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Simmer // Archie Andrews

Summary: Archie and you have a fight when Veronica can’t seem to understand that Archie isn’t single but that doesn’t stop her from kissing him. During ‘Secrets and Sins’ some things you didn’t know are revealed causing a rift but with the sex be enough to convince you how much Archie cares?

Characters: Reader x Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper x Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Cheryl Blossom, Chuck Clayton, Dilton Doiley, FP Jones, Jason Blossom (mentioned) and Ms. Grundy (mentioned).

Words: 3126

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved. Some parts of the dialogue from the episode has been changed to fit the fic.

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, party, fighting, and smut.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This was two requests I put into one!

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The minute Archie told you about Betty throwing Jughead a birthday party you knew it would go bad. When you were young Mrs. Jones would babysit you for extra cash, your parents doubled the average pay to her. That meant you grew up close with Jughead as if you were siblings or really close cousins and you knew how much he hated his birthday.

You were shocked when Archie allowed the get together build into a fill fledged high school part with two kegs in attendance. Your boyfriend was acting odd but refused to tell you why and you didn’t appreciated Veronica making eyes at your oblivious boyfriend.

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Gone (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here :)

This part is majorly inspired by From The Dining Table

The phone rang a few times before the other line picked up.

“Bloody hell … Harry? It’s six o’clock in the morning,” Gemma groaned, he’d obviously woken her up, “What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Is it Mum?”

His heart felt like lead in his chest, “Sorry for wakin’ yeh, I just …”

“You what, Harry?”

“Can I come see you?”

He felt her tone change through the phone, even though they were miles apart, “You know that answer, you’re always welcome over ‘ere,” she consoled him, “What’s wrong?”

Tears stung in his eyes again, suddenly being hit with the reality of the situation.

“It’s too much to speak of over the phone,” his voice cracked, “I’ll be up in a few hours.”

“Alright, I’ll be here,” Gemma sounded worried, “Please be safe, Harry.”

“Will do,” Harry said with a sigh, and hung up the phone.

His head was still pounding from his poor decisions the night before, and he couldn’t stop mulling over their conversation. Part of him hated leaving her in such a rush and with so much bitterness – he knew her better than anyone else. He knew how to comfort her when she was scared or miserable, he knew how she liked to be held, he knew what he could do to try and help her back up onto her feet. But now, she was alone. Did she deserve it?

… That is what Harry was battling with. She’d gone behind his back. She was the one who had brought it upon herself. She made the choice to do something like this. It made him feel like she should be hurting, like she should be guilty, because he certainly wasn’t the one responsible.

Or was he?

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A/N: I took 2 amazing requests to write this. I hope you like it. Xo.


  1. Anonymous said to chris-evans-imagine:Hello darling! If you don’t mind I’d like to request a Chris Evans imagine where Chris and the reader are co-stars and during an interview he says that you are a “party animal” and that you wanted to go out and party every night while filming. Thank you x
  2. Anonymous said to chris-evans-imagine:Hi please could I make a request where the reader is a younger member of the Avengers cast and Chris looks after her, making sure she’s eaten / trying to slyly give her food when she’s being interviewed or hurrying to put a coat on her between takes :) thank you

Warnings: none ;)


(Anonucer/broadcaster): And now, please welcome y/n and Chris Evans.

I heard people clapping, I looked at Chris one last time before the doors opened. I can’t even count the numbers of shows and interviews we’ve been in, I had a feeling that this one was going to be so much fun.

“Here they are” Ellen greeted us. The show began as usual, some jokes and a few games.

“I need to ask this, Chris” Ellen started “How was having her as your romantic interest?” I felt like blushing, we had had this question so many times. And it was always the same answer.

“It was great, I mean, she’s awesome. I thought I liked to party, but she was like with the crew always organizing something. She’s a party animal.”

“So I heard…” said sarcastically Ellen. I laughed at her voice tone.

“I mean, it’s our job but we can always have a little fun and it wasn’t like a big deal, you know? Besides, we were like… party buddies, so we bonded a lot during the filming and now through the whole interviewing”

“Huh, interesting… just party buddies? Not like… other kind of buddies?” she inquiered, then we both looked back at the big screens and there was a picture of us. Chirs was setting a coat over my shoulders.

“Buddies” we both said laughing.


