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Luke for character ask meme :D

I assume you mean Skywalker? :D

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  To be honest, I’ve never really shipped him romantically with anyone. I think I projected my confused ace-bi-somethingness on him a little as a kid, though I do remember kinda digging him with Mara. I should read the old Zahn books again to see how I feel about them now. My platonic OT3 for him is obviously with Han and Leia.

general opinions: You really want me to talk more about Luke? :D 

Basically, Luke is wonderful and so important and underappreciated. “Good, virtuous heroes are boring”, someone might say. And maybe they are, sometimes. But I think when you say ‘Luke Skywalker’, most people picture him whining about power converters or yelling ‘NOOOOO!’. Easy to make fun of, right. (And don’t get me wrong, that Luke is also incredibly important.)

But sometimes I just think about him in the Shattered Empire comic, and I think I just realized what he reminds me of: an angel of death or justice. Beautiful and immensely powerful, gentle and impassive and terrifying. Good Is Not Soft. Good Is Scary As Hell. You know?

I want to see that Luke in Episode VIII (after he’s hugged Rey and Leia and Chewie a lot and showed us the loving Luke we also adore, of course). I want to see the Knights of Ren turn tail and run. Because this is no harmless hermit who’s given up. This is Luke Skywalker. 


Seriously. Don’t suffer alone. Don’t log off and ignore. Don’t sit in your room and cry by yourself. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t hold back. Don’t think that you shouldn’t be upset because you didn’t know him personally. Don’t be ashamed to call him Chekov instead of Anton. Don’t feel like you need to be strong.

Cry. Scream. Yell. Get on tumblr or Twitter or Facebook and talk to someone, anyone, everyone. Misery loves company and I don’t want to be alone so come talk to me. It’s terrible and sad and you are among friends. So be sad and be angry and maybe, if you’re into it, send up a prayer. It’s okay.

You’re okay. Take a breath. It doesn’t feel like it now (because right now it fucking sucks) but everything will be okay.

I love you, Trekkie.

also a ziam stepbrothers!AU where their parents get together when they are really little and they’re best friends from the start and they’re supper happy to have their best friend at home, 24/7. exceptby the time they’re 11, their friend niall suddenly keeps going on about these girls and liam seems to always go along with it, but zayn’s really not feeling it. he’d just rather stick to his comic books, if it’s the same to everyone. and then it’s the first time he and liam aren’t attached at the hip at all hours of the day, and zayn really misses it, if he’s honest; he misses being the focus of liam’s attention. he gets used to it eventually – it’s not like liam’s not his best friend anymore, far from it; they just find a new balance for it, make room for other stuff. one thing zayn does notget used to, though… the dates.honestly, the last thing he needs is for niall to keep trying to set liam up and then have to hear all about it afterwards; it irks him something fierce. and then they keep pestering him to go with them, liam saying they’ll have fun and niall trying to push him towards some random girl he knows. he’s got better stuff to do with his time than worry about silly dates, alright? i mean, if he wants to go see a movie, he can just ask liam to go with him after. but only because getting ready for a date and dealing with all the expectations and formalities is so boring to him. whereas with liam, he can just relax and have a good time. he doesn’t have to worry about what to say or do… it’s just simple. his mum is always joking that he’s a late bloomer, it’s okay sweetheart, I was too, and no one spares too much thought on it.

so that’s how they work for a long time: liam knows zayn is not interested in the dating thing, so he stops mentioning it; and zayn goes on as usual, making his art and reading his books and hanging with liam. except one day he finds himself panicking, barely 17 years old and clutching his own hair because he doesn’t think the way he just felt when he accidentally barged in on liam sleeping, naked with the sheets rumpled around his ankles, classifies as ‘brotherly’. and really, they aren’t brothers, they’ve never seen themselves that way. ‘best friends’ is what always came to mind when they talked about each other – the stepbrother thing was just a minor detail. It still makes zayn choke on a few breaths, though, because he certainly didn’t see it coming, this desperate want  he got smacked with the moment his brain registered the scene and that he just can’t seem to shake off now.  It felt like hitting a freaking wall and he’s dizzy with it. And the worst thing is he keeps questioning himself now, his own motives – something he didn’t even think he ever had, not when it came to liam, for christ’s sake. he starts to wonder about the hard time he has trying not to care whenever liam has a date and they don’t get to hang out in one of their rooms, watching movies and talking nonsense until their eyelids are too heavy to handle; or about the way he’d never been bothered by anyone, but liam was always interesting, always someone worth being around, even if they were literally doing nothing; about the way he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and yet how knowing that liam would be a part of it whichever direction it went was enough for him to be content with figuring the rest out later.

It’s just not the same after that, not for zayn. It’s like a veil was lifted from right before his eyes and he can’t help the way he notices liam now, how hyper-aware he is of him. He keeps catching himself right before he hugs liam, arms in midair and a hesitance in his movements that was never there before, because now he recognizes the gesture for the excuse it is, the need to be close, to touch. He’d never known someone could be so oblivious to their own feelings, otherwise he might have caught this rampant emotion from the start, nipped it in the bud and prevented it from making such a mess of him, from thrashing about and sending his peaceful world flying into the air. And fuck whoever said ignorance was bliss, because the fucker was right: now that he knew, now that there was no way he could even lie to himself, it was pure torture. Living in such close quarters with liam, seeing him just as he’d always been but under this new light – it was driving him mad. And Liam remains oblivious, doesn’t notice zayn’s awkward movements right after his epiphany nor the looks he steals and his softer touches when he finally embraces his feelings.

