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This is something I always want to tell you and Lexy (besides the fact that you're both incredibly talented writers) - you seem like the best, fun-est, coolest camp counsellors whose group every kid wanted to be in and everyone who wasn't was jealous because you always had the most fun. I say this even though I'm probably the same age as or older than you, but I still want you to be my camp counsellor (or big sister)

ahahaha what a delightful message!!!  lexy and i read it together earlier and felt very flattered and happy! thank you so much!  

 i kind of feel like too big of a dork-nerd to be a very fun camp counselor, but it’s nice pretending i would be hypothetically!! i mean, it’s just always so nice when people like you… ahah so i enjoy thinking about it a lot.    

felixs psoriasis isnt that bad

its just that he doesnt take any measures to help his skin out in the slightest

he’s just “well if scratching feels good im going to do it whether i know it or not” and if by chance he actually notices hes making it worse hes just “well thats future mes problem” and doesnt actually do anything about it

I can’t even google kurapika without being upset at the first results showing up, I’m trying to find one of his quote for chirst sake I don’t need those “he’s overpowered” articles