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steve, bucky, nat, and sam go to feminist rallies in 'disguise' (hoodies and sunglasses o ye) and they're all super passionate but bucky goes ALL FUKCING OUT and even natasha has to say, "oook buck you can stop shouting now, we get the point-" "REPRODUCTION RIGHTS!!! YES ALL WOMEN!!! SHUT TH E UFKCI UP DONALD TRUMP!!!" and nat sam and steve just kinda roll their eyes and yell too

I like the idea that Bucky is always pulling Steve outta fights, but the second someone starts being rude to a lady, Bucky is fuckin MURDEROUS he will whoop your ass for catcalling within a 1000000000ft radius of him, Bucky has so much respect 4 women, his mama truly raised him right~

#11 4/4

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Ashton: “Then leave, I need to stay and finish up but you should go home and relax for a little bit” Ashton had insisted on following you to work but when you saw how bored he was you forced him to go home so that he could finally relax after a hectic week of interviews, shows, and parties. He was living the life but he clearly doesn’t have enough sleep as he was yawning all of the time. “but, I want to spend time with you” he mumbled into your shoulder as you hugged. “I’ll see when I get home but right now you need to take a bath and lie down for a bit, bubs.”

Calum: “Then leave, I can’t be with someone who doesn’t love and respect my family.” You yelled to Calum wanting him out of your sight. How could expect you to not invite your brother to your birthday party? He was blood and despite the arguments the two of you got into you would always love him. Calum and your brother had gotten into a few fights after your brother disapproved of yours and Calum’s relationship. You were hoping that as time went on the two would forget about the disagreements and move on. That wasn’t the case as you were watching your boyfriend leave your birthday party and who knows if he was ever coming back. 

Michael: Insult after insult were thrown around as you and Michael viciously argued. It was to the point in the fight where you were exhausted and wanted to stop fighting but you were too stubborn to let him have the satisfaction of winning. The argument started when Michael refused to stop playing video games so the two of you could have a nice dinner together before he left again. He claimed he was “trying to relax” and “you could stop being such a demanding bitch” and you claimed that he “doesn’t care anymore” and that if he didn’t start to appreciate you more you were going to leave. You hadn’t really meant it but when Michael says “Then leave” with a smirk you knew you couldn’t be in this situation right now and you went to pack your bags. 

Luke: Right now you were sat on the couch struggling to stay awake. You wanted to spend time with Luke but you couldn’t bare to be up for any longer. “Babe is it alright if I go, I’ll make it up to you?” you whisper to Luke “I’m just so tired” you look up to Luke waiting for his response.“ If you’re tired then leave. Go to bed after. I’ll be there in a second I promise baby” You lazily stand up and drag your tired body into your shared bedroom and wait for Luke to cuddle you and sing you to sleep.  

The Drunken Kiss

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Rocio’s first thought when he heard the foot steps behind him was danger. He’d just had a gun pointed at him, and threats made to him by someone who had the means, the motive, and - for all he knew - the intent to do him harm.  He whirled, fully ready, even in his impaired state to fight for his life.

But whatever Esper ability sparked in his eyes died when he saw Rigena. “If you’re gonna yell at me go away. I’m not in the the mood for your crap right now.”

Little Doses Part Fourteen

It just keeps going, haha! Ao3!

Arms crossed over her chest, Amethyst watched as Steven knocked on the door. She heard someone yell from within, muffled as it was, but she didn’t try to understand who it was. They would be there shortly, so it didn’t matter. Her eyes glanced away from the door, and she could tell Steven was staring again. Damn it. Any minute now, he was going to ask if she was okay, and she would tell him she was, because she wasn’t going to let him know how much the very idea of what was going on bugged her. He didn’t need to know.

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Ayato fluff scenario?

You were mad. Very mad. You were helping Reiji make dinner when Ayato walked in and decided to take you away so he could suck your blood. You knew you were now in trouble with Reiji, so you decided to scold Ayato for his selfish attitude.
“Stop being so selfish, would you?!”
As you yelled at him, his face started frowning more and more. After seeing his expression, you stormed off to your room, still angry.
You threw yourself in your bed, feeling the confortable sheets envelop you. As you were almost asleep, you felt someone hug you from behind. You said nothing, for you knew who was responsable.
“You…you have no right to defy Yours Truly…”
His voice was soft and it sounded like he was pouting. You couldn’t help but to turn around and kiss him.

please don't be in love with someone else by wildestdreams

Harry ran after Niall, out the door, pausing at the doorway, realizing he was only in his boxer briefs and yelled out, “Niall! You forgot your lunch.”

Just as Niall paused from all the way down the hall, the door opposite theirs opened and the hottest boy Harry had ever seen walked out, eyes widening when he spotted a half naked Harry.

Harry was so fixated upon the boy across from him, who was staring right back with his mouth now hanging open, he’d missed it when Niall bounded back towards him and grabbed the lunch before popping a kiss on his cheek and leaving again. The kiss snapped Harry out of his daze and he let out a breathy laugh as the pretty boy walked out furthermore, closing his door behind him. He gave Harry a small smile back, raising his eyebrows in amusement while looking down past Harry’s waist and then back up.