Christmas comes around and everything’s fine. zayn’s learned to live with this new secret he’s always holding so close to his chest as best as he thinks it’s possible, until they’re having dinner with their parents and it’s happening again – zayn’s breathless and trying to pull through it, because apparently liam is about to ask out this girl he’s had a crush on forever and it matters enough that he’s telling their parents for the first time. Zayn thinks it’s funny how things can change in literally a matter of seconds, because he’d always hated the obligatory trips to his dad’s house in Bradford whenever the holidays rolled around, always coming back in 3 days at most, and suddenly he couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that he can get away from here tomorrow, away from liam and the obligation to pretend like everything’s the same while his heart is fucking breaking. He steals himself for the rest of the night and family traditions go on as usual: having dessert sitting on the carpet with Christmas music playing softly in the background and photo albums strewn everywhere, all of them laughing and reminiscing just the same as every year. Liam and zayn always sit beside each other to share pictures and jokingly gang up on their parents, but zayn simply can’t seem to make himself act normally right then. Liam keeps giving him worried looks, tentatively trying to engage him in conversation over a picture of both of them doing something or other at a beach, or trying to make him laugh about his dad’s inability to take a single picture in focus, but zayn’s smiles look more like grimaces and his few remarks sound hollow.

Liam’s dad and his mum go to bed and zayn goes to do the same, but liam holds his arm and asks him to stay. He asks if Zayn wants to go to his room and see the presents his grandma got him, or watch a movie or they could just hang out, really, but then Zayn’s found an excuse for everything and liam decides to just go ahead and ask him what’s wrong. And the thing is, zayn’s got this plan of going to his dad’s, taking a breather and coming back feeling a bit better about everything, so why even say something is wrong and create a problem where there needn’t be one? So he lies through his teeth and says nothing’s wrong, but apparently living with a person for more than 14 years will make it impossible for you to lie to them because liam just forces out a laugh and asks again. They end up having some kind of argument over nothing – the first in all the years they’ve known each other –  liam pressuring him and zayn deflecting, snapping at liam and telling him to stay out of his business. Liam starts to get that zayn’s mad at him but doesn’t know why, so he keeps pushing, demanding to know what he did and privately wondering if that’s also the reason why zayn was so subdued before. Zayn’s frustration keeps building and he’s starting to feel trapped, because there’s nothing he could say in this argument that would get him out of this mess safely. All he can see is liam’s face, his expression torn between frustration and worrying, trying now to gently get zayn to talk to him so he can know what he did and make up for it. Zayn’s thoughts are a jumble of jealousy, sadness and longing, and the realization that without liam he has nothing – and, therefore, nothing to lose –, makes him reckless; before he can ever even agree with the command his spine is shooting through his body, he’s tasting Liam’s lips.

 It’s such a gentle kiss, for how fast he moved; his hands hold liam’s face still as his lips open a tiny fraction and tenderly close over liam’s own, lax from the surprise of it and being mid-sentence. Not another part of their bodies move; liam’s arms are still at his side while zayn’s lips just stay there pressed lightly against liam’s, his thoughts divided between savouring the moment and already feeling the pang of knowing this first kiss is also the last he gets. His eyebrows are furrowed with the intensity of it, and he decides that he needs to commit this to memory before he ends it. Lips still pressed against Liam’s, he slowly opens his eyes, expecting to just bask in their closeness, steal this one moment so he can marvel at it later, and is surprised to see liam’s eyes already open, slowly flitting between his own in a mix of confusion and something else zayn doesn’t even have the courage to decipher. Never detaching their lips, zayn looks straight into liam’s eyes with all the finality he feels while he moves his lips in a last tiny movement, a little kiss like an understated full stop after a simple, terrible truth written on paper, like a resigned bow of the head after the enormous struggle he’s held within himself all this time. He steps back slowly and the silence is deafening when he closes the door to his room after himself, liam staying there motionless. He finishes his packing and leaves the house at first light after sticking a note with his goodbyes to his bedroom door, telling everyone some lie that he was lucky to notice the departure time of his train was earlier than he’d thought and he didn’t want to wake up anybody, praying nothing gives away that liam knows better. He spends the four hours until his train is due to leave sitting on a bench at the station, thinking about his recklessness and liam, wishing he had grown out of both a long time ago. It would have probably saved him some heartache.


the boys just got to their hotel rooms.

jungkook and taehyung are probably scared out of their wits, staying completely silent because they’re so upset and so afraid.

jimin and hobi are just silently staring off into space, utterly depressed and unlike their usual happy hyper selves because of everything that just happened.

jin is just worriedly pacing back and forth, hoping namjoon is alright, hoping the other members are alright, hoping this whole situation will turn out alright.

