Me watching fancams of Taemin’s Move performance at Seoul Fashion Week’s Supercomma B show: That woman having a visceral reaction looks like Son Dam Bi.

One google search later:

Oh, because it freaking is!!!

Son Dam Bi, famously called the “female version of Rain” in the media and whose chair dance for her hit song, “Crazy” became so insanely popular that it became part of Korean pop culture jamming to “Move.” 

Bonus: (This is at the start of the performance. She is either being told who it is or she’s in disbelief.)

fancam sources: Fall’in Taem, Kindergarten

Sad Korean Songs Master-post

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Nam Tae Hyun Personally Denies Rumors About Him Dating Son Dam Bi

Nam Tae Hyun Personally Denies Rumors About Him Dating Son Dam Bi

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Nam Tae Hyun has refuted the short-lived rumors that claimed the singer and Son Dam Bi were a couple.

Early morning on October 30, Nam Tae Hyun stated to news outlets, “I looked up my name after someone contacted me, but I think there was a misunderstanding stemming from a video I shot with a close friend using a popular app. I am sorry.”

The singer had shared a now-deleted video clip featuring…

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