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I’ve already done this for my Fantasy WIP, ATS, so all that’s left is my spooky WIP. Which does not have an official first line but anyways, this is how it currently starts. 

The day she first arrived at the strange, quiet town of Blackdale, the last thing Nina expected to do was raise the dead. Yet, there she stood, looking down at a red-haired boy she knew should not have been alive.

Yes, that is two sentences, but I got tagged twice so….not cheating technically???


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On why her albums sound so different from one another

“It’s natural for me, maybe more subconsciously than consciously, that whatever I do on one album, I tend to do the opposite of on the next. I did Homogenic and that was very big— big beam, touring, a billion gigs around the world, probably the most rock’n’roll I’ve ever been — and then I went home and did Vespertine, which was very petite and micro. I think that the same thing has happened here. Vulnicura was very, like, warts-and-all — you’re in the centre of something very personal. I think I needed to zoom out and find a new manifesto.”

Björk, Dazed (2017)

So I started reading The Blazing World today.

It’s a book from 1666, by Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle. She was an aristocrat, philosopher, poet, scientist, fiction-writer, and playwright; the book is considered one of the earliest pieces of science fiction. I can’t say it’s the first because I’m pretty sure Johannes Kepler’s Somnium, which takes place on the Moon, takes precedence. Somnium was written in 1608 and published in 1634. But it’s up there.

The story starts with a merchant falling for a lady and kidnapping her to avoid the problem or her father’s objections. This does not go over well with God and Nature, and the boat full of kidnappers and the lady gets blown into the extreme northern ocean, where all the men on board die of the terrible bitter cold. The lady survives, and is rescued by creatures walking over the polar ice who are

in shape like Bears, only they went upright as men; those Creatures coming near the Boat, catched hold of it with their Paws, that served them instead of hands; 

And then they realize that she’s not going to handle the cold of their island very well, so they take her

into another Island of a warmer temper; in which were men like Foxes, only walking in an upright shape, who received their neighbours the Bear-men with great civility and Courtship, very much admiring this beauteous Lady;

And shortly thereafter

they came into an Island where there were Men which had heads, beaks and feathers, like wild-Geese, onely they went in an upright shape, like the Bear-men and Fox-men: their rumps they carried between their legs, their wings were of the same length with their Bodies, and their tails of an indifferent size, trailing after them like a Ladie’s Garment;

And that is the moment at which I realized THEY HAD FURRIES IN 1666.


A video showcasing two of my songs, Redemption and Somnium. Saturn images are from the Cassini spacecraft, hand-downloaded and organized with help from Qusai Al Shidi. Sun footage from the Halloween Solar Storm. All sources from NASA…. besides the music…. das mine  :D