yoongi’s pissed out of his mind, pissed enough to want to yell at someone and punch something but he stays quiet.

and namjoon.

i can just see poor namjoon locking himself up in another room, blaming himself, beating up on himself, stressing out by himself on how to resolve this, refusing to talk to the other members because he thinks this is his fault. blaming himself for ruining a concert. i can see him never ever forgetting this moment for the rest of his life. 

all because of a joke. 

i’m imagining all of this right now with tears in my eyes. they don’t deserve this. no matter how insensitive and careless his words were, namjoon doesn’t deserve this. all of BTS don’t deserve this. 

will they believe us when we say we love them now? will they be too afraid to come perform for us now? will they think “ah, korean fans love us so much, but man the international fans… remember that one time?” 

will they forever look at us international fans differently now?

don’t send that girl hate messages. don’t send her death threats. yes, report her. but more importantly we need to show the boys how much we, us international fans, love them. it’s unfair that one person’s actions are creating such a horrible rep for all of us, but that doesn’t mean we should just give up and let them think that way. 

please, send them fancafe messages, tweets, ANYTHING, showing them we love them and that we’re so so so sorry. it’s unfair we have to apologize for something we didn’t do? well let me ask you, how much do you love BTS then? are you willing to apologize for that person so that BTS may be reassured that we love them? just think about how hard they work just for us. what does that mean to you?

this fandom is falling apart but that doesn’t mean it’s over. please love BTS and show it. these are dark times, but we need to stick together now more than ever. do it for BTS. 

Always protect Alec Lightwood!

I am seriously fed up with everybody attacking Alec. Somebody just please be nice to Alec. He needs love and compassion in his life right now not a bunch of people telling him he is making mistakes, and doesn’t follow orders… which I might add is what he has been trying to do all season. But Clary and Jace are making that hard for him to do. Then Jace has the nerve to blame Alec when things go wrong. 

I am just waiting for a scene (probably will not happen) when someone is yelling at Alec in front of Magnus, and Magnus steps up and defends Alec because Alec just takes punishment. Or Better alternative to that would be is someone is attacking Alec and he is taking the punishment he thinks he deserves, but does not deserve, then he looks at Magnus, sees the look in Magnus’ eyes about what is going on, and that gives him the strength to stand up for himself. I mean yeah we have seen him try to defend himself, but wait until he actually defends himself. They won’t know what hit them.

I see fans posting about protecting Alec, and I am 100% on board with protecting this precious and amazing angel.

I have so many emotions about this show, most of them positive, but my heart is most upset at the lack of a parabatai bond between Jace and Alec, who are parabatai and need to act like it. I am hoping to see that bond shine through in later episodes. 


Gavin mumbled as he stumbled out of the bar. “I-I don’t need… I don’t need you!” He yelled at the ladies at the bar. His feathers were puffed up and his tail flared. His cheeks were red and his speech slurred. He knew he wasn’t suppose to be out at night, especially without someone there with him. He was told he was “rare” and people would pay a lot of money to have him for the wrong reasons. He knew they were right, but he wanted to have fun. He snuck out of his room that night and went to bar after bar. Now he was stumbling through town. He mumbled as he finally fell in front of a apartment building. His eyes were tired and he felt a bit sick. He groaned softly as his wings began to wrap around him trying to keep him warm in the cool breeze.

Epik high on ikon’s “My Type”

blo: ikon, our dongsengs are debuting today. have you heard the song “my type” that’s coming out at midnight? 

tukutz: i didn’t know that was the title but i’ve heard most of it already 

blo: i haven’t heard my type yet so i’m so curious 

tukutz: then text B.I right now and ask him to show you right now

blo: we can’t get a preview but we can predict… (singing) 취향…. we don’t know anything but we can predict it and check at 12am. if junhoe sings 취향~ i think it’ll be like BAM!!! 취향~ BAM!! 

tukutz: i thought so too, jinhwan or junhoe sings 취!향! and BAM!!

mithra: i think the choreography might have someone like completely being their type and they all fall over

blo: i feel like during an acapella part bobby will yell 비둘기도 자릴 떠! 엉!! (t/n: from born hater) and show his abs at least twice

trans by iKONOT7

“I’m not like you I’m a dying br-”

Kratis pulled out his earplugs with a deep breath and hung them over the collar of his shirt. There was no way to turn back now. He looked over at the woman who stood up to grab her stuff, she had yelled at him for sitting down on the right seat, thinking it was the wrong one. she shot me a small smile before walking out of the plane with the crowd. Kratis grabbed his backpack and threw it over his back before joining the crowd and walking down the tube. 

He never felt this nervous, he was finally going to meet someone he had been waiting to meet for over a year and it was finally happening. with shaking knees he went to pick up his luggage and walked to the arrivals hall where he had hoped to meet up with the other.


Alright so my friend pointed this guy out to me WAY BACK a bunch of years ago and I still laugh when I watch this episode.

In the A:TLA episode Warriors of Kyoshi Aang and Katara bicker a lot in it, but it’s a person in the background in one of their bickering scenes that is the highlight of the episode for me…

So focus on the person in the background of these gifs…

So first off, theres this guy just kinda standing in the back right? Just hanging out, probably looking at something, maybe that pole. Probably that pole. He seems to be really close to that pole? Then it gets good.

