Someone cares


*laughter on the verge of hysteria* 

this episode use to be a gift, now it’s slap in the face. 

you two are anything but resolved. you haven’t even begun. 

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she was laying on the couch, sick as could be. her cheeks were flushed and she definitely had a rising temperature. she’d stayed up all night waiting for them, thinking they’d be home hours ago, but now she was starting to fall asleep. being curled up in sweatpants and a sweater all day certainly didn’t help the fever, nor her wanting to fall asleep. so before she could even protest with her tired body, she slept, still waiting for the other to come back home.

im sick again: ep 2

lmao so i think im dying AGAIN like its been a week and of course fucking testing week is the week i get sick man . like i have been snotting everywhere. i swear to god i like asked ten times in the span of 30min for tissues. i am weak. i crave hot beverages. i cannot breathe. it is basically summer. SO WHY DO I HAVE A FUCKING COLD OSHITE

You might not realize it, but someone cares. They think of you when they see something magnificent. They think of you when they drink their morning coffee. They see you and your smile makes their day. You might exchange a few words and they will remember it forever. Someone thinks of you when they see the stars and moon in the sky. They think of your laugh, and although you might hate it, it makes their heart warm. These people who care often go unnoticed, but before you cry because you’re alone, just remember that someone thinks of you before they sleep and shortly after they wake up. You might not realize it, but someone cares.
—  Violet (me)