Someone's driving me and my brother over but

A week.

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Pairing : SamxReader, DeanxReader mentioned
Word count : 292
Author : Mel
Warning : Cheating mentioned

Part 2 of Forbidden Fruit

“My Brother!?” Sam yelled, furious as you sat on Dean’s couch. “I get a call, from my niece, telling me to haul ass home it’s an emergency. So I do, I drop everything and drive here thinking someone’s fucking hurt, or dead.. And I find out you’re fucking my brother!?”

Tears ran down your cheek as you looked down. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” He scoffed and turned away from you, running his hands over his face. “He has a family! We have a family!” You could see his jaw working. “How long?”


“How long have you been fucking my brother!?” He turned back to you, just as the front door opened.

“Where is he?” You heard Dean’s wife growl. Sam pointed up the stairs. “That son of a bitch.” She took the stairs two at a time. You flinched when you heard the bedroom door slam.

“You plan on answering me?”

“Not long.” You could feel his eyes boring into you. “A week.” You answered.

He let out a sick chuckle. “When you needed the ride home after a night out, and I was passed out and didn’t hear my phone so you called Dean..” He shook his head. “Let me guess, fucked you in the car?” He didn’t need to hear the answer, as ran his fingers through his hair. “That fucking car.”

You heard yelling from upstairs, screaming. You couldn’t make any of it out, but you heard the sound of something breaking. Then the door. “Get out, Dean.”


“Don’t you fucking baby me. Not when I’m sure you fucking called your brothers wife that. Get. Out.”

Dean made his way down the stairs slowly. “Guess I’m not crashing on your couch this time, huh Sammy.”

“You think?!”

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I’ve been tagged by everyone under the sun.

✍ Tattoos: No.
😷 Surgeries: Wisdom teeth out.
🏥 Broken bones: Just my pinky toe
🔫 Shot a gun: No.
😕 Quit a job: yup.
✈️ Flown on a plane: yes
🚙💨 Driven 100mph: no god no. you drive on those backroads at that speed you’re gonna get deer guts on your windshield and antlers in your sternum jfc.
🚁 Rode in a helicopter: naw
⛑ Gone zip lining: yes. overated. too much crotch chafe.
🍼 Watched someone give birth: well, not irl, but we used to watch the video of my brother’s birth a lot. except they did something weird in the video and i thought that they screwed his head on, so i told everyone in my kindergarten class that babies were assembled like dolls.
🏈 Been to an NFL game: No.
🍁 Been to Canada: Yes.
🚑 Ridden in an ambulance: No.
🏦 Visited Washington D.C:  No.
🌞 Visited Florida: Yes.
🗻 Visited Colorado: The airport.
🎉 Visited Mexico: Yes.
🎲 Visited Vegas: ugh no.
🍔 Eaten alone at a restaurant: Yes.
🎤 Sang karaoke: @sm-dc made me. I am not good.
🐶 Had a pet(s): SO MANY.
🎿 Been downhill skiing: yup.
🎼 Ability to read music: Yes.
🚵 Rode a motorcycle: NO. TOO SCARY.
🏇 Rode a horse: Yes, it pooped the entire time. 
🏥 Stayed in a hospital: No.
💉 Donated blood: No, I’m terrified of needles.
🏕 Slept outside: I used to all the time.
🚗 Driven a stick shift: NO. I HATE THEM. ONE BIT ME.
🚓 Rode in a Police Car: lmao no, I’m the good kid.
😇 Grandkids: Jesus how old do you think I am.
🚤 Driven a Boat: Yup. Used to drive the boat a lot. My mom thinks I can’t drive a boat??? She was like “when have you EVER driven a boat???” And Dad was all, “She drives the boat all the time???” so it’s been a source of contention.
🐌 Eaten Escargot: Snell no.
👽 Seen a UFO: nope.
🚢 Been on a Cruise: yes.
⛽️ Run out of Gas: no because I’m a responsible adult.
🍣 Eat Sushi: I LIVE FOR SUSHI.
👻 Seen a Ghost:  who do you think i get my ideas from.

i’m tagging whatever motherfucker is left.

The signs as kinda bad things ive done

Aries - Got banned from a nightclub for setting off a fire extinguisher because i was dared to
Taurus - Had my friends kid brother drive me and my drunk friends around her neighbourhood in a golf buggy
Gemini - Had a one night stand with someone and then tried to sneak out the next morning for him to then wake up while im half way out the door
Cancer - Tried to ride a pimps scooter outside of a nightclub in Bali then accidently knocked it over
Leo - Went to a nightclub and asked everyone who spoke to me what their star sign was and then kissed someone just because we had the same sun sign
Virgo - Did shots with a colleague at work when i worked at a video store
Libra - Went to a party dressed as a gypsy and convinced everyone there that i could read palms and spent the night ‘predicting’ peoples future
Scorpio - Told my brother i was actually his mum and that we were too embarrassed to tell the neighbours then chased him around the house saying “give mummy a hug”
Sagittarius - Went to a music festival and lost all my friends so i danced by myself for hours then re-emerged covered head to toe in mud
Capricorn - Almost got arrested in Bali by corrupt police for setting off fireworks with my friend
Aquarius - My year 9 stoner phase Pisces - Got my science teachers name and a dick tattooed on myself for my year 12 scav hunt

hannibalssweaters  asked:

Glitter, gold, pearls 🖤💕🖤

Glitter:  describe someone special to you. (I answered this but I will add another person!)

This person is someone I haven’t talked to in quite awhile. We went to high school together and they dated one of my friend’s at the time. However they did break up, but we continued to be great friends. They were always there for me. I didn’t have money to pay for food? They surprised me with lunches and dinners. My brother lost it and hit me? They picked me up and had me stay at their house for a few days. I had a panic attack? They were shitfaced drunk and told me to drive over and pick them up, and we trolled through stores and they taught me how to properly drive in the snow lol. This person saw me. They understood me. I’ll never forget the great things this person has done and the heart and love they have shown me.

Gold:  describe what you would call the most perfect meal.

Ohh. FOOD. I think the best meal I could have would be like a cold, crisp salad with ginger dressing to start. A french onion soup because I’m a slut for soups. And then a nice prime rib medium well with plenty of fatty pieces because I’m a weirdo that likes those parts. Some form of potato because a girl has got to have that in her life ya know? And some sauteed veggies. Doesn’t really matter what kind… I like most. And hell even a little side of haluski because YUM. And then for dessert I’d probably order a slice of cheesecake or some kind of lemon flavored thing?? Talk about a food coma….

Pearls:  what’s something about your personality that surprises others?

Since I’m quiet and shy for the most part people are often surprised at how quick I can be with humor. Also the mouth. I swear like a sailor. It was funny transferring to the store I work at currently because everyone thought I was like this dull… lifeless… boring person? Then they saw that I am kinda fucked up lol.

Thank you!!<3


cont. from here

“Ah, dear brother. That would imply that I believe anything that anybody says to me to begin with.” He winked. “I know better than that. I’ve heard it all before - ‘Nooo Gilbert, we haven’t wiretapped your house!’ - They were wiretapping my house. ‘Nooo Gilbert, we don’t want you to die!’ - They totally do. ‘Cheer up, mate, it’ll get better!’ Someone said that to me in 1929. Weird how it just didn’t ever get better.” Sarcastic jazz hands, just to drive the point home.

He put the newspaper down and sucked in a deep breath. “With that being said, I’m not even sure if the many powers to be who are making decisions nowadays are even human.” Another pause.

“Ludwig, do you believe in lizard people?”

Ludwig listened with increasing aggravation at his brother’s lighthearted sarcasm over a topic he considered to be serious. He didn’t understand how Gilbert could treat everything so lightly as if all the world were simply one great joke no one had quite gotten yet except for him. Of course, that was all forgotten once Gilbert posed his final question.

Opening his mouth, he moved as if to speak, but no words seemed to want to come out. Of all the things Gilbert could’ve said, he had to ask about something as ridiculous as lizard people? Then he wondered why people didn’t take him seriously.

“What the hell–?”