“How crazy is that everybody keep asking us if were dating?” Chris asked on the way back. I had left my car in his place.

“I know…”

“You’re like my sister… duh” when he said that, something moved inside me. I liked party buddies, but not brother/sister.

“Yeah…” I murmured.

“Hey, do you wanna grab a beer before you go?”

“Actually, I was supposed to drive, but someone is picking me up” I responded as I looked through the window.

“Oh… I didn’t know you were dating” his voice was barely audible. I sighed.

“Chris, you don’t have to know everything about me”

“I didn’t meant that” and I thought he was going to say something else, but the only thing I heard on our way back was a sad rock song.


Realizing you like someone is maybe one of the sweetest or the sourest things in life. It can make you feel like heaven or hurt so bad. I was experiencing the second choice. I couldn’t like Chris, although I did. I liked him. In a big, horrendous, and unstoppable way. So what did I did? Run away from him. There was a lot on stake. And maybe it was just a phase. Maybe, just maybe, it was the idea.

It was a Friday night, I was wearing a short and a big t-shirt. The bell rang. And I looked through the peephole just to find the beautiful specimen of Chris. Damn.

“I know you’re there, open the door” I hyperventilated. What the damn hell was he doing there? I ran to my bedroom and grabbed my bathrobe a lipstick and ran all the way down.

“Chris… what are you doing here?” I didn’t even leaned to kiss him nor to make our special hello.

“Oh, I thought you were alone… hum, is it a bad time?” I wanted to say yup, come back in a few years, but I denied with my head.

“Great, we need to talk” he made our way through my place.

“Ok… I’ll have to leave soon”

“It’s fine, this won’t take long” he was walking, leaving his masculine scent all the way through.

“Do you want water or something?” I passed over him and he just sighed. Oh, no… “Chris, what is it?” he ran his fingers across his soft hair.

“I don’t even know how to begin…”

“Let me help you” I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers. He was looking at the yard. “Here…”

“Thanks” he took a long sip and then sighed. Again.


“So… I think we need to talk.”

“About?” I asked again.

“Us. I don’t know what’s happening. I look for you, try to take care of you, I made sure you were ok during the whole stuff. I just feel like I’ve been good with you”

“Yeah, like a big brother, Chris” I replied. He rolled his eyes.

“I didn’t want this to happen, y/n”

“What happened?” I inquired, I sat. I wasn’t prepared to hear that. Oh, god. Friend zone, here I go.

“You’re too young, you have a world of possibilities. I tried to convince myself that it was better for us to be just friends. But then I realized that I wasn’t ready to be your friend. So I said you were like a sister, but…”

“But…” my eyes were wide open.

“But I can’t even think of you as a sister. You woke up a protective part of me, you also woke up feelings I thought I’d never feel again.” And then… silence. Fuck.

“Chris, just say it” I insisted.

“I’m in love with you”

“What?” I dropped my beer. Chris closed his eyes and started to walk.

“I said it, ok? You’re too young for me, you still have to live a lot of things. But apparently I’m just a selfish human being for wanting you to discover the world with me. And…” I walked towards him, grabbed him, and kissed him.

“Shut up” I murmured against his lips.

“What does that mean?” he asked. His arms were around my waist. I could live here forever.

“That any of us is getting into the friend zone” he smiled.

“You’re funny”

“And you’re so dramatic” I told him. “You’re too young for me” I imited him. He laughed.

“Shhh… just kiss me”

Imagine having to share a bed with Dean.

A/N: This is set S1E4 Phantom Traveler right at the beginning of the episode.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Bottom gif is from google

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You felt Dean shifting next to you and let out a groan, “Too early De.” You said in a sleepy voice while pulling the blankets over your head. You tried to drift back to sleep but then you were wide awake when you felt Dean tap you three times. That was his signal when he wanted you to act like you were sleeping. It was a ridiculous code you had made up with him when you were four and were certain the monsters from under your bed were trying to get you. He would tap you twice then “handle the monsters”.

You heard someone walking around in the room and felt Dean quickly move to see who it was, that’s when you heard Sam say “Morning sunshine.” You relaxed back into the bed, realizing that there was no threat.

“What time is it?” Dean asked.

“About 5:45″ Sam replied. You grabbed a pillow and put it over your head; you just wanted more sleep.

“In the morning? Where does the day go?” Dean said in a tired voice.