Now he seems to be arguing with someone. But there is no one there! So who is he yelling at? The Pole? He seems really angry at that pole, but the argument looks compelling with those kinds of arm gestures.

And here we see him defeated. He lost the fight. The Pole won. Congratulations sir you just lost a fight to a pole.

- Mod X

Fic: Untangled Web

Based off the AU  “this is totally awkward considering before this the only interactions we’ve ever had have been casual nods to each other in the hallway but there’s a huge fucking spider in my bath tub and you seem like the friendly neighbor type please help me”

~1000 words, PG, hopefully cute.

Blaine was standing outside his apartment and fumbling for his keys when an absolutely piercing shriek made him jump.

“Someone help!” came a yell from the apartment across the hall. The door opened, revealing Hot Neighbor Kurt in nothing but a short, silk bathrobe.

Blaine had to bite his tongue hard enough to bring tears to his eyes.

“Blaine, right?” Kurt asked, a little hysterical. “Are you busy right now?”

“No, no, I’m totally free,” Blaine said, scooping up his keys before taking a step closer to Kurt. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s a giant spider in our bathtub, and I just - I can’t -” Kurt said, shuddering once in a way that made Blaine have to fight down the urge to hug him. “Can you get rid of it? Please?”

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How you met - Teen Wolf

You sat at the hospital waiting for news about your dad. It all happened so fast, the lights, the yelling, the fire, and worst his screams. The doctors were operating on him right now as you cried in the waiting area. You couldn’t help but let out little sobs. “Are you ok?” You heard someone say, you didn’t want to look up because then they’d see your face and you were embarrassed since you don’t cry in public often. “Well I have to stay here all night so might as well talk to me,” you finally built up the confidence and looked up to see a dark haired boy. His eyes went wide when he saw you. “Wh-what’s wrong?” Just trying to explain made you burst into more tears. The boy next to you brought you into a hug and rubbed your back. “Its ok, everything gets better,” you got out of his embrace and stared at him, “how do you know?” “Because I’m Scott McCall and I’ll make sure everything is ok”

You walked into the police station looking for your brother, he did it again. Maybe this time you shouldn’t pay bail because he deserves what he gets. No one was at the front desk. “Hello?” You called hoping someone would reply. But all you heard was someone hitting there head on something. “Ouch.” You followed the noise and saw a boy hiding underneath the sheriffs desk. “I’m pretty sure you can get into a lot of trouble for looking in to people’s files like that,” you said once you saw all the papers scattered on the floor. “You won’t if you’re the sheriffs son,” he said coming out from under the desk. “ sure,” you said sarcastically looking him up and down. He seemed like trouble. “I’m stiles,” he said sending his hand out for you to shake. “ Y/n”

It was your first day at Beacon Hills and you were scared since it took you a very long time to make friends in your old town. Your parents made you go out and walk around to meet people. You decided to just walk down to the cafe you passed on the drive here. There were more people there then you expected. You ordered and waited for them to call your name. When you got the drink you were ready to walk out but then a tall figure pushed you spilling your hot coffee everywhere. “Oh shit,” he said. Your white t-shirt was completely see through now. “ I’m so sorry,” you said trying to clean his blue sweater with the napkins you had. “No it was my fault,” the very tall boy said holding your hand so you would stop trying to clean his shirt. You looked up to him and saw his little smirk. He was staring down at your boobs since he could now see your bra. “Sorry,” he said again realizing he was caught. “ I’m Isaac, and you just be new,” You nodded. “Yeah I just moved here,” he smiled and gave you a smirk. “I’m very sorry for spilling the coffee. I could buy you another one?” You shook your head “it’s fine, maybe another day,” you said. He smiled as you were about to walk out . “I guess that’s a date!” He exclaimed before the door closed.

You walked into English class pretty late. “Where were you?"asked the teacher. "bathroom,” was the only excuse you could think of. She didn’t  seem pleased but had nothing else to say. You walked towards your usual seat and sat down. “Today we’re going to start a group research project on mythical creatures,” You started to feel excited all of sudden. Mermaids, You’ll research mermaids. You looked over to your best friend and started to smile. She smiled back. “I’ll be picking your partners and your creature,” a frown instantly formed on your face. That ruined the whole project. She then started calling out the pairs until there were only two left. You and Liam. He sat in front of you and turned around to give you a quick smile. You didn’t really know him and have never spoken a word to him. He seemed nice and cool. He was always hanging out with seniors.“You two will be getting the werewolf,” You could feel Liam tense up at the word. The teacher left us to talk about our working schedule. “Y/n, right?” You nodded and both of you got to work.

You were running in the halls since there were only a few seconds until the bell rings. The halls were completely empty because everyone was already in class. You ran around the corner at full speed until you hit something hard and fell back, Making all your papers and books fall. You looked up to see a boy. He seemed unharmed from the crash. Either your full speed is slow or he has some crazy supernatural strength. “Are you ok?” He asked kneeling down to pick up some papers. You nodded staring at his beauty. “I’m Theo,” “Y/n,” Theo got up and took out his hand for you. You took it and he helped you up. “See you later?” He asked walking the other way. “hopefully!” you replied before he turned the corner. Dammit, Now you’re super late for class.  

