Someone cares

are all the people who shitted on the likes of zoe, tanya, etc, for writing books and made loads of posts about how “dan and phil are the only genuine youtubers left” making apology posts or is that not genuine enough for them

yo fyi to the game of thrones fandom the blog deadened-dream has been reposting tons of gifs and edits!!!

A message to SWEN

Hey guys. Sorry that SQ couldn’t get the recognition you were hoping to get out of this poll. Just know that the Shoot fandom respects how passionate and powerful you guys are. We hope you get the respect and recognition you deserve from the show/A&E soon.

Seriously, just how rude do you have to be to remove the caption before reblogging a drawing?? If you don’t respect the artist enough to keep the caption, then don’t reblog it at all. Their intention behind what they have created (something that would not exist if it wasn’t for them) is wayyy more important than that it fits your aesthetic blog.

oh my god i suddenly got very emotional, can i just say that i love each and every single one of you and that i’d miss you very much if you weren’t there, i want you all to be okay so please take care of yourself and stay safe. i love you

the bad thing about being mexican for me is that people don’t usually realize I’m mexican so they’ll talk really badly about mexicans around me BUT GUYS I’M HERE I MAY NOT LOOK MEXICAN OR SPEAK SPANISH BUT I’M HERE

anonymous asked:

I'm really bad at reaching out to people.. I'm better at being anon.. But being anon doesn't really help when you feel like you're about to break at any second.. You don't have to answer these with pictures if you don't want to.

((Hey anon, i understand it being hard to reach out.. if you’d like to talk to me, through anon or not, you can always reach me on my main blog or my general youtuber blog.. I am online almost all the time and am always here for anyone who needs someone to talk to.  Either way, I wish you the best —Rae))

How to know your friends are keepers:

You manage to explain the intricately literally mapped out plans you made while writing a fanfic about the apocalypse, up to and including prime locations for spreading radioactive fallout due to global wind patterns and thus causing the most damage, and somehow they don’t call Homeland Security on you.

i speculate about queer idols as much as the next queer fan but something about people listing all the “queer receipts” for others to pass around makes me very uncomfortable?? i know they may never see them and we all want representation and to connect through that but like these are real people not characters it is not our business either way