Sam handed Dean a coffee as Dean sat up. “Did you get any sleep last night?” He asked Sam, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah, I grabbed a couple hours.”

“Liar. Cause i was up at three thanks to someone kicking me and you were watching a George Foreman infomercial.” Dean said while giving you a shove with his foot.

“What can I say? It’s riveting TV.” Sam replied back to him.

You dramatically threw the covers off yourself while sitting up, grabbing your brothers attention. “If you aren’t gonna sleep Sam then I’m taking your bed, cause Dean snores right in my ear and it’s beginning to drive me nuts.” You said before leaning over and grabbing Dean’s coffee, taking a sip of it.

“I do not snore…and give me back my coffee.” Dean said as he reached for his coffee in your hands. You stood up with it and walked towards the bathroom.

“Uh, Y/N.” Sam called for you somewhat nervously, “I grabbed you a hot chocolate and a cheese danish. It’s on the table.”

You smiled, “Thanks Sammy.” You walked over and handed Dean’s coffee back to him and gave Sam a kiss on the cheek. “But, if you don’t start sleeping I am taking over that bed.” You walked over to your hot chocolate and pastry, letting Dean handle the Sam drama.


Jumping to her Defence / Cheryl Blossom

Words: 1458

There was no doubt that the party had got completely out of hand. 

While you were hesitant at the idea of the get together in the first place, you stayed quiet in order to keep your friends happy. The moment you saw Jughead’s reaction when he and his girlfriend arrived, you knew you probably should have spoken up in the beginning. However, at the same time, you knew Betty and Archie really wanted to do this for Juggie and their plans would have gone ahead. With our without your support. 

The moment the doorbell rang later in the night, you felt your stomach drop. Finding Cheryl and Chuck, as well as what seemed like the entire school population, standing outside of Archie’s house…well you weren’t expecting that. And you knew something would inevitably go down. 

Your friend Betty just wanted Jughead to celebrate his birthday, have a night with his friends. But then Cheryl turned up. 

Cheryl Blossom. Her name had always rolled off your tongue with ease.

She was a handful to say the least. A disaster. A mess. But a force to be reckoned with.  

You couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Not only because of what had happened to Jason in the weeks earlier, but because you saw how unhappy she always was. Around her family, around her so called friends…you had never seen someone who was always surrounded by people yet so utterly alone.

Nevertheless, despite the surprising change in pace for the night-you let your hair down for once and decided to have some fun. 

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Sam, Meet Sammy

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Reader’s Family

Word Count: 2,293

Warnings: Just fluff, honestly. 

Request: Can you do some cute ass Sammy fluff? His girlfriend takes him to meet her family where he meets her puppy too? And this little fur ball just falls in love with Sam because he got a. “I protect and love your mommy.” Vibe from him. So seeing how well Sam and the pupper get along and realizing she doesn’t want to be without her dog reader convinces Dean to let her take him home with them.

Author’s Note: I am so sorry this is out late. I have a lot of requests to write and to put out. Maybe, later on today, I will put out another fic for you. If you want that, let me know. Please, if you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite!

Feedback is always appreciated

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“I’m really nervous right now.” You said, biting your lip as you bounced your leg.

“Hey, it’s going to be alright. Parents love me.” Sam grinned from the front seat. He was driving the Impala because Dean allowed you and him to go away for the weekend.

“No, I love you. My parents are a different story. Not saying they’re mean or strict but they might welcome you in a bit too much. They might overdo it. My siblings aren’t that far behind. My mom over thinks everything. When she found out I was dating you, she wanted to throw me a party. My dad may act tough in front of you but don’t let him steer you. He’s harmless.” You blabbed on. When you were nervous, you rambled on until someone stopped you.

“My brother may want to beat your ass because he got this older brother protective vibe going on but he’s all talk and no bite. Well, he did beat up my ex boyfriends way before I met you but you’re so big and tall and muscular, he got nothing on you. My sister, though, is a little shit and will try and get with you. She’s just that way. But she’s a teenager and she thinks she can get any guy she wants. Just stay away from her. Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe we should turn around.”

You were cut off by Sam’s lips on yours and you immediately relaxed, kissing him back. You pulled away, remembering that he was driving but frowned when you didn’t see the road but your parent’s house instead. Damn, how long were you rambling?

