“Ready soldiers?“ Steve asks. You all nod as the truck (driven by bucky) Shakes.

“We will win this.” Wanda smirks. You couldn’t blame her for wanting to go against Tony, but sometimes you think she might want to kill him.

“Ready as i’ll ever be. but tell me why again we’re fighting them? we won’t get anything out of this asides pain.” You ask. you didn’t want to fight. You would’ve held back, but if someone got hurt you wanted to help. And you truly believed in what this team stood for. Just not in this way.

“Because they’re wrong, and we have to show’em who’s right.” Clint says. You sigh in response.

“Guys, I’m really glad You let me help out!” Scott smiles. oblivious to what’s going on. “Not now, TicTac.” Sam shushes him.

“Halfway there!” Bucky yells from the front. 

You could tell this was going to be a long day.

things I have said/yelled while playing overwatch

- im about to fuck up this reaper idgaf if im playing mercy right now
- i swear to god someone kill this fucking tracer
- Hanzo get on the point HANZO ON THE FUCKINF POINT YOU SHIT
- excuse me this is my tank
- excuse me this is my archer did I tell you you can kill him
- guys I’m going to tank mercy hold on real quick
- *picks genji* don’t worry team I got this
- *someone leaves immediately after I pick hanzo* damn I guess they really didn’t want me picking Hanzo
- fuck me right in the ass
- this bastion is so stupid I just deflected them to death guys I’m on the po- *immediately dies* OH GOD DAMN IT
- don’t over extend don’t over extend I’m not healing YOU DONT OVER EXTEND
- *genji kills me* daddy no……
- if I don’t get a mother fucking thank you up in this bitch I’m letting you all die
- i am going to physically put myself in this video game so I can ACTUALLY PUNCH SYMMETRA IN THE FACE

Secrets and Spies, Truths and Lies - Chapter 4 Sneak Peek

(Because I need a huge kick in the butt to keep going until it’s finished, but it’s coming, it’s coming…)

Killian knew instantly what the password was.  He knew, and yet he didn’t want to know, hated that he knew with every fiber of his being.  Some part of him wanted to remain silent, let the mission end right here, right now, regardless of what it would mean if they failed to catch Gold.

But he also knew what meant if he kept quiet.  Gold would only continue hunting down other agents around the world, he’d continue to advertise to governments who desperately wanted to keep Western eyes from prying into their secrets, he’d continue to sell his murders to the highest bidder, and all because Killian was too big a coward to say her name out loud.

(come yell at me to finish, please…)

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The moment he saw her(his) hand coming his way, the Hound jumped backwards to avoid the hit as a small growl came out of his mouth. Damn it was weird to be yelled at from someone that had the same face as his. It was like partly looking at a mirror.

“Please, I need my face how it is right now. It’s not really my fault that all of that is happening to you. Perhaps now you will know how it feels like to be me…” He sighed out and reached out to pat Loni on the cheek. “Hehe. But you know that face doesn’t fit with the way you talk… But still I don’t mind having some good time if you have the money~”

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16. Your muse breaks mine’s heart.

A view that he’d had previously killed for was now one that he’d give anything not to see. Her hair, all swooped back into a ponytail bouncing as she walked away, the curves of her body, knowing that they’d never recover from this. Cheating on Sadie really had come back to bite him in the ass; apparently Fade didn’t feel comfortable being with someone with such a terrible track record. “I’m different now, I promise, I’d never do that to you!” He yelled down a hallway as she walked away, him in a hot pursuit. “At least give me a chance to prove you right, I swear I won’t ever,” Searing regret, pain burning in his chest. No response, nothing but silence from someone who at one point couldn’t seem to stop speaking. A part of him told him to stop running after her, not to appear desperate or vulnerable. His feet stop at the bottom of the stairs, hers carrying her towards the door with such confidence it made him want to crumple. There was nothing else he could say, nothing to make her stay. With a longing look, his last chance of redemption sauntering away.

54. My muse says they hate yours.

For weeks now, Ben had realized just how soft he’d become. Skipping deals to spend time under a blanket with Tate, drinking tea and reading books. Hell, he’d even started coming home with flowers and nothing to apologize for. With softness and fondness and even dare he say love, he knew horrible things were only to follow. There was only one thing left to do - end it. Hard and fast, like ripping off a bandaid. By the time Tate had arrived to his apartment her things were packed into a box by his door and his room was a mess of clothes, trash, ashtrays. A collection of empty bottles decorated his throne. She was speaking, her soft voice that he’d become so accustomed to enveloping him in a dangerous seduction. “You need to go,” He interrupts, lifting his eyes to hers, a bottle to his mouth. The burn of the alcohol was numbed by the previous drinks he’d downed before she arrived. “You don’t get it,” He says after a minute of her standing there. Had she said something? He hoped not. “This isn’t real. None of it - remember what I said? Just a bit of fun. You thought I loved you?” Bentley scoffs, expression hardening as hers breaks. “You’re much more naive than I thought. The opposite, actually - I hate you.”