The one where Harry and Louis are neighbors and there’s a lot of overthinking, misunderstandings, Backstreet Boys sing alongs, embarrassing moments in the hallway, and pining. They somehow still make it work.

Didn’t See You There

 Where the hell was his brother? Dean had been searching for four hours now. His patience had flown out the window about thirty minutes into the search and now he could practically feel the annoyance coming off of him in waves. So, needless to say, when he turned around and slammed right into someone, his initial reaction was to snap at them. 

  Somehow, however, he managed not to snap or yell, and after a taking a deep breath, he managed a strained smile and a few words of apology. “Sorry. My fault.” He looked up at the person, nodding slightly as if in acknowledgment of him.


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C: Who I like and why I like them

tbh I have no idea who I like right now. emotions are gross and I don’t understand them

A: Why my last relationship ended

I was a lil doped up and the guy was going thru some rough shit. I told him calmly that he might find it better to talk to someone else about this bc I wasn’t in the greatest position to be comforting him, and he yelled at me and broke up with me, soooo…. yeah

S: A random fact about myself

If I rotate my right thumb I can pop the tendon and make a loud “thump” noise. also if I bend the thumb it cracks.

S: A random fact about myself (I’ll do two)

I have a ghastly fear of water and fish. I can’t go in the ocean, I can’t take long showers, I can’t take a bath, or go swimming in a pool where I can’t touch the floor.

I: Have any tattoos or piercings?

I wish!! I wanna get my septum pierced and my arms covered in tattoos

E: My best friend

Idk anymore. I used to call my friend Mart my best friend but were not close anymore and I’m scared to get close to him anymore bc he doesnt like being close and idk its just destroying me. (that was a mouthful)

And idk what me n ellie are

Used to be best friends w Felix but we aren’t talking anymore

All my irl friends don’t need me hahahah

Long story short
I don’t have one.

Thanks for the ask!!! Send me your name and I’ll answer the questions for the letters (if that makes sense)

“I have to check right now to see how many people have seen this fucker,” Colbert said. “When we showed it at midnight, nobody watched it. I mean nobody…. We dug a hole in the backyard, yelled a show into it, then covered it up with dirt and said, ‘Don’t tell anybody.’ 

”Someone must have spotted him on the show’s morning rerun, because Twitter was beginning to light up in confusion and amazement. “YouTube has frozen the count,” he said. “They usually do that when people are hitting it so fast they go, ‘Wait, this might be bots.’ ” He seemed really pleased with how this experiment in pure virality was playing out. “We worked really hard for no one to know it was happening,” he said, “to see if anybody would know that it was happening.”

(via Stephen Colbert on Making The Late Show His Own | GQ)

fighting for love

“Because I can’t force you to say something,” she yells into her phone as she chokes back tears. It’s early afternoon and she’s in her van, parked right by a playground and with her windows rolled down. It is embarrassingly public. Despite this, she only cares if one person hears her. Judging by her desperation, though, he doesn’t. 

As I tune in, I guess who her man is; I picture someone who sags regularly, gives one-armed hugs from behind, and gropes her in public. 

“Because I can’t force you to care.” Now her eyes are red and puffy; one hand holds her phone flat as she yells into its speaker, the other moves frantically, as though trying to gesture some sense into him.

I need to tell somebody this so it might as well be here.

So in my last relationship my boyfriend didn’t really like hearing the word no. Like at all. He would always get mad at me if I told him that I didn’t want to and things like that. And one night we were walking and there was kind of a dark corner and we started kissing and whatnot. And he started to go further. And when I told him that I didn’t want to do this kind of stuff right now he got upset and kept saying that it would be alright and he kept trying to go further and I kept pushing him off and saying that I didn’t want to and he just kept trying to push more and more. He had me basically pinned against a fence. When I finally yelled at him to stop he just left. Then for like an hour I sat their and had a panic attack and I haven’t ever told anybody but I need to tell someone or at least write it out. And even though that I know that nobody reads my things I needed to get this out. And that wasn’t the only time he got mad at me for not wanting to like make out and stuff

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❝ Our lives are built on our mistakes as much as our successes. ❞

Nodding her head, Namjoo kept her lips clamped tightly shut. She knew Elonat was right and that he was trying to help with his wise words- words often to wise for her to even understand, but right now she just wanted somebody to validate the mini tantrum she was throwing. All she wanted was someone to say she had every right to walk out of the practice room, abandoning her members, even if she knew in her heart it was the wrong choice but Elonat wasn’t going to give her that and she should’ve known better. He wasn’t going to let her wallow and continue her tantrum and she wanted to yell at him for that but she had already made enough poor choices for the day. Instead she sighed loudly and crossed her arms over her chest, lips pursed into a frown. “I know. I get it, I get it. I’m being a butt.”