You pressed your lips back to his and he cupped your cheek with one large ass hand, pulling you closer to him. With his lips on yours, you forgot why you were here in the first place. But damn, what you would give to get hot car sex.

You pulled away, tugging his bottom lip as you went. He released a low growl and looked at you.

“We can definitely continue that later. But right now, keep it in your pants, Winchester.” You grinned and got out of the car, taking a deep breath. Sam followed you to your front door and you pushed it open quickly.

“Oh, I forgot to mention…” You didn’t get to say anything else when your golden retriever puppy came running at you and Sam. He passed by you and ran straight to Sam, jumping into his arms. Your puppy wasn’t small by any means but he wasn’t an adult yet.

Sam laughed as he caught to dog, petting his soft fur. Your puppy licked his face all over and Sam laughed more, getting deep dimples.

“Sam, meet Sammy. He reminded me of you thus that is how he got his name.” You laughed, introducing them.

“Hi Sammy.” Sam said with a smile. Sammy barked and struggled to get down. Sam let him down and Sammy ran around him, sniffing him and wagging his tail. He barked happily and went to you. You picked him up and he licked your face.

“He’s my baby. I hate that I’m away from him.” You smiled and kissed his nose before walking inside the house.

“How old is he?” Sam asked, shutting the door behind him.

“Almost 2 years old. I know, he’s so big already but I love him. Mom! Dad! I’m home!” You called out for your family.

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Game On.

a vaguely crackish shortfic for @deanismypatronass, loosely based on this post. 

There’s no more war between heaven and hell and things on earth are pretty chill. Cas is human and off doing his own thing, Sam has a date, and Dean’s getting pushed out the door to spend some time in the real world. He’s less than thrilled with how his night started, but more than happy with how it’s going to end.

“This is dumb, Sam,” Dean said for the fifteenth time. “I don’t need to get out.” He exaggerated the term with really big air quotes.

“Too bad, Dean. I already made you a reservation.”

“What kind of place takes reservations?” Dean asked, realizing how stupid that sounded a little too late.

“A nice place,” Sam answered, his words laced with sarcasm. “And maybe this isn’t about you. Maybe I need your sulking, cranky ass out of my hair for a few hours.” He took a step back and looked at his brother. “Here,”  he said, handing him a different tie. “Try this one.”

“Wait a minute,” Dean said, his tie hanging loosely around his neck. “Do you have a date?” Sam didn’t answer.  “Sam. Do you have someone coming over?”

“Shut up and put on your tie. Your reservation’s in two hours and you have an hour and forty-minute drive.”

“An hour and forty-minute drive. Wow, Sam. You really want me far, far away from you and your friend, huh?” Dean said with a smirk.

Sam gave a pained smile and muttered through his teeth. “I should’ve made it in Kansas City.”

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A week.

Pairing : SamxReader, DeanxReader mentioned
Word count : 292
Warning : Cheating mentioned

Part 2 of Forbidden Fruit.

My Brother!?” Sam yelled, furious as you sat on Dean’s couch. “I get a call, from my niece, telling me to haul ass home it’s an emergency. So I do, I drop everything and drive here thinking someone’s fucking hurt, or dead.. And I find out you’re fucking my brother!?

Tears ran down your cheek as you looked down. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry?” He scoffed and turned away from you, running his hands over his face. “He has a family! We have a family!” You could see his jaw working. “How long?”


How long have you been fucking my brother!?” He turned back to you, just as the front door opened.

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Quick Fix III

Quick Fix III

[DΞΔN racing AU│A glimpse into the past]

│ Quick Fix │Quick Fix II

You were waiting for your client to pick up his car, and then you were free for the day . Usually, you’d just look forward to a nice evening with a hot bath and a good book. But somehow Dean managed to convince you into going out to dinner with him.

You looked up only to have your gaze met by Dean. “Why are you still staring at me?” you sighed. It seemed like everytime you looked up, your eyes met with his. “I know I’m a little dirty. But you try working under a car for eight hours alright?

He smirked "I’m just in shock at how stunning you look even with oil on your face.”

You scoffed, biting back a smile. “You gotta do better than that Lover Boy” Honestly you’ve grown to like his little pickup lines, but you’d never give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

“Well, what I’m doing is working to some degree because we are going out to dinner. Again.” he winked.