When my boss called me fat and other names to my coworker, I didn’t do anything but stop being friendly. When he showed favoritism to my only coworker, I calmly talked to him about it. When I told him that my paycheck was wrong and he yelled at me for always complaining, I stayed calm. But he just got done interviewing someone basically in front of me for my position, right after he fucked me over, and now I can’t stay calm anymore. I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna do it because I’m struggling as it is, but I’m walking out. If anyone wants to help me pay my bills by commissioning me to make some cool art shit, please let me know and reblog this to spread the word my art blog is @sugarrrpeaart

Cinderella’s Challenge

Summary: prompt from an anon on Tumblr - “Dan and Phil wake up naked next to each other after a night out where they were supposed to find someone and get laid (and I guess they technically did)”

Genre: smut & fluff

Word count: 1686

Warnings: alcohol consumption

Also available on A03

   “Next round is on Dan, since the Photo Booth Challenge video was such a success!” Chris yells teasingly over the intense bass of the speakers right next to their booth in the club. Dan shifts on the uncomfortable red leather seat beneath him. 

   “Yeah, fuck off, Chris, I’m never paying for your drinks,” he yells jokingly back, “You must be 90% alcohol by now.” 

   Chris shrugs, looking nonplussed. “All right, fine. What do you guys want from the bar?” He asks, addressing the group. 

   “Porn Star Martini,” Dan says. 

   “Absolut Blueberry Fizz, please,” Phil says. 

   “Just a beer, nothing fancy like these two YouTube stars,” PJ smiles at Dan and Phil on the opposite side of the booth, who both make a face back at him.

   Chris stands up and holds his hand out patiently. “I’m not paying for you all. Come on, cough it up.” 

   The other three members of the Fantastic Foursome hand Chris the money for the drinks, and he returns a few minutes later, struggling to carry them. 

   “Yeah, don’t worry, I don’t need any help or anything,” he says as he sets the drinks down and rolls his eyes. 

   “Were a couple drinks too heavy for you, Chris?” PJ teases. 

   “Pfft, no, I’m a manly man. Look, I even got a girl’s number at the bar!” Chris says, pulling a slip of white paper from his pocket and presenting it proudly to the group. 

   “You actually got a girl’s number?” Dan asks, voice coated in a thick disbelieving tone. 

   “Hey, that’s rude! I get girl’s numbers all the time,” Chris says defensively. 

   “Okay, whatever you say,” Dan shoots a grin at Phil who dissolves into tipsy giggles before taking a sip of his colourful drink through the equally colourful straw. 

   Chris looks offended and crosses his arms. “And when was the last time you got laid, Howell?” 

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//cries about Garnet crying

Garnet crying is like the saddest thing in the world…

Like she just tried so hard to save Steven…
Wrapping him up in the birthday suit and driving the Amethyst car and getting the other gems to do silly things and nothing was working and she gets so scared she has to take deep breaths and calm herself. Shes never freaked out like that before.
She got all this heightened perception and all this strength but its all pointless because its not going to help Steven now… and out of desperation she just shakes Steven in hopes to snap him out of it or something?
Cuz when all else fails, shes probably used to just punching the problem but she cant punch Steven so she shakes him but that just makes it worse.
Shes probably not used to failing so badly and its at a time where someone she loves really needs her…
Steven is dying and hes RIGHT THERE and theres NOTHING she can do to stop it.
Then her team starts yelling at her and hit her and thats never happened before and she got so overwhelmed and just starts crying?!

Garnet makes me feel too much.

Good bye.

@bossasbatch // continue

Peter nodded to confirm that’s what he was referring to, but didn’t actually vocalized anything about it since he (almost) wanted to forget that night. He crossed both of his arms as he eyed the drunk Kommadant. He’s seen Schultz drunk before, he’s seen his own men drunk as well. It was always humorous to witness drunk people. He preferred it over being the intoxicated one and making a fool of himself. Especially if it’s someone like the KOMMADANT. Klink was suppose to be a stern person. A serious one. It was hilarious to see him drunk. Oh, if only Peter had a camera with him right now….

He chuckled, shielding his mouth with his hand. ❝Well…I guess you don’t have anything to worry about. If general hippopotamus or major screeching bird comes marching in here, I’m sure they’ll yell loud enough to sober you up anyways.❞ He said. Peter did not move closer to Klink either, almost as if he didn’t care if Klink fell over.

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Companions reactions to someone trying to fight Sole right in front of them?

Cait: It’s not difficult to get into a fight in the Wastes, and boy is she down to see Sole fight someone. Before anything physical even happens, she’s the one to be yelling to ‘Kick their arse, Sole!’ She is so down to rumble, right here, right now, and the encouragement that most likely ensues doesn’t stop until she’s either right there beside them, or the damn Wastelander is dead as a door nail.

Codsworth: Listening to the argument was far past enough for him. If a robot had lungs, he would have sighed. “Really, mum/sir, are you going to just sit there and let them go off like that?” he practically mumbles. He’s not exactly going to encourage a fight, but if one were to happen, he wouldn’t be opposed to it.

