Saiyuki Crossroaders

Seeing as many of you have been asking about this light novel and to clear up some details, let’s have a proper post about it.

What is it?: A exclusive “online only” light novel by Kazuya Minekura, posted on Ichijinsha’s Zero-Sum website HERE. On their usual way to the West, the guys realize they’re near the vicinity of “the Famous Maakou Town”, Shangri-La’s equivalent of “Las Vegas”. Although reluctant at first to waste more time with yet another distraction, Sanzo agrees they all go into the city as he needs to have his Smith & Wesson serviced.

Is it an Alternate Universe (AU) story?: No, it’s not. This is one of the many side stories/adventures that take place on the way West. In other words, it’s one of the many delays the Three Aspects keep complaining about!

Where does it fall in the series?: Although Minekura-sensei has been working on this while already releasing “Saiyuki Reload Blast”, this story takes place during “Saiyuki Reload” as the guys have NOT reached India.

Is the story finished?: No. It currently stands at four chapters as of November 2013. One day she will finish it, but due to on-going health conditions it’s unpredictable when she might be able to pick up this project. Originally this was intended for her as a way to continue producing material for Saiyuki in a lighter form as her health conditions can limit how much time she can spend in the manga or even go into the office for work.

Okay, got all that. What about translations? “Konnyakuhonyufrom Livejournal translated the first three chapters of the story. See the links below:

Chapter One: The Sleepless Town.

Chapter Two: The Famous “Maakou Town…”

Chapter Three: “You Wouldn’t Think this was the Same Shangri-la”.

What about Chapter four?: It’s currently untranslated. If you or anyone else would like to volunteer to translate this chapter you can view & download the Japanese script HERE. Sometimes when opening the file it tends to give an error. Try clicking on it a second time and it should open. It also has some extra color art on it as well.

Happy year of the Monkey!!!! It was a long time I wanted to do a crossover with the Saiyuki legend, so I warmed up with this quick doodle XD I hope to have more free time to draw next weekend and going on with Dracula. So here we are with Sun An Na and Sanz El Sa ahahahahaah!!!!

The original names, for those who don’t know, are Sun Wukong (Son Goku in japanese) and Sanzang (Sanzo in japanese). Here Anna is grumpy because Elsa put a crown that hurts her head each time Anna did bad deeds in the villages, thanks to a magic spell pronounced by Elsa (I’m following the original legend). Elsa will take Anna with her in her journey and they will fall in love (obvious, I would never imagine AU without the fluff!!!)

Yes, Anna has a tail, since she is the Queen of monkeys XD her outfit is taken from “The forbidden kingdom” with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Elsa’s outfit is inspired to the classic errant zen monk outfit. In this AU she has ice powers.

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Saiyuki: Crossroaders - Cover

The cover image for the exclusively online light novel written by Minekura-sensei herself. Although still incomplete as of 2013, the story is about the fearsome four making a stop at a city which is Shangri-La’s equivalent of Las Vegas. As usual Sanzo doesn’t want to get caught on some other pointless delay, but the need to get his shotgun serviced leaves him without a choice. Unfortunately for him, sometime after dropping off the gun for repair, he looses his credit card….I do hope Minekura can finish this story one day! My only pet peeve with this one is I’m not a big fan of the green filter…’

They more or less just look like a Yakuza gang, with Hakkai being the layer/representative, Goku being the hitman, Gojyo the bodyguard & of course, Sanzo is THE BOSS. Seems accurate.

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Happy Chinese New Year~~ 

this year is year of monkey so i drew goku and Sun WuKong this year~ their name are basically same and they are cute too :D yes, im gonna to print this for new year card. you can tell me of you want it :D first come first serve~

新年快樂~ 今年是猴年所以這次的賀卡畫了悟空www 他們超可愛derrr 若你們想要的話可以告訴我哦,派完了就沒有了哦~www


Saiyuki: Goku - Nine of Heart

New illustration included at the end of Salty Dog IX. Third of a series of four. I am heavily under the impression Minekura-sensei made a light nod to the otome visual novel “Amnesia” (Memories). In this visual novel, each of the main persuadable bachelors are represented by one of the symbols from the deck of cards. The similarity on this one is probably more of a stretch, but since Minekura was making a set, she had to find something. As it turns out, the character “Shin” is more or less a brunette with similar hair colors to Goku and I suppose you could argue he has a bit of that “bad boy” aura to him. As such, he is represented by the Heart symbol, just as Goku gets the same symbol in this set. For what it’s worth, I do strongly believe Goku is the heart of our fearsome quartet heading west-bound. If you’re interested in learning more about Amnesia Memories click here.

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