When I found you, you were inside an egg. I was alone, and your tiny egg brought joy and purpose to my life again. I kept you warm in our den and held you close for many months, waiting for you to appear. Your egg smelled of sweet sugared vanilla, and sometimes I can still smell it in your hair. When you finally came to me, I was surprised to see that you had no fur, except for a patch of mint colored curls on your head. Your hair reminded me of gentle rolling waves of seafoam, and that’s why I named you Umi.


She smiled like the sunrise, blinding, utterly impossible and beautiful. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as her hands extended to him from across the street, palms up. Her face, every single perfect line of it, the eyes he’d always known and never seen before watery, but full of joy. The shock had stalled him, chest tight and painful, until she broke it with a single gesture. Her hands curled, fingers tucking in.


Somnium, chapter 13 - Hourglass - @anachromystic

Aaaaaand, the End.

I’m trash. Solavellan AUs are forever my favorite things in the world. And it’s Friday, so I can finally post this big fluffy thing I’ve been working on all week.

I’m still not over this chapter.

No. There isn’t “another half of the story”. Nope. No more tears Ana.  They met and I’m happy ;_; I can’t hear you over the sound of my happiness.