Curie: At first, she’s not sure exactly what’s happening - they’d been sitting down in The Third Rail watching Magnolia sing when a rather gruff looking man had approached the table, threatening Sole. It takes a minute for Curie to register the switchblade the stranger is holding up. Instantly, she’s worried about Sole possibly getting hurt, but Sole manages to talk the guy down.

Danse: Danse’s gun is at the ready before the other person fucks with Sole too much, just in case. He can’t believe that they’re trying to pick a fight with an extremely qualified Brotherhood soldier - and two of them, at that. After Sole dukes it out with them, Danse tells them that they didn’t have time for this pointless brawl.

Deacon: Before the guy could even raise his damn fists, or Sole could get a word out, Deacon would immediately go off about a list of things that Sole’s done. Some of them are true, but most of them are fabricated - including, but not limited to. “Hey, man, you don’t want to fuck with them. Y’ever seen someone take on a deathclaw in their underwear with just a butter knife? Yeah, well, I have.” He manages to get the idiot to run off, and Sole has a hard time containing their laughter.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat didn’t like the general vibe that the shifty woman was giving off from the start. At first, he just growled, maybe barked a little bit, but when she ignored him and seemed to lunge at Sole, he went forward, barking like a mad-dog. 

Hancock: It’s in Goodneighbor, after hours, everyone’s probably drunk or high or somewhere in between, and some Drifter actually tries to fuck with Sole. Hancock kind of laughs before he flashes their knife at them, an eyebrow raising. “You really sure you want to fuck with them right now? Really, it’d be in your lifespan’s best interest to go back to the Rail.”

MacCready: They’re used to the occasional attacks from a raider or, ugh, a pack of ferals. However, when some wasteland junkie meanders their way, holding a gun with shaky hands, demanding Sole’s caps, he steps forward before Sole can even say a word, gently pressing the muzzle of his rifle against their ribs, asking if they have something to say. The junkie backs off. Sole makes a joke about being able to handle themselves.

Nick: Nick’s lived in Diamond City long enough to be able to deal with the people who live there - even the shittier locals. When they’re walking through the market to trade away some of their junk, Sole accidentally bumps into a settler, who turns and immediately starts yelling at them. They threaten to beat Sole up, and Nick’s initial response is to laugh. “Yeah.. You’re not gonna get too far there, pal,” he muses, completely aware of how capable Sole is.

Piper: While Piper knows that Blue can handle themselves well in a fight, she doesn’t exactly want them to be the target of some other upper-stands asshole. Before the fight manages to get farther than it needed to be, she speaks up. “Blueee… We really shouldn’t try to get into trouble here. You’ve already got a name for yourself.”

Preston: Preston sees and thinks that it’s been a long time since he was in a bar fight, and maybe it should be a longer time still. With the Minutemen’s reputation at risk, as well as Sole’s personal health, he steps in and pulls his rifle into his his hands, holding it loosely. “Anything wrong here, General?” he asks and calling Sole by their rank works, the wastelander backing off. Sole calls them a wimp for backing down so easily and Preston can’t help but grin at their fieriness.

Strong: Strong doesn’t particularly notice it, but people are really less likely to pick any fights with Sole when he’s around. People may think about it, but then they see the looming green giant behind them and kind of stray back. On the off chance that someone does try to fight Sole, however, Strong probably insists on destroying them himself.

X6-88: He’d been watching Sole argue with the Scavenger for quite some time, and he’s only watching the lowly merchant get even more pissed off. Right before he’s pretty sure they’re about to throw a punch, he sighs, making some vaguely sarcastic remark about how he hopes the scavenger knows who they’re dealing with.

I like my job most of the time, I promise.

So I work in a pharmacy that has a drive thru. I hate drive thru, our phones are dying and corporate will do anything except send someone out to replace the system. I have to yell and cup my hand over the receiver to be heard which is borderline violating HIPAA.
I’m going between the two lanes we have like normal and this car in lane two has a prescription that’s almost ready so I tell him it’ll be a sec and go finish it. In the 30~ seconds it takes me to finish it and find his other script (which happens to be in a big bag), he presses the call button so I answer.
“Where’s my stuff?”
“I’m trying to find it right now sir if you want to give me just a moment.”
After I get his stuff together I’m verifying his information and tell him one of his meds is over $400 with insurance because it’s a 90 day supply.
“It’s never been that much!”
“It is for 90 days, if you want we can get it ready for just a 30 day supply.”
“Is that with my insurance?”
“Yes, but it’s a brand name medication so it’s going to be expensive. We can cut it down to 30 days if you want, like I said.”
“Well I need it now so just give it to me.”
We have a card on file so I run it through and get the pharmacist to do a consultation and after he’s done, I get the medications back.
Now our lane two basket/carrier is only so big. This guy’s medication (the 90 day supply) is for three fairly large boxes. I’ve played some Tetris with this basket and this wasn’t going to fit, so while I’m deciding how to go about this he presses the call button again.
“How long is this gonna take I’m in a hurry!”
“I’m going to have to send your medications in two trips, since one won’t fit by itself-”
“Is it going to be immediate?!”
“Yes sir if you want to give me just a moment!”
So I send out his medications and he speeds off and lane one can see me and is looking at me like “sorry he’s an asshole.”
Then he calls the next day and yells at another pharmacist who wasn’t even present asking why his medication was so much and that his insurance usually pays for it.
TL;DR: old guy is in too much of a hurry to wait the three minutes to get his medication, calls to complain one of them is too expensive the day after, when he was given the option to get a smaller supply.

