Sometime in the mid 1970s

My mom just told me when my grandma was in her late teens a man offered her a ride & she ended up jumping out of the car because the man was acting really weird and she got scared. Turns out he ended up being a famous serial killer but she forgot his name…. LOLOL she??? forgot?? Slightly disgusted in my mom’s lack of interest but she’s looking for the diary that all the details are written in so hopefully I’ll have answers soon. This happened sometime between1969 and the mid 1970s in Seattle, Washington. Sounds like Ted Bundy but he didn’t start killing until 1974ish so not quite sure the timing is right. Who could it be?

anonymous asked:

Up date on the serial killer your grandma escaped from? Was it bundy???

While it would certainly be cool to be able to say it was (and by cool I mean the highlight of my existence) there’s really no way to know for sure. It sounds a bit like Ted Bundy’s MO in basic form, but there were so many others in the North West region at that time that it could’ve been. The time frame is too broad and there aren’t enough details to know who it was for sure.


  • It happened sometime between 1969 and the mid 1970s in Seattle, Washington.
  • She was caucasian, brown hair/brown eyes, late teens-early twenties (relevant or not)
  • She was offered a ride by a stranger.
  • She jumped out of the car at a red light because he was acting weird.
  • It happened during the day, and several people saw her get out of the car. One man got a license plate number.
  • The car’s license plates came back as stolen.
  • Police were already looking for a suspect for several rapes/murders in the area at the time that this happened.

Unfortunately, his identity wasn’t known until much later so his name isn’t written down in her journal. She told my mom about it, but my mom doesn’t remember the name (lol bye). And my grandma is dead. SO. If anyone has any ideas on who it could be, or if you know if there would be any way to access the police report, let me know!!!