You grinned before sipping your coffee. He had a point. As much as you fought it, even you had to admit. He was wearing you down. He was at your job almost every day. And who were you to turn down some good company and a cup of coffee?

“Finally.” you stood up seeing Hep make his way over. “I’ve been waiting all day.”

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Two years ago, my brother died. 

Cancer finally got the best of him, and he fought it at every step. 

Strange thing is, I see him all the time. Waiting on a table in a restaurant. On his Harley, passing me on the road. In line at Home Depot. Walking down the street. 

Now, I know it’s NOT him, just someone who looks like him, but for a second he’s there, alive, right in my path. Almost like he hasn’t left at all, is just checking in, reminding me of his presence. 

I went to see “Wind River” last Friday and I cried big ugly tears because Jeremy’s character, Cory Lambert, IS my brother. The quiet competence, the underlying pain that he masked over failed marriages, kids with problems, the loss of our Dad. If Carl had lived up north, he’d have had a truck with a snowmobile in the bed. As it was, he had a fourwheeler to drive the land he owned and a shotgun rack. 

So, for a little while, I’m going to sit here and remember him, if that’s alright.

anonymous asked:

In honor of the long weekend ahead ... NurseyDex long weekend?

Dex, for once in his life, isn’t nervous. His hands aren’t shaking, he’s not going over possible awful scenarios in his head, and he can breathe easily. The same cannot be said for Nursey, who spends the entire drive compulsively changing the music and playing with Dex’s hand where it rests on his thigh. It’s actually kind of cute, how worked up Nursey is getting over this.

“Babe,” Dex says, when Nursey changes the song four times in the span of a minute, “It’s going to be fine.” He turns his hand palm-up on Nursey’s thigh so Nursey can thread their fingers together and gives his hand a little squeeze. Nursey squeezes back, but he’s started fidgeting in his seat, now.

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adumbrant  asked:

Hathor / Arawn / Loki

Hathor: What brings you joy?

Good music! and listening to it in an atmosphere that I can be myself

Arawn: What is the most terrifying thing you’ve ever done?

calling my mother by her first name

Loki: What is the best trick you’ve ever pulled on someone?

Not really a trick, but my brother was always mean to me when we was younger. he would never let me drive the car we had because he was always going to see his girlfriend. I couldn’t physically beat him up because he was way bigger than me, so I always had to do other stuff. One night he snuck out to go over his gf’s house and I saw him but he didnt see me. so I waited a while and then told my mom that the car was gone, she went to look outside and then she came back in and I told her that Dontrell (my brother) was gone. She called him yelling and I went back to sleep.

the-biggest-bitterccino  asked:

Oh my, please take time away from Tumblr. Please feel better and take time to greave. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Yeah I’m not sure how absent I’ll be from tumblr for a while. I’m currently trying to feel better by shoveling spicy food in me and playing fire emblem. Although, getting out to drive and get said food was an awful thing because I just couldn’t stop crying while driving. I definitely didn’t need this with three 40 hour weeks coming up. I just,,, I can’t believe she’s gone. I knew she was getting old and that she might pass but… not like this. Not dead in my arms after someone running her over like her brother

Fast (2) - Blue

This is part 2 of Fast! Read Part one here: Fast (1) - Purple


Your name: submit What is this?

(3 Weeks after the Accident)
At S.T.A.R Labs - Labor:

It was Monday and like everyday before and after work, you walked over to S.T.A.R Labs to check on your brother. You still blamed yourself for what has happened to Barry. That if you would’ve stayed in front of of him, that he wouldn’t lay in a coma now.

“Good morning, how is he?” You asked Cisco and Caitlin breathless because you ran, so you had more time for Barry this morning.

Caitlin came over to you, “Nothing changed.” She answered and wanted to touch gently your shoulder.

You avoided her touch and walked over to your brother Barry. Seeing him like this broke your heart every time. Caitlin and Cisco felt for you, you knew that but you didn’t want to get close to them. You wanted your brother back. You were grateful that he saved your life but also mad that he risked his own. You took his hand and kissed his forehead soft.

“How about you?” Dr. Wells asked as he came into the room.

You turned around and let Barry’s hand go. “Could I talk to you for a second?” You faked a soft smile and Wells nodded.


Dr. Harrison Wells and you walked out of the room and through the hallway until you were out of S.T.A.R Labs.

“So? Are you okay, Y/N?” Wells asked again.