Miss Me? Always?

‘They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don’t think it’s possible for your to miss me as much as I’m missing you right now.’ -Edna St.Vincent Millay


                                            Age 5


“Harry!” (Y/N) yelled running across her garden to hug him, “You’re back!”


Harry smiled into her hair, the five year old boy hugged his bestfriend with all his might, “I know! Holidays were fun, but it wasn’t fun because you weren’t with us.”


“Yes, Harry was moping all day long, about missing you.” Anne said behind him, smiling at the sight in front of her. “We had to bribe him with ice-cream, to stop moping for a day.”


(Y/N) pulled back and have him a light-hearted punch, “Is that what I’m worth to you? Just an ice-cream?”


Harry laughed and pulled something from his pocket, “Here, I got you a shell.” (Y/N) took it and inspected it.


“Thank you. Can you believe that in a weeks time, we’ll be going to primary school? With all the big kids?”


Harry nodded, his obnoxious curls bouncing, “I know right?”


The two kids starting walking back to (Y/N)’s house, “Oh, I forgot! Did you miss me?” Harry asked.


(Y/N) nodded, smiling, “Of course I did. You’re my bestfriend! Did you miss me?”




                                       Eleven years later

“Don’t cry, (Y/N),” Harry spoke rubbing small circles on her back, “I’ll be back before you know it.”


(Y/N) stopped sniffling, she pulled out a tissue and wiped her nose, “I’m not crying because you’re leaving, I’m crying because I have no one to torture.”


Harry looked mildly offended, “That hurts (Y/N),” he placed his hand on top of his heart, “I thought I meant more to you.”


She couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t become an asshole alright?” She turned to him, “Don’t think just because you’re going to get in, that you have a right to be an asshole, yeah?”


Harry smiled, “Don’t worry, I probably won’t get in, I mean have you seen the talents they have all across the country?”


“You’ll get in, don’t worry.”


“Thanks, you’ll miss me right?”


“Always.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes and gave him a hug.




“I’ll miss you Harry, always, you’re my other half….and you’re the person that I can torture and you won’t give me shit.” She grinned at him, pecking his cheek. “Now off you go, and become a superstar!”


“I’ll miss you too.”


“Of course you will, it’s me.” She walked him to his car and waved him goodbye. (Y/N) couldn’t help but sigh once the car was out of sight, she walked back to her house, ignoring the tugs on her heart.



                                         Five Years Later

(Y/N) looked outside, “Damn, it looks like it’s about to rain,” she mumbled, “stupid weather.” She placed her mug on the windowsill and went outside to look for her cat.


“WATSON!” She yelled, when she didn’t hear anything, she yelled again. “Where are you, you stupid mangy cat?”


“No wonder your cat disappears,” Harry smiled at (Y/N), ignoring the fact that he hasn’t seen her personally in over five years, “Is he yours?” He placed the cat in her arms.


“Yeah, he is,” she smiled slightly before turning to the cat, “Watson where have you been? You could have caught a cold.”


Harry couldn’t help but laugh at the sight before him, (Y/N) coddling her cat as if it were a baby, “How have you been?”


“Eh,” she shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t mean offence, but why are you here?”


He furrowed his brows, “I live in this area?”


“No, I mean why are you here? In my house? And how did you know where I live?” She couldn’t help but attack him with questions, it’s not everyday you see your long lost bestfriend.


“I just thought you wanted to see me.”


(Y/N) narrowed her eyes and turned to walk away, once she reached her front door she let Watson go into her house and turned back to face Harry.


“Yes, you are right, I wanted to see you. But not now, maybe five years ago I would have wanted to see you. Plus, I always see you, you’re everywhere.” Her deadpan face and the neutral tone in her voice made Harry’s heart drop.


“I’m sorry, I was busy, I wanted to see you, truly.”


She scoffed, pushing her fringe back, “You weren’t too busy to see your other friends, or hook up with random chicks. Your parents live 10 minutes away from me, for fucks sake!”


Harry looked at the ground solemnly, “I’m sorry.”


“Yeah, alright. Now go away before it rains, wouldn’t want to mess up your perfect hair, actually it’s not perfect it looks like shit.” (Y/N) closed her door on him before he could say anything else.


“I missed you,” Harry spoke through the door, his voice mumbling a bit, but none the less she heard it, “I missed you so much, it hurts. I know you probably don’t want to see me again, but I just want you to know that I wanted to talk to you, to see you…”


“Why didn’t you?” She replied meekly, “I missed you aswell Harry.”


“I was confused.”


“About what?”


“My feelings for you, I need to get some space to figure out what I felt for you.”


