing him weak and thats why he’s down at the workshop more and more, shutting everyone else out. Her initial assessment of him was more to protect him from getting involved, because she knew that if something happened to the team or himself, he would take it really badly and isolate himself again, which is what is happening right now. She helps with some of his anxiety attacks and slowly gets him back to the team. he doesn’t trust her, not at all, but she knows this and doesn’t even try to pretend he does. He respects that. She’s already seen him at his worst, at his most self destructive, so he knows he can let her see this because this is nowhere near as bad. I just really love Nat and Tony protecting each other and being the really unlikely friendship duo