“You said you would help him.”

“And I’m trying to do that.” He responded. “But we still don’t understand what is happening with him..” Wells paused and looked up, straight into your eyes. “Or with you.”

You stepped closer, “Nothing, is happening to me.” you replied serious.

“You sure?” Dr. Wells asked and pointed on your left hand, it was shaking. Very fast.

You looked at your hand and hide it behind your back. “Don’t focus on me. Bring my brother back” 

“Y/N, if we could do more tests with you, maybe we would figure out whats going on.. sooner.” Wells replied carefully.

“No. I’m not one of your little monkey’s inside there.” You pointed at the building. “I’m going to work now.” You said and Wells nodded. You turned around and tried to walk normal.


As you were out of Wells’s sight, you walked around a corner and breathed heavy. You looked at your shaking hand and didn’t know what was happening, again. Your heart started to beat incredibly fast. Actually whenever this happened you were sad or mad and when you thought of something that made you happy, memories with your family mostly, it stopped.. but this time you couldn’t calm down. You knew that you were late for work and that you would get fired, if you don’t hurry..You looked around you, if someone was there who could see you, and as you were sure that no one was there, you tried to breath normal.

“No, No, No.” You said a bit louder as you looked at your hands, both were shaking now. “Stoooop!” You said and tears got into your eyes.

You started to walk, trying to ignore your hands. You were thinking of Barry again and if this could happen to him too, if he would ever wake up. Then you thought of your family and that you had no one now. You didn’t realize that you were running but not like normal people. You were fast. You didn’t understand what was going on but you were sure that you were so fast, that no one could see you. You finally stopped running and found yourself on your mothers grave.


Graveyard - Your Mother’s Grave:

At first you didn’t realize where you were but as you read your Mother’s name on the Gravestone, in front of you, you knelt down crying.

“Mom, what is happening to me?” You asked.

You stopped crying and noticed that your hands stopped shaking. You calmed down and took a deep breath. Your phone was ringing, it was Iris. You two worked together, she helped you to get the job in the coffee shop.

“Yeah, Iris? I know I’m late… No, nothing changed with Barry… Yes I’ll be there in a minute.” 

You hung up and looked at the time on your phone. 9am and actually you had to be there an hour ago. You stood up, kissed your hand and touched the gravestone of your mother. Than you looked at your hands and wondered if you could run so fast again. You started to remember how Barry protected you from the lightning.. Your hands started to shake again and you to run. It worked and you enjoyed it a bit. 


Coffee-shop - Backyard:

You made it to the backyard of the Coffee-shop and smiled short, but then your back felt hot and you noticed that your jacket was burning. You took it off immediately and tried to turn the fire off. 

“Damn it..” You said to yourself. “I loved this jacket..” 

You picked your jacket up and throw it into the trash. Then you walked around a corner and into the coffee-shop.


(4 Months after the Accident)
At S.T.A.R Labs - Labor:

You were going to see Barry after your shift. You learned how to use your abilities a bit and even when you hated them, they were useful. As you were near S.T.A.R Labs, you stopped running and walked normal into the building.

“How is he today?” You asked Wells’s who was watching him, as you came into the labor.

Dr. Wells looked at you with a soft smile and you knew what he would say and that you didn’t want to hear it once more. 

Cisco and Caitlin came into the room, “Good morning Y/N, nothing changed yet.”

Caitlin rolled her eyes and pushed Cisco soft, “How was work Y/N?”

“It was good, I got big tip today.” You smirked at her and then turned around and walked over to Barry.

“Hey big brother,” You leaned over him and kissed his forehead. “you’ve to wake up.. My birthday is in a few days and this would be the best present.” You said soft to Barry and a tear rolled down you face but you wiped it away.

“Y/N, could I talk to you?” Harrison asked and already rolled in the Hallway and you followed.


S.T.A.R. Labs - Hallway:

“You were really fast here..“ Wells started.

“Yeah someone drive me here.” You said.

“In less than 3 Minutes?” He questioned smiling. “Y/N, when did you read the newspaper?” Wells asked and you looked confused at him. “Or some blogs in the internet? People start to talk about a blue and fast lighting they see sometimes in the streets.”

You stopped walking and stood in front of him, “And what exactly has this to do with me?” You asked.

