Japanese help!

What is Goku saying here? After Goku is laughing with his friends around the cherry tree, he says “the people I love are here. Everyone is laughing.” Then he goes on to say “それだけだったけど…それだけでいいやってずっとって思ったんだよ。” (Sore dake datta kedo… Sore dake de iiyate zutto te omottanda.)
I thought he would be saying something like “just this is enough. I felt that I wanted to stay this way forever”, but the translation I found online said “just that alone isn’t enough. I’ve always felt this way.” These are totally opposite translations, so I want to know what is correct. It’s important to know what Gokuu-chan is feeling here. Can anyone help me? Again, if you can’t read Japanese, remind me what they translated it to in the anime or in other versions you are familiar with!

Sanzo's Green-Eyed Demon (2009)

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by JennyB

Sanzo’s plagued by a very persistent green-eyed demon.

Words: 2993, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I’m translating a poem that’s in the beginning of the first volume of Gaiden. At first, I thought it might have been a pre-existing poem that Minekura just threw in because it had a connection with the story. When I started reading it, I realized it’s a poem written from Konzen’s point of view about how he’s been feeling since Goku showed up! (Mainly about how he’s been aching all over due to said monkey) This is so precious! I’m very happy I decided to try translating it, because the existence of this poem makes me very happy. I love that Minekura writes so many little quotes and poems to go along with her story!