“For five years?” Harry heard the hurt and the hostility in her voice, “After countless of dates with other girls?”


“I know it looks bad from every angle, but fuck! I don’t know alright? All I know is that I’m very much in love with you and that I want you for the rest of my life!” Harry spoke loudly, closing his eyes he didn’t see the door open.


“Well….” (Y/N) started, “That was one hell of a confession.” She laughed at the end looking at him.


“I- it just came out.”


“It wasn’t that romantic,” Harry smiled sheepishly at her, “but it was all I needed.”


“Really?” He started to lean in but he was interrupted.


“But you need to take me out on a date first.”



(Y/N) looked at Harry with a smile on her face, “Darling, can you get me a glass of water please?” She coughed into her hand.


He nodded and patted her hand, (Y/N) sat up on her bed looking out the window, “Damn it looks like it’s about to rain,” Harry walked back into the room, “thank you.”


“Do you remember the first time you came into my house?” (Y/N) croaked, coughing into her hand, “I always remember it, and the only thing that comes into my mind is, how silly you were.”


“Silly?” He smiled slightly, “I’m never silly.”


“Are you sure? Because you were-” She didn’t get to finish that sentence, (Y/N) couldn’t breath, Harry looked around and pushed a blue button.


One by one, nurses and doctors filled her room and Harry was pushed back out of sight of his beloved. He could hear panicked shouts and that plummeted his heart, he wanted to run outside and get some fresh air. But he didn’t. He wanted to be there when she came back, he wanted to be the first thing she saw.


“Please, god, please. Just, please.” He usually didn’t beg, but he would do anything right about now.


He sat down on the chair, his head in his hands not watching the scene in front of him, “Son?” Harry felt a hand on his shoulder and knew it was either good news or bad news, “She’s asking for you.”


Harry looked up and amongst the sea of nurses and doctors, he saw her, pale and ghastly, but she was beautiful all the same. With no help from his legs, he moved to her.


“Hey you,” he pushed her hair back, and kissed her forehead, “don’t do that again, all right?”


(Y/N) looked up at him, her eyes blurring a bit, but nonetheless she could see him, “Okay.” She smiled a bit, then frowned, “Harry-”


Before she could start her sentence Harry held up a hand, “I know what you’re going to say, it’s what they’ve told me a hundred times,” he pointed outside to where the doctors where, “but I’m not saying it now, not now, or ever (Y/N). I can’t do it, alright? So please.”


She saw how tired and devastated Harry was, she patted the space next to her. Once he laid on the bed and held her, like many times before, she spoke, “Will you miss me?”


“Do I have to even answer? You know the answer.”


“I think it will help me feel better, somehow, you saying it out loud.”


“Look at me,” slowly she turned her body around so she was facing him, he cupped her cheek, “I will miss you, because without you I’m not me, without you the clock will stop for me, the world will stop turning.”


“Harry,” his name was uttered quietly, and they both knew it, “I love you.”


He smiled, “I love you too.”



The funeral was like any other funeral really, it wasn’t grand nor spectacular, just a few of her friends and family, just as she would have wanted it. Just like their wedding.


“Daddy, are you okay?” Harry smiled down at their son, “you didn’t go to mummy. Where did mummy go? I miss her.”


Harry’s heart broke even more then, he didn’t know how to comfort him, he didn’t even know how to say it to himself. “Let’s go home buddy.” He picked up Samuel and carried him to his car.


“Will we see mummy there?” Harry didn’t reply.


Harry sat on the cold, damp grass and looked out into the sky. “He misses you, you know? He wants to know where you are, he loves you so much, I don’t know how to tell him (Y/N).” He punched the soft earth.


“I don’t know what to do without you! I’m lost and I’m scared! People are telling me I’ll be fine, but I don’t think I will.” He laughed softly afterwards, “You should have them, people that didn’t even know you or like you were crying their hearts out. Silly right?”


If he closed his eyes enough, he can imagine her laughing with him, “I miss you (Y/N).” He looked up to the stars and sighed. “That was our thing wasn’t it? Missing each other? I think sometimes that feeling is greater than love.


“I’m getting a bit deep, aren’t I?” He tried to laugh, he really did, “I need you.”


Again, Harry sighed and stood up, “Just don’t miss me too much up there, alright?” He smiled faintly up above. “You miss me right?” He couldn’t but ask.


And like before, he can imagine her whisper softly the word, “always.”

Admin Note: Everyone gets a different convention experience! I definitely felt a bit out of place when I went last year (and got yelled at by a young woman’s father when I told him to give the volunteers a break as he was being very rude). I’m sorry you didn’t feel like you made any friends during the convention OP, but if you ever wanted to talk to someone, we’d love to hear from you! Our personal inboxes are open, and my fellow admin are wonderful :) ~ Admin L

Adding: Anon, my fellow Admin is right, we all have different experiences. I understand what you’re feeling as I was feeling the way you felt at my first con. Now two cons after that, I have made a couple of friends and even done the AKF bracelet campaign. So I hope you don’t get too discouraged and try again because you never know. As Admin L said, if you need to chat or do not plan on going to another convention, our personal inboxes are open and we are always looking for more friends :D -Admin S