Wells’s raised an eyebrow. “Y/N listen, I gave you time to come to me. You can’t do this on your own. Let me help you, maybe it will help Barry too..”

You smiled, “No. It would help you to feign an excuse to use my abilities for your own good.”

“That’s not true.”

“I don’t care. You won’t experiment on me. I’m very grateful that you stabilized my brother but I won’t help you, ever. Until I’m 100% sure it would help Barry.” You replied serious and wanted to walk out of S.T.A.R Labs but you stopped and walked back to Harrison. “And you can’t proof that I’m the blue lighting.” You whispered. “And if you say one word to anyone, you’ll regret it.” Then you walked out of S.T.A.R Labs and ran back home.


(9 Months after the Accident)

“Oh no stop..” You gasped annoying.

“What’s going on?” Iris asked as she came over to the bar.

“My phone won’t stop ringing.” You laughed soft and Iris looked worried. “No, don’t you dare think of that!” You said a bit louder and some guests looked at Iris and you.

“I don’t want to think that but when I look at your phone,” She said and pointed behind you. “And I see ten missed calls, then I think someone needs to talk to you and when I see the picture of Dr. Harrison Wells, then I think you should get on your phone.” Iris said soft and you nodded.

Iris turned around and left you alone. You walked in the backyard to be alone. You were afraid. You thought now, Harrison would tell you that your only brother, is dead. 


Coffee-shop - Backyard:

“Yeah, Wells what’s going on?” You asked worried but didn’t want to sound like that. “He is what? And you let him go just like that? You could’ve told him that his sister is going to kill him if she finds him.”

“Y/N!!!” Iris shouted inside.

“I need to go now.” You said and hung up.

After you put your phone back in your pocket, you smiled. Wells told you that your brother wasn’t just still alive, he finally woke up.



You walked back inside and were excited to tell Iris about the good news.

“Iris, you can’t believe what Wells just told me!” You said happy. “Barry is-”

“Awake.” iris said with a smile in her voice and you looked behind her.

“Barry..” A tear rolled down your face.

Iris walked next to Barry so that you had space to hug him. You ran over to him and jumped into his arms, holding your big brother as tight as you possibly could.

“I’m okay.” Barry said soft and wanted to let you go.

“No don’t.. I got you back and I’m not ready to let you go again.” You replied and Barry hold you tight again.

“I’m not going anywhere, Y/N. Didn’t I promised mom to always watch out for you?” he asked and you let him go as you nodded. “So what did I miss?”

“Oh not much.” You said smirking.


I made this gifset to illustrate a theory that I have about season 8, that Sam tried to kill himself after losing Dean in the end of season 7. It’s very very subtle, barely there, just a interpretation of a few scenes that help support this theory. 

So, Sam was driving and he hit a dog. We can see how desperate he is for the dog to be saved, because he needs to be able to save someone, since he couldn’t save Dean. My theory is that he was gonna try and kill himself when he hit the dog. Maybe he was driving over a bridge and was planning on throwing the car on the river or something like that, when he hit it. 

Then, he tells Amelia that when he lost his brother, he pretty much lost his whole world, and he ran. Perhaps he was talking about that exactly moment, wht he was about to do when he hit the dog.

And finally, the best scene of all, that (for me) cements the theory, when he tells Meg about all of this, and she questions him why did he stop when he hit the dog? why didn’t he go all the way through? And she tells him she understand.

Oh, and for me, when she says he fell in love with a unicorn, she wasn’t talking about Amelia. Let’s remember, she was inside Sam once,she knows how he feels. Sam didn’t understand what she was saying, but for me it was very clear who she was talking about, and why she understands.

So, maybe Sam didn’t try to bring Dean back this time, but he couldn’t live in a world without him either.

anonymous asked:

is it a common thing for your brain to just like, skip over something that you're looking at? like if I'm looking at a busy piece of art or the road when someone's driving, I'll miss a whole car driving by or a major part of the piece of art?

Yup. Once I totally missed my brother and his friends walking down the street when I was driving. I was going to pick them up. They had to chase me down.


I do this a lot when looking for things. The thing I can be looking for might be right in front of me, exactly where I’m looking and I just will not see it. It’s like it’s invisible. And incredibly frustrating. Not sure why it happens, but it’s definitely a thing.

- Prue

My Boys: Bright Future - Chapter 1

Hi Guys, after a hiatus I am finally back.

