FELIZ NATAL ヽ(● ’ ▽ ’ ●)ノ

Prompted by local christmas talent shows and kids being kids. Someoka you’re the best dad ever but can you please sit down for five minutes? Tell you what though, Fubuki eventually gets him to sit down. Afterwards they’ll go for some hot chocolate (Yukimura is still weeping a bit, his nose all red like Rudolph’s, but he stops after Fubuki gives him his present earlier, kids these days…).

(this was my xmas gift to myself this year, thanks nessi for the idea!)

This AU probably already exists because i suck at AUs lmao

bad boys brothers mafia where tobitaka is some kind of yakuza, someoka would probably be an italian mafioso, fudou would be a mercenary and tsunami is that one guy that ferries illegal immigrants and deals weed idk lmao

traditional ink sketch also