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When I found you, you were inside an egg. I was alone, and your tiny egg brought joy and purpose to my life again. I kept you warm in our den and held you close for many months, waiting for you to appear. Your egg smelled of sweet sugared vanilla, and sometimes I can still smell it in your hair. When you finally came to me, I was surprised to see that you had no fur, except for a patch of mint colored curls on your head. Your hair reminded me of gentle rolling waves of seafoam, and that’s why I named you Umi.

She laughed, bright and thrilling, bounding ahead of him across the grass. His eyes opened. The aurora shimmered overhead, light casting strange shadows over the uneven grass. She was halfway to the hill, and he followed slowly. Every step hurt, every step made his bones protest as if they were giving out beneath him. He plodded, watching her get further and further away.

Hundreds, thousands of fireflies swirled up from the twisted tree as she crested the rise, her figure a dark blot against the glory of the sky.

for Somnium by @anachromystic

I LOVE this super interesting, modern au fic! 

= me almost every chapter from the angsty fluffiness

a good portion of my favourite fics are either finished or discontinued and frankly, that makes me want to cry.

inspired by justdrinktea’s (discontinued?) fic wherein john has always woken up on prospit but gets separated from jade when prospit gets destroyed and he wakes up on derse instead. dersites are considerably more hostile than prospitans, hence why john is in (dave’s) derse pjs in an attempt to blend in.