I would like to thank the amazing @jia911 for her help editing this and for the tips about the educational system in the US. Also, a much heartfelt thank you to @shepherdess-amelia for the long hours of listening to my planning and plotting.

This story is a multichapter, it’s a sequel to my Universe. I think you guys might be a little surprised at first, but I hope you all enjoy it. As you can see, it focus on Owen and Amelia’s married life, juggling their careers and raising their family, so we’ll get see a little more of their kids now. If you’re on board, let’s go!

My Boys: Bright Future – Chapter 1

“You’re an idiot.”

Amelia heard Thomas’s voice coming from the kitchen as she folded clean linens in the adjoined laundry room.

“You’re actually trying to school me on girls,” She heard Lucas replying, also from the kitchen. “Just wait and you’ll see.”

“I can’t believe you invited Kate to homecoming” Thomas nodded in disapproval.

“Not yet,” Lucas confessed proudly, opening the fridge and picking a bottle of water “I will. But today I told her it looks like she gained a few pounds over the summer. That should do the trick.”

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Tell Me: Any characters you like

SPN – SamnDean – set through and beyond 10.03


Sam has had four months (ten years) to think of a million different conversations to have with his brother, but the words die on his tongue when Dean laughs in the back of the Impala and says hey, Sammy, remember when you went completely psycho? I told Bobby I’d rather kill you than put up with your sorry ass. And he keeps laughing, like he can’t fucking stop, like he’s making up for thirty five years of a crap life. And guess what, Sammy? He agreed with me. He agreed!

Sam sprays the interior of the car with as much cheap freshener as he can find; he picks at the flecks of crusted-over vomit in the footwell and ignores the blood stains. Oh hey, Dean says as Sam picks a long strand of blond hair from underneath the seat, the twins! Well—technically triplets by the time Crowley and I were done with Andrea. He grins. There’s awesome sex, and there’s literally splitting someone into two, eh, Sammy?

Sam thinks of burning the car. Instead, he drives the Impala through a carwash, then parks the car in the middle of nowhere and spends three hours kneeling in the sunshine, scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing, while Dean cackles in the backseat.

Are you ready to kill me, Sam? he asks, when Sam’s strapping him down to the chair in the Bunker’s dungeon. I was, you know. When Gadreel took over you. Raring to kill you and never look back.

Sam saves his brother, in between my mother died because of you and we are nothing, our life has been nothing and I murdered Amy in front of her son and every soul I carved in Hell, I imagined it was you, Sammy, they were all you, all you. When Dean opens his eyes and the black drains away, Sam buys his brother food, then locks himself in his room and falls apart. In between the shaking and crying, he vomits while Lucifer gently rubs a hand between his shoulder blades.

Three weeks later, Dean stomps into the library, holding one of Sam’s phones aloft.

What the hell, Sam, he says, and when Sam frowns, he places the phone on the table and presses a button.

Listen to me, you bloodsucking freak, it says, Dad always said I’d either have to save you or kill you. Well, I’m giving you fair warning. I’m done trying to save you. You’re a monster, Sam — a vampire. You’re not you anymore. And there’s no going back.

I don’t know why the hell you’ve had that on your phone all these years but that’s not me, Dean says. That’s not the message I left. Dean leans forward, and Sam imagines there are tears in his eyes. You know I wouldn’t say things like that.

Sam stares at his brother and starts laughing.

Homewrecker; Part 3

Summary: While helping your best friend plan her wedding, your attention is drawn more and more to her hubby to be. The choice is simple; give in to lust or be true to your friend?

Character: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2591
Warnings: Smut, mild language, a best friend named Stephanie (OC)

A/N: Whoooop, I’m on fire! Wrote this in a day and I’m honestly proud of this part. So PLEASE, don’t be shy and tell me what you guys think! :) x

Part one is HERE and part two’s right HERE :)

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Oddly enough, my younger brother is also in a LDR with a girl who lives 7 hours away from us in Ohio. They started dating last June, and are finally about to meet today! 

It is so strange (having given him advice and support for the past 10 months as well as on the drive over here) seeing someone very dear to me in my local life go through similar hurdles and joy as Samuel and I do. The closer we got to our destination, the more he began to wipe his sweating hands on his pants and fidget and I couldn’t help but remember the first time Sam and I